Menstruation (Period) Dream Meanings and Interpretations


Menstruation (Period) Dream Symbol – Menstruation is a symbol of feminine fertility, which has always been considered to be sacred, mysterious and hidden. This is a dream with much ancient power. Dreaming of menstruation indicates an encounter with a mysterious, creative force. It may also indicate being connected to your feminine side.

Perhaps there is a situation in your life that is calling for more gentleness or understanding than you have been giving it. Alternatively, there could be a need for more creativity in your life. Many people feel uncomfortable with their feminine side – men because they feel a threat to their masculinity, women because they want to be seen as strong and capable. The dream symbol of menstruation is a sign of how the feminine side is also powerful and strong.

Dreaming of the Menstrual Cycle

Dreaming of the menstrual cycle means you are releasing the stress and tension in your life. This is the end of the tough time you are experiencing lately. It is a time for rest and relaxation. Creatively you may be opening up. It can also warn you do not recognize your feminine side. Are you being too masculine? This dream can symbolize renewed energy and vitality if you have already reached menopause.

A dream where you eat menstrual blood means you are stuck in a rut. Is there something in the past you hold on to? Are you refusing to move forward to leave the past behind? You need to be more productive or you will be stuck in this cycle until you get out and make things happen.

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  1. I dreamt I was in a car in the back seat with a guy who I don’t know. And I was bleeding heavily it soaked right through my clothes that the blood got on the seat and the guy was writing letters in it!! And when I got home I was trying a tampon and it would come out the pad would become soaked it was like a shark attack type of bleeding! Uncontrollable and in a part of the dream I could actually smell it. I wonder what it means.

  2. I had a dream that my period had leaked onto my bra. What does that mean? Is that linking to the femininity and the need to soften? Any help is much appreciated!

  3. Kaela Trehern on

    I had a deep dream it was weird had lots of fantasy creatures in it but the main thing that stands of from this dream was a fairy flying for its life from a falling woman trying to catch it and then in a car case to catch flying fairy along the way this woman (not me I don’t think) is embarrassed by her period blood lots of it splattered on highway wall then her freind in the dream starts chasing the blood not knowing where it’s coming from, then I woke up feeling this urge that I had to find meaning of this can someone who reads dreams help me with this one ???

  4. Esperanza Vaquerin on

    I dreamt that I had my period even thought I have reached menopause . In the dream I was also flirting with a man I met this summer in a retreat Any ideas ?

  5. Dreamt that a toddler started menses. Perhaps she is being pushed to levels of maturity beyond her years.

  6. Sharon terry on

    I had a dream that I had came on my period And I was bleeding very heavy and couldn’t stop it then a couple of nights later I dream I came on my period And I was visiting and when I sit down on the couch I had gotten blood on a white sheet on the couch I was embarrassed but my friend had washed it and cleaned it

  7. Raven Krogstad on

    I had a dream that my husband came to me in my dream and said, I want a little one of my own but, I need your help. (I’m actually getting divorced. Still friends) then another dream same night that I was having a significantly heavy and gushing period. I always have vivid dreams, but, the ones lately have been somewhat more vivid than even I’m used to. I’d be open to hearing thoughts from others about it.

    • I dreamt that I was part of a team coordinating an event,while I was walking, o felt something falling out from my legs and behold it was tissue from my pants about to drop, so I quickly hold it without waiting for anyone and I went to the rest room and I met a lady beside it, so why trying to change,she was talking about her origin….the blood was brownish-red,then after changing it,nothing came out but a little stain & it stopped…I don’t know the meaning of the dream…

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