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Massacre Dream Symbol – A massacre is a very dark and sinister dream symbol, indicating a great deal of fear. You may feel deeply insecure about something in your life – a job, a home, a class, or a social situation – and this dream symbol may be an indication of your feeling that it may be taken away from you.

This dream symbol also signifies fear of other people and the fear that cruelty will prevail over kindness in a situation.

Someone close to you or in authority over you may be sabotaging you or controlling you in some way. This is a very common dream to have if you are being abused, especially if the abuse is taking the form of isolation.

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  1. Last night I had a dream about sitting from a high place with two other people, none of which I could identify as they looked like ants, in this pyramid shaped building. There were civilians underneath our hiding spot, and they were walking around casually, so I assumed we were in a public space. We all had large guns, and the guy next to me started counting down from 5, and I was shaking and very nervous, but as soon as he got to three, I started shooting at the people and laughing my head off. The man and woman next to me sat still and watched me shoot everyone calmly, and police rushed up the stairs not a second after. They dragged the other two away, and tried dragging me away from the gun. Each time they moved me an inch away, I’d scoot right back to where I was. When I had woken up, i felt pleased for some reason, and I just remembered the dream a couple minutes ago. I still feel relieved, even though I know that shooting people is wrong in so many ways.

  2. I just woke up from a horrible dream. Some guy we encountered in my dream, a driver, was angry at me. When he dropped us at our house, he was already planning of killing me. Something happened and our door broke so my dad was fixing it that night. But hours before the shooting happened, he came back at our house going around the house outside to study our house. I saw him outside but I was inside my room. The walls of my room were glass that’s why I can see and hear him. Weird. I saw him say “later” with a maniac laugh. I was so scared and I was holding my baby so she won’t make noise. That night, we saw them coming to our house and he brought a lot of guys, each holding a gun. My mom was holding my baby and we ran in my room. My dad was guardiing the door. He was killed first, and then my mom who was sitting on the floor behind a chair. I wanted to go get my baby was they were still firing. I docked behind a chair too but I was eventually killed. I don’t know what happened to my baby. After we were all killed, there was a lady, an investigator or something and she was sending a secret code to the police to get help and get the gang arrested while she was talking to them. And I knew we would get the justice we deserved. But, that dream was so weird. I woke up with a heavy heart and when I looked ar the time, it was 3:01am.

  3. I dreamt I was in a pastel green (outside) gymnasium, with blue walls and many windows, just like in a classroom, but with a gymnasium floor and no equipment inside. It was dark and I was with a group of people in a bunker in the gymnasium (as if we digged a trench in the floor). Somehow we were supposed to sleep here, and I fell asleep. Then I ended up changing my point of view and I’m “became” a man coming in the gymnasium with other people, armed like some soldiers. And I fell a bomb exploding at my face, as if we were attacked during the war. I couldn’t see anything because it was completely dark but I was scared because I knew everyone else was dying. Then I woke up as me again, in the trench, and everyone was rushing out in the gymnasium saying there had been an attack. It was still dark and we couldn’t see anything but the windows were completely shattered and I could feel the dead bodies and all the blood with my hands. I started panicking in my nightmare and the things I fell started to be more detailed, it was gore and disgusting (brains, eye balls, warm blood everywhere). We started taking all the dead bodies out of the gymnasium. I could feel something threatening us inside but I had no idea what it was. When I got outside, I could see a few things in the moonlight and somehow we were all covered in blood and a blond girl started coughing blood at me. It was terryfying and I wanted to wake up but my point of view changed again and I “became” the last boy present in the gymnasium who was about to come out. But then a super creepy human/bear dool appeared in front of me and closed the doors of the gymnasium. Then there was my mom and we had to live this nightmare all over again to be free but there was a risk we could be killed in the second verison. I survived but my mom died.

    This nightmare was super confusing and extremely frightening… I have no idea what it means, especially that it is not related to things in real life (beside my mom)… Could anyone tell me what it means ?

  4. I just woke up from a dream. I was sitting in a church at some type of ceremony with 5 or 6 other people that were being I guess honored there were a lot of other people there at the place as well. The whole time sitting there I felt like a target like something bad was about to happen. Then this person who was sitting on stage pulled out a gun and put a blind fold on. I turned and hid this guy named tobias behind and under the chairs (I have no clue who this person is In real life but some how knew him in my dream and I felt deeply pushed to protect him) the person started shooting pointing everywhere then aimed at me I ducked and heard the shots then the person started shooting outside the area we were in. I woke up after that. Can someone maybe give me some direction of what this dream means or is telling me. I dont really dream that often. Maybe a few times a week. Also I am a female in my early 20’s .

