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Mask Dream Symbol – A mask indicates a desire to hide from others. Perhaps there is an aspect of your life that you are ashamed of, or that you feel is likely to be misunderstood. If you dream of wearing a mask when interacting with a specific person, this signifies that you should be careful of what you reveal to them, as they are not trustworthy.

Dreaming that someone else is wearing a mask means that that person is not being honest with you. Be cautious in future dealings with this person. Alternatively, it may mean that there has been a miscommunication between you two, and the other person is not intentionally being dishonest.

If you dream that everyone around you is wearing a mask (such as at a masquerade ball), this is indicative that you do not understand a situation that involves those people.

You are unaware of or misinterpreting something about this situation and this is preventing you from understanding the people involved. Be cautious of passing judgment on anyone involved in this situation, as you do not have all the pieces of information.

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  1. Catheros Belman on

    I had a dream a woman was pressing on an older man’s back (he was trying to rob her) she put a skeleton mask on his face. And then beat his head so bad that it was imploding in the mask, but he got up and started beating her. She flew back and another person flew out of nowhere and fell on them both.

    I am not sure what it means to see a victim put a mask on their abuser and then try to kill them ? I witnessed this from watching the news in my dream. Not sure why a third person unrealistically flew and fell on top of them.

  2. Tilde Felicia on

    I had a nightmare about me being in third person outside of my grocery store and these white masks came they sort of looked like “scream” masks and then normal people came to and the masks raised there hands and put there hands on the people with no masks faces and when they did they kind of sucked something out of them wile opening there masks so they looked exacly like the “scream” masks and then in the middle of this I was one of the normal persones and I could see it from first person that is when I woke up. What do this mean?

  3. Amber Brady on

    What would the mask mean if it is not being worn by anyone and keeps popping up everywhere you go in the dream?

  4. Ive recently had this dream- and me and my friend are stumped on what it means, i woke up on a train- everyone was wearing a white mask that has no facial features other than me, sitting next to me was my friend- he was wearing a white mask- but it had the kanji for safety written on it, when i got off the train i was bumped into and pushed in front of it, he yelled out stop seconds before the train hit me and the dream ended, i woke up at four am- and when i went back to sleep the dream repeated except everyone was staring at me this time… what does this mean? Im really confused-

  5. I have a repeated dream in the same pattern for nearly 6years it has never changed. In my dream I am being followed by a person wearing a Wolf mask and he is always following behind me but when I look back he tries to hide but I can see him or he just stands there and and stares back and does not move. I dont know why I say a man but that is the impression I get. At one point in the dream he says you are mine and I’m always scared in my dream and trying to get away.

  6. I had a dream These people tried to break into my house and they was trying to force me to be with some weird white guy. And there was 5 people and I escaped , and before that happened one of them broke in and tried to kill me and my mom and I convinced him not to… And they tried to arrange me being with him.. And I ran away and when I got down stairs… Everyone outside had Clown masks on. I felt scared.. I knew the Police wasn’t around to save me. And these crazy people hacked my phones and turned off my WIFI in my house… And all I remember is that day they was Opening up a Carnival.. And all I remember is my mom being nearly attacked and me saying. “I don’t want to date your friend. Y’all are crazy” I was losing sanity.. I woke up feeling paranoid and now excessively make sure my door is locked… Because I live in the Projects in New York.. But it turned into Gotham almost.

  7. I barely remember what happened but I think I dreamt that people close to me gave me a “pill” to make me “lifeless” and then they forcefully put on a rubber latex face mask on my face which already had a face on it. I was so terrified…

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