Menorah Dream Symbol


Menorah – A menorah is a symbol of the Jewish winter holiday. The significance of this dream symbol depends largely on your culture, your understanding of Judaism, and any preconceived notions you may have about religion or ethnicity.

Winter holiday symbols are significant of peace, warmth and family. The menorah is also symbolically connected to theological orthodoxy and adherence to tradition. If you dream that you are lighting a menorah, it is an indication that you will participate in a traditional activity or that you have a great respect for the past.

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  1. I dream that I was carrying one menorah inside a baby’s car,and the menorah was shining so much in my dream it was pure gold,then in one corner,there was couple boys playing soccer and I asked to this boys for some name of one street,and when I open my mouth to talk to this boys I was speaking in Hebrew,I even remember to say DERECH which is street in Hebrew…then I wake up.

  2. Arthur Sanders on

    My friend had a dream. We were in church and there were seven of us lighting the menorah. My wife and I on one side, pastor’s son and wife on the other, pastor and his wife; and my friend. We were all lighting a candle. Yet there were two unlit candles. There was a knock on the door and my friend opened it and there were lots of people who started coming into the church

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