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Mattress – A mattress symbolizes safety and stability, and a place where you can be vulnerable without fear of being harmed. If you dream about buying or acquiring a mattress, this could indicate that you hope or anticipate a situation stabilizing that has been volatile or unpredictable up till now. If you dream of lying down on a mattress, this is a sign that you feel safe.

Take note of other people or items connected to the mattress in this case, as they signify people you can trust or situations in which you have nothing to fear. The mattress is also a symbol of intimacy. A love affair or a renewal of sexual fulfillment may be on the way.

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  1. I had a dream that I was on a mattress on the road moving and I pushed it on skating wheels. It got in a line like traffic of cars and I got up and picked it and went ahead of others on wheels with people on them just like we do in cars in traffic but this was a mattress on skating wheels.

  2. I dreamt that I was bought a new blue mattress. it was being carried by public transportation. but the van started going with it before I entered the van

  3. yesterday i dreamed seeing my boy’s (13yrs) bed base covered with blue duvert cover and it looked like the same cover that we use for his bed but there was no mattress and i insisted not quite sure whether it was my husband or me insisted to buy mattress but looked like we both wanted a new mattress for that base and i thought in my heart i have a R2000 to buy that mattress but because my husband loves money so much i kept quiet i quess i changed my mind though i still understood the mattress is needed

  4. I had a dream my boyfriend was trying to purchase a bed with his babymother what does this mean? I was very upset and mad in the dream

  5. I was in an enormous house that was dark and mysterious. It was sometimes more intimate like being in a room within the house but suddenly would become cavernous. It was more like being in a world than a house however everything that happened in this dream took place within a building. I had the feeing that outise was always night.

    I was moving around this house more like an observant than taking place in any event. There were all kind of people, some alone, some in groups, who would draw my attention for a moment then move on to other parts of the house. I had the feeling like glimpses from past events would capture my attention for a while, some past birthday party, some collegues, mostly people or situations that I currently experience in my life. However, I was an observant.

    Then I saw an old friend whom I met 30 years, fell for him but I was rejected. Since that time I haven’t met him again or having had any news from him. I saw him being with his friends and associates and I was observing his life as it might be today. Then I felt like he needed a mattress and I offered him mine. The mattress I gave him was adorned on one of its sides with gems and small beads out of gold. They would cover the entire side of the mattress. I gave him my mattress but I didn’t join him and his friends.

    From some distance I was interested to see what he was doing in his current life, to learn something about him. I was following him for some time and he was always using the mattress I gave him.

    Then one “day” there was nowhere to be seen. Nor his friends and associates. He had gone. But on a bed I’ve seen my mattress. It looked very old and used. Its color had faded. I went closer and checked the other side. All the decoration of gems and golden beads had gone. There were many holes all over, big enough to put my hand inside. I wondered if any of my golden beads and gems had been slipped into the holes. I put my hand in some holes and there were many beads and gems. I also found coins , not golden ones but ordinary coins we use to buy something. I was surprised to find those coins in it as I hadn’t put any. At the very last moment as I was waking up I remember having a handful of beads and gems while there was a pile of coins on the side of the bed.

  6. I had a dream that my estranged husband whom left a year ago was in a well lit room possibly in the house we use to live in was carrying or holding a mattress.

  7. I had a dream that the mattress stuffing was coming out the bed especially where my husband was lying sleeping. When he got up I moved some of the stuffing on my side of the bed to his. The stuffing was not feathers butility like a soft fibre material.

  8. In my dream, I found a brand new queen-sized futon mattress – it had been wedged incongruously on the outside landing that I share with my next door neighbour. He, insisted that the mattress belonged to him. I told him he was wrong, coz I just spoken to the delivery people, and they’d told me, they were going to leave it outside my front door. I even showed him the delivery details which were on my mobile phone, but he still persisted. The really odd thing is that i cant remember ordering a mattress, so it seems miraculous that i would have actual printed proof on my mobi. Finally, i told him to get lost and stop trying to get in my business all the time. He still wasn’t happy, but I didn’t give a toss.

  9. I had a dream last night that a big beautiful white mattress was delivered to my house, and on the bed there was a thin dark mattress that i was to remove and replace with the new one. Everything else was white, duvet, bedsheets, but the new beautiful white fluffy mattress and a dark base like it was previously used.

  10. Had a dream about a person trying to take 3 single mattresses out of a truck that wasn’t mine, although I wouldn’t let the old guy take them, he kept saying ” I’m taking these” I said to him ” no your not, I’ll shoot you I have a 45 Colt in my back pocket, the old guy had 2 people in the car waiting for him, as I would not let him take them, he yelled out to one of the guys and he’s name was “Adam” ?? And I woke up… It was very weird but very vivid. Meaning please?

  11. alafia lawal on

    I had a dream saw my dead mummy asking me to move my mattress from front room back to my room. It does that mean?

  12. Josephine Garcia on

    I had a dream this past few days I am in the place which I want to buy a comforter for the bed,and I already bought it and the color is mixed with green and white and I already fit on the bed and said I really like the comforter that I have bought it! The shop where I will bought the comforter is full of comforter pillow and some others stuff related to the home!

  13. I had a dream but in this case my ex u I still love he bought a new orthopedic mattres and I was mad at him , I told him in my dream you broke my bed and now you go and get a new mattres ,,what’s the meaning of this dream ?

  14. I just dreamt of buying a mattress with my husband, but there were bad people in the dream preventing us acquiring it. these people were chasing us , then showing us pictures of how other buyers of mattress end up when they catch up with these buyers. The final scene was we were in our bedroom, we close the door, because our young adult son was home from college and make love on our new mattress.

    • it is a funny dream!I did not anticipated such an ending!
      I assume, in a real life you are looking for a comfort and prosperity with a husband, but people are preventing you from it. in the end, you got just a lot of fear, vanity, may be, but your son got the results of yours labore, and enjoy it in full! cheer up! I hope i am wrong. ­čśë

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