Measuring Tape Dream Symbol


Measuring Tape – A measuring tape is a symbol of evaluation – “measuring up.” If you dream that you are holding the measuring tape, then you are subjecting yourself or another to your own scrutiny. Keep in mind that your standard of measurement may not accurately reflect the situation, before you pass judgment. If, on the other hand, you are the one being measured, this indicates your feeling that someone else is judging you, perhaps unfairly.

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  1. I dreamt I went into a shop in a town centre, it was the shop at the end of a large row of shops with dark window frames. This shop seemed different, for a start it was considerably smaller than the rest and at least to me it had no reason for being situated there. I had attempted to go into the other shops, ie the larger ones, but the desolate darkness inside of them put me off, and their was a sprinkling of people in one of the shops and no staff. So I decided I’d go around the back of this hideous row of shops to see if they looked any different. I can’t remember if I got there.

    When I entered the dressmakers boutique, there was nothing special about it, it was small clean tidy and relatively drab. A middle aged woman immediately started measuring me with a thin beige drab looking tape measure, she was being both over enthusiastic and efficient at the same time.

    What came out of this being fitted up occurrence, was a rather beautiful bespoke multi colored(different colored swatches if material, that created a mosaic effect) capped-sleeved buttonless blouse, a blouse you put in by pulling it over your head.

    Then a lady appears wearing a full length 1920’s style gown in a very similar style and coloured. So I ask if I can have one made too. The young woman at the counter, whispers to me that the customers are not really allowed to have more than one garment made because its a special offer. funny thing or whatever, iwas unaware that it was a special offer. And she also said I’d have to wait a long time to get the dress done. I felt impatient and frustrated, but said nothing. The young woman also said you can sit and read while u wait. I hadn’t notice any books either, not initially. Then I noticed some horribly drab coloured differing shades of fray covered books. They appeared to be horribly mills and boons, so I tossed the book back into the book bin from whence it came. End of dream

    Oh and the market stalls were nearby to the shopping area, I always try to avoid going anywhere near them.

  2. I dream on top of a palm tree ccutting all the palm brachese please help me understand my dream thank you….

    • Miriam Ruiters on

      I dreamed that all around my wrist are measuring tapes. With the intention to tied me down . But then it was replaced with a black pantyhose. What does it mean

  3. Kindly I Want A Clear Explanation Of My Dream ” I Picked A Friend’s Measuring Tape And When I Was Some Where Another Friend Asked Me To Use It And I Gave It To Him But Accidentaly It Was Tone Into Pieces Still In His Hands And I Told Him To Buy It, While He Was Countin Cash I Woke Up. What Does It Mean?

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