Mentor Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Mentor Dream Symbol – A mentor is someone who gives advice and teaches younger people how to be successful in life. Mentors can come in many shapes and may appear in different areas of a person’s life.

Mentors do not simply teach, they pass on wisdom and guidance to the people around them. This is what separates the mentor from a teacher.

To see a mentor in your dream can represent an aspect of yourself that you can trust and other people can rely on. This is the side of you that is caring and compassionate to those who are less fortunate and need help.

The context of your dream will help you interpret the true meaning of the dream. Another interpretation of the mentor dream is that you should be looking to pass on some of your wisdom and knowledge to the people around you. Perhaps it is time to start giving back instead of always trying to take.

Dreaming about a mentor may also indicate that you are in need of guidance in your life. You might have reached a place where you are not sure about the next steps you need to take to move forward. Seek out someone who has the wisdom that you are looking for.

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  1. Pls, I saw my spiritual mentor and two of senior brethren in the ministry and have been seeing this my mentor regularly in my dream….I really don’t know the meaning. Pls help me

  2. There is something that often comes while i sleep , its like dark night sky which is filled with different colourful symbols and patterns that glow like crackers i mean they have glitter and shine and all this is in the sky and its v diff and extraordinary there are gifts around on the terrace and when u look at the sky thats magnificent. Pls help me know what it is as its v diff to dream this n interpret it

  3. ojuobongha Benedict Monday on

    Yes there in my dreamland I saw a lady I so much cherish as my mentor and an author of many books.
    In the dream she won a scholarship, and was joyful although the dream, and a sitting president presented to her the certificate of her scholarship. All on a joyful note.

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