    • I love and respect my father a lot although we have our differences. But my father also acknowledges that his kids will do whatever appeals to them since we are all adults. But my brother has more such differences with father and he is more blunt in his defiance. I can see father pained by that although for a short time.
      This morning I had a dream of massacre much similar to those used to happen in independence movements in old times. In the dream, my father, mother and I were sitting watching tv/youtube show but I remember only watching my father watch that program intently. The program showed real happenings of mass murders of mutineers who revolted against the foreign corrupt rulers. The killings were gruesome and fast. Seeing the dead lying/ hung all over the place made me kind of numb to their death. I felt no pain in particular neither did I saw my father feel any. But a feeling of overall helplessness and hopelessness crept in me before I woke up.
      But I haven’t lost any friend or relative to death like the one you wrote about. And I haven’t watched/read anything about freedom movements recently. So why I had a mass murder dream? Is it only because I feel my father’s pain?

  5. If someone can help me, Please help. Im desperate.
    i keep dreaming of massacres.. my dreams start of different? new and kind of happy but then they turn dark and repetitive. Im in a location with alot of people i dont know but amongst the crowds are people i do know. sometimes we are in a resort, a park, a shopping centre or alike. the power goes out into darkness and the evacuation alarm is triggered. everyone must go to the assembly section to be counted and safe except thats exactly were the massacre begins. ive dreamt this ending of my “happy/normal” dream over and over except each time i try to save someone. i tell them a hint how to avoid getting shot or when to run or where to hide and every single time these people get singled out a graphicly murdered infront of me. people keep dying untill i wake up.
    I lost my pregnancy a few weeks ago. i named her angie. obviously this is a disturbing and hard time for me.
    i have a bit of
    anger jealously inside of me towards specific siblings who showed little to no sympathy and then continue to push and boast thier perfect life in my face. I want them to be happy dont get me wrong. Im just very angry that the couple holidaying with thier newborn diddnt show any care and shuving 50 pics a day of their problem free life in my face.
    im also feelijg helpless and lost that i cant have my angie back.
    please help me!!!

  6. I had a dream last night. I heard that my friend was in danger, and someone was taking all her family hostage in her house. She had called police and I don’t remember how I found out. When I got there, the police were hiding behind the cars with their guns ready. Then someone who was apart of the gang of whoever was doing this started chasing me and I kept running around and hiding behind cars, when finally the police shot him. Then we all went into the house and my friend gave me a tour of her house and pointed out where the bodies were. They were all her little sisters/cousins who were shot to death. She was eerily calm and it didn’t seem to phase her at all. She wasn’t part of the gang, but somehow she survived/hid somewhere which is when she called the police. It was really unsettling and I’ve never remembered a dream so vividly.

  7. I had a dream last night that a gang/troop of guys with automatic weapons were going through a town shooting everyone in sight. I managed to hide on a roof of a building. A lone gunman found me and gave the others an all clear without shooting me and he left. But some time later a group came up and just opened fire.

  8. I just had a dream last night of how I was in a mass shooting in a mall with my father. Once we heard the gun shots, we ran, but lost eachother. I went outside and I hid in a bush with several other girls (who were British) and the shooter comes out and finds us. He is talking to me and the girls and I notice that they were hiding a baby in a car, so I try covering up the baby for them. The shooter is asking me questions and I ended up lying and he decided he was going to shoot me, but he left his gun somewhere so he went looking for it. While he did that, I went inside the car and drove off and lost him. What could this mean??

  9. I dreamed of going into a killing spree and I killed almost everybody. I manipulated my friends to work with me, I even raped some of my victims before I killed them. Please help me
    with what it means I’m scared.

  10. Teodora Kralcheva on

    Last night I dreamed that there was a multiple murder attack committed by terrorists outside the hostel in London I was staying at the time. I walked out the door and saw bodies hanging from trees and the building. The police were collecting bodies in bags, including from rooms inside the hostel. Some kids were still alive and I remember imagining how it must feel to be on their place or the place of the dead people when you’re at the brink of life and death.

    I was earlier at some mall and heard on the news there had been a failed bombing attempt there which meant I could have died. It also meant that I wasn’t murdered at the hostel because I was away at the mall. When I returned to my room I saw that there were bodies in the other beds as well. While the police were collecting them, they were questioning me and I said something that made me sound suspicious (in commuting the murder) but I wasn’t worried because I knew I’m innocent so I just have to explain my story. The policeman and I laughed about it.

  11. Sidney Deane on

    Had a dream where i was talking to like friends or neighbors about this dude who was a junkie. I knew something bad was going to happen we all did if he called. Well pretty soon he called ying he needed a favor. Then it was like a demon came out like he was trapping us. He murdered everyone with a sharp object like a pen. I was the only one to survive. He was was covered in blood and looked at me. I instinctively rebuked it in the name of Jesus christ and then up woke up to sleep paralysis still so frightened that a stand i used to record looked like a demonic doll on my dresser then i was fine after a slpit second

  12. Queen Buttercup on

    I had a dream where I was in my childhood home and these three girls and one guy,there was also a little girl to,were having a sleepover and one of the girls took the guy into a bedroom and we heard rustling around and screaming.She came out,without him, and asked us to come inside her room.Both the teen girls and the little girl went inside.Then the roof fell open and blood and bodies rushed through the ceiling.It just kept going and the blood filled the room.One teen girl told the little girl to run and she did.But the murderer told her no and that she had to murder us.It was like I was watching a horror movie because I was not part of the dream.I was just watching it.I have not watched a horror movie in years.Im not angry or aggressive.i don’t know what it could be! Pls help if you know anything!

