Mentally Challenged Dream Symbol


Mentally Challenged – To dream of being mentally challenged is a sign that you do not have a complete understanding of a situation in your life. You may be feeling frustrated at not being understood, or at not understanding someone else’s communication. Alternatively, you may feel that you understand the situation perfectly, and this may be your subconscious’ message that you do not have all the information, in fact.

If you dream that someone else is mentally challenged, this indicates a feeling of frustration on your part that you are not able to communicate effectively with this person. You feel that this miscommunication is their fault. If you dream of a mentally challenged person whom you do not know, this is an omen of confusion to come. Do not make any rash decisions based on changing circumstances, until you are completely certain that you understand all the facts about the situation.

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  1. I had a dream where I went to a pool with my cousins and we were in the jacuzzi and I looked over at the pool and saw my other little cousin in the shallow end of the pool calling for her mama and taking a step deeper every time she called and I kept shouting telling her I’m right here I’m coming to get her but she couldn’t here me and for some reason I couldn’t get over there fast enough and she began to drown in the deeper end. Immediately I alerted my other cousins to see if they could get to her faster , thankfully they did and got their in time to save her , but after the situation all fingers were pointed at me because apparently she was in my care. They asked me why I left her alone in the pool and I told them I swore I left her sleeping in my bed and I don’t know how she got out here, and they said that they think I need to get checked out cause something must be really wrong with me , before you know it I’m in a room with my family and psychologists being examined and questioned on my sanity, questions about what happened that day, and to be honest it was a dream so I wasn’t sure which in return did make me look crazy , but they also asked other questions that proved my intelligence and rationalization skills which showed that I had more than common sense . But in reality sometimes I do feel like I’m on the verge of going crazy especially when I use to smoke weed which can trigger some form of psychosis so maybe I was just subconsciously lowkey paranoid of that which is why I dreamt it :/

  2. I think this is the best place to write what I dreamt.
    I was in an open place, other people were there and everyone was discussing. Immediately my mother came and said few things to me and said I should come inside the house later so both us can discuss and stay together more. I agreed. Immediately my mother left, a girl folk I knew started laughing, (in real life she do laugh at slightest things you never thought was funny), I smiled too lol.
    Then,a woman who was mentally unstable came and stood in front of me, immediately that girl folk left the place. I know this woman in real life, her name is Paulina, she is not mad like all those maaad people but she has a mental issue.
    She stood in front of me, I never noticed because, I was reading, the table where I sat was a wooden table. I lowered my book and I saw she was looking at me, she asked me, “who is the most intelligent person in the world?”, I smiled and I said “you”.
    The next thing she did was to give me a book, the back cover was blue, and she asked me to read for her.
    I got a little angry, I told her she the most intelligent in the world so why she asking me to read something for her. I stood up and wanted to leave, she came towards me and held me and won’t leave me to go. I told her she should leave, she said i should read for her.
    I saw an open restaurant and I asked her, if she hungry, she said “yes”. I told those people to serve her rice and stew and she shouted “with meat” . Everyone eating there, looked at her and started laughing. I was holding a brown wallet and immediately I wanted to pay for her food, I saw my elder brother infront of our house, he called me. As I was going to answer him, this woman stood up and followed me again. I got very annoyed and sensed she was possessd and wanted to ruin my day. I told a Reverend priest to conduct prayer for her so the spirit will leave.
    She followed me to the passage and immediately she started coiling her body and started acting weird. I saw the priest already praying for her, not in that place but in a far place, I think probably his place of worship.
    It really freaked me out, the way she was acting, the next, as I was moving forward to my brother’s door she fell on the ground and her eyes turned all black. I prayed but I did not command the spirit to leave her body at that moment, but I later did. I rushed into my brothers room and brought out the holy water. I sprinkled it on myself and I went to sprinkle it on the lady.
    I went inside the room and my brother asked me to give him 200#, I tried to tell him what going on but he interrupted and say I should give him the 200# and after he done praying he will give it back to me. I was confused, somehow, why would he collect 200# just to give it back that same hour, once he done praying. Meanwhile I never checked if she still there but in my mind I thought she still on there,on the floor.
    As I was narrating what happened to my brother, I got an impression he is angry by what I was saying, he frowned his face. In the process,somehow I woke up in real life. I was on my bed with my face up, my two hands on my chest, one leg flat and the other leg raised up. It was only a few minutes later I was able to move my leg and then whole body.
    I picked my phone and it was 12:06pm.
    Man, what the hell happened??
    What is the meaning of this dream that took almost half of my day. I felt out of my body when I woke up. I’m freaking out right now. I really need someone to say something please.

    • This is one hell of a dream. You must felt exhausted. I also have these kinds of dreams. Like some evil spirits is behind me and I am praying to get rid of the spirit. I also don’t know why they occur, they just do.

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