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Matches – Matches, being connected to fire, are an archetypal image of human survival, but because they are factory-made and industrialized, they are often a symbol of being insecure in your ability to survive in an emergency situation, especially if you dream about starting a campfire with matches.

They are also symbolic of inspiration, especially if you dream in detail about lighting a match and watching the flame flare up. They are connected to sparks, so if you dream about matches in connection with another person, this often indicates chemistry and attraction between the two people. This attraction is genuine and strong, and the energy is positive, if you dream about matches.

However, keep in mind that matches also burn out very quickly. The forces attracting you to each other right now are strong but transient. Do not get your heart set on this relationship lasting forever, unless you can find something more permanent to base your relationship on.

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  1. It was not a dream but like a vision. Someone put a box of matches into my hand. It happened in a second, so quick I could not even remember who gave it to me but it’s someone I know.

  2. Had a dream of a book of safety matches. The striking surface was no good. I tried each match repeatedly until the match tips were worn off, but with the bad striker, I couldn’t get any to light. I vaguely remember an older man nearby, but don’t remember how he was involved.

  3. I dreamt my ex husband had bought my childhood home I was walking in the driveway talking to neighbors working on their yards, water gardens, I turned to the house and in the drive way on a stack of stuff was a bowl of match books, small match boxes, , people were taking them…in like why does he have so many matches?

  4. I use a match box to light candles and often the strikers on each side are ineffective by the time I get to the last match. In my dream I had a match box with strikers on 4 sides. I was surprised and happy in my dream.

    • Rebekah O' Doherty on

      I had a dream of people sitting at a table in front of a young audience. They were all given match boxes. They were told to burn out as much matches you feel like you need to, to symbolise how much your hearth has loved. I focused on one guy in particular not knowing who he is, he burnt so many matches there was a pile of ash left on the table. What does this mean?

  5. What about splitting matches? Like splitting the wood down the middle but leaving the red tip intact?

  6. I had a dream that I lit a match in a dark room all I seen was the one lit match being held my by thumb and pointer finger .. Then my fire alarm beeped twice .. I thought I was going crazy until my daughter asked what was that .. What does it mean

  7. I saw a dream where me and my boy friend were near a new innovative match box factory opening where my boy friend saying it will have some oppurtunity and me saying it to my self how can this work as still hoping it should

  8. Hi. i had a dream that my fiance was preparing a fire using charcoal on the brazier. she collected about two match boxes full of matches, she spread the match sticks all over the charcoal, cut the match box in small pieces all of them and spread them all over the brazier and so i looked and said but this is too much.

  9. Maria Socorro Sumala on

    Hi! I had a dream that I was trying to put a fire on a stove using a matchstick and cannot make one even if I had tried it so many times…. any idea of what does it mean? thank you! e-mail me please, thank you!!!

  10. I had a weird dream where the match stood out: It was me and a guy my dream formed, but to my understanding we were ose. The thing that stood out about the match is that when he lit it, he threw it at a train engine and it somehow started the train?

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