  13. Raman Choudhary on

    I nowadays regularly have this dream where i am shooting here and there laughing maniacally and there are lot of dead bodies around and there is everything burning and explosions and the camera then pans out and i don’t remember the rest of it.

  14. I once had a dream where I was in two different locations. One in school when I came in all I saw is the bodies of hundreds of people and students some of them I knew and we’re close with dead and bleeding and another location was in a hospital after some “Apocalypse” the bodies were decomposing and on the ground and on the ground it read “Gods Dead”

  15. Gemma young on

    I had a dream of a town massacre by clowns. They came into the house with out breaking in. All the houses were open doored and they appeared in the houses out of no where. I am not afraid of clowns but I am starting to fear them now.

  16. I had a dream, It is second time with the same incident. There is a wedding day, i am not invited nor the groom and bride is not related to me I just pass by on the church and I heard loud noises and I go inside, I saw people seating and I haven’t see the bride and groom and their parents, they told me they being murdered. I haven’t see their corpse niether. What is the meaning of my dreams? I felt so bad in it.

  17. I had a dream I was walking by a drunk trump supporter but it turned out he wasn’t drunk . He stays quite beings to walk after me in a black hoodie. I start running he starts running. I start to flee for my life but he’s gaining on me but then out of no where I start to fly fast a few feet off the ground away from him I eventually get away but my dream still focuses on him. He starts killing everyone in the neighborhood and leaving the corpses naked everywhere , in the house or on the street. Then he start hunt down the cop who has his case and barges into the station to kill everyone and he finds the guy and has the cop st gun point …then I wake up.

  18. I had a dream last night that in my dream I was on my daily walk through the first, and I was walking towards the water streams/waterfalls, and I saw tons of people standings around in disgust, so I went closer to the scene as I had a feeling in the dream I was some sort of detective.

    There were woman’s dead naked bodies lying on the ground with black cloth over there faces which the killer had placed there after he was done with her. After a few months I went back to the waterfalls at night, and saw the killer getting up and placing the black cloth over her face. This time there were more woman but I couldn’t move, I stood still until it was morning and everyone else arrived. I told them what I saw and then I woke up.

  19. I had a dream last night that i was at camp, some of my friends were there. there as a lake and cabin, the lake was lower and the cabin was above. all of a sudden i heard people screaming and there was ALOT of blood at the shore and in the water. people were jumping from high places to get out. i thought i was safe below and then the person committing this massacre spoke on the lake. all of a sudden there was a lot of men, all in white tshirts lined up row my row blocking people from escaping. if you passed on row there was another row right behind. i ended up leaving and hid in a bathroom shower. later some girl my age came in and was doing something, i asked if it was over and she said yes and they let her survive. i asked her if i could come out and join and she said she thought it could be okay and to try and blend it. all the women who were saved her brunettes with a darker skin, and i am blonde with white skin, so i knew i would stand out. they said that these men behind me (again dark hair and olive skin tone) would help me. next scene i was returning to what felt like a high school and i was in a school uniform. my dad was dropping me off and we were talking about the massacre. the school gave off the same feelings as the camp site, felt like i never left.
    such a freaky nightmare, havent had one like that in a while.

  20. I dreamt I was at a party and some people started to have an argument. I sensed it wasn’t going to end well, so I managed to get my family to leave the party (couldn’t recognise anyone else). Just as we left the house, we heard shooting so we ran. We were then in a cross country/marathon, running. We seemed to know that the shooting was on the news and we knew we had to run to escape. Then we had a sense if being fine when we arrived back at that house. As we were entering the house, we heard loud car and gun shots again. We got into the house quickly, and there were a few innocent people remaining, who all screamed and hid. Then the man with the gun, shot at the window to break it and entered the house, shooting everyone. He then lay beside me and shot himself. When I was sure he died I got up and called ambulance and police. A few people started standing back up. And then I don’t remember anything else.

  21. Hi. I have this recurring dream of people being evacuated to a volleyball court in my school and then they’d be lined up in rows and would hold hand in hand to create barricades and then a few figures would start shooting them and i’d be at the very back of the barricades to witness them die. I felt that i had to run so was drawn to this other building just adjacent to the court and i found, on the last step of the staircase to the building, a 180 degree shooting machine gun. It was probably going 4 bullets a second and i tried to use the other staircase and just before i could take a step, a bullet was coming for me but i woke up. Somehow, in that dream it felt like sheer luck that i wasnt shot. I dont know why they were killing my friends/school mates/ family. I’ve dreamt this thrice already but they vary at the beginning but they all lead to that exact massacre.

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