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Mask Dream Symbol – A mask indicates a desire to hide from others. Perhaps there is an aspect of your life that you are ashamed of, or that you feel is likely to be misunderstood. If you dream of wearing a mask when interacting with a specific person, this signifies that you should be careful of what you reveal to them, as they are not trustworthy.

Dreaming that someone else is wearing a mask means that that person is not being honest with you. Be cautious in future dealings with this person. Alternatively, it may mean that there has been a miscommunication between you two, and the other person is not intentionally being dishonest.

If you dream that everyone around you is wearing a mask (such as at a masquerade ball), this is indicative that you do not understand a situation that involves those people.

You are unaware of or misinterpreting something about this situation and this is preventing you from understanding the people involved. Be cautious of passing judgment on anyone involved in this situation, as you do not have all the pieces of information.

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  1. what if te dream is having an opaque white mask just following you around it really scary for me not knowing what it wants i just had this dream today like 30 min before posting this and im like super scared the dream was about one of my friends having bad dreams and she couldn’t remember them and then she had a dream the night before and remembered there was a white mask next I either went to sleep in the dream or it just appeared in front of me and started following me around I was really scared and I then woke up

  2. Kaitlyn Prewett on

    I was sitting in a house working on organizing fabric like I would be doing at work. When I looked out the window in front of me, I saw a figure standing in the shadows of the forest. It stepped in my direction revealing a man wearing a white mask and tuxedo. I felt as if I should know who he was, but before I could utter a word. He turned and disappeared into the woods.

    • Oh my goodness I have just had such a similar dream! I had a dream I was round my mums house which is way out in the country side and it was at night. I fed the dogs and as I walked past my open bedroom door (that had the light turned off inside), I leant in to turn it on and through the window I saw someone dressed in black and they were holding a white theatre mask right up to my window. When the light came on they pulled the mask back a bit and I screamed and ran downstairs to my mum but then I woke up! So weird!

  3. James Edwards on

    Dreamt of being on a bright sandy beach dark red black rocks, deep ocean, I was doing some task, and I was going between social Stratasys I guess but no one really cared it was like no one knew where to place me. I entered a large place a commerce or old style building, tall ceilings Renaissance clothes, and tall blonde haired mother. Had two children, one was a king or prince to be? He turned at me wearing a kind of green white old style clothing, his face had a silver mask on he had long blonde hair, thin build but normal, not over weight. he was smiling under his mask age, 7-8. I saw him twice because I was doing a loop. We sat next to each other exchanged words l, he was thinking of them. Floor was checked. Solid tall wood beams background. Strong daylight refracting. The beach we sat at was outside of that room. There were people, numerous,but countible, not a mob or crowd. People seemed upbeat, intelligent, sharp, it felt like the right place to be. The silver mask had a fluid like reflection, perfect.

  4. I dream last night that I get inside to a room with a guy that I don’t even know, where just chatting and eating then suddenly people just come out infront of us wearing a black mask that has a big smile, they surrounded us but the guy who’s with just keep on holding my hands because I’m already shaking and he ask me to pretend that we’re talking & smiling and telling me to not let go, then someone came in the room who’s is still wearing a mask than he/she back hug me…

  5. I had a very realistic dream where me and my bf were living at his parents house and they live in the woods and these four people kept following us they’d keep their distance but we always saw them just standing in the background watching us. And then a blonde lady knocked on the door and of course my mother in law answered the door because she’s too nice and we kept telling her, no no no she will hurt us and she let her in and five minutes later about she knocked her out and came after us and my bed had some Edward scissor hand thing goin on with his hands and tried fighting back then I go to get him a weapon and I see the other three pulling up in the driveway after I had just locked ever door. Ugh thank god I just woke up before anything else were to happen. I’m so paranoid now!!! Never had this dream before

  6. I’ve had the same recurring dream 3 days in a role. I have a friend that arrives early and then my mother comes in a few minutes later and goes to her room. I try to introduce her to my friend but then my friend turns into a mask. Tonight, I forced my mother to meet my friend and when i looked for said friend she had already turned into a mask. I laughed at the absurdity of it and fought with myself, not being able to let go of the mask. Finally i gave my friend -the mask- over to mom as she looked on in shock.

  7. i have had the same exact dream twice. it is very realistic. I’m doing laundry and three men dressed in black with black ski masks on try to kidnap me. at first i get away and start to run through my house, but they grab me by the ankels and pull me out the door. i see my yard as i am going through the doorway trying to get away. Then I wake up.

    • My 10 year old brother just told me that he had a dream that someone was standing outside his door wearing a fox mask and holding a knife. It could pertain to the last part about it meaning that someone is being dishonest, but it just seemed weird to me. Any ideas?

  8. I am having this re-occuring vision/dream of a sheep wearing a black mask.. at the start the sheep is in the distance as i approach it or it approaches me (neither of us move its like i zoom in on it) and as it nears close it turns its head to reveal its wearing a black mask. The mask is like something i would imagine being apartof a japanese festival (with the dragons and all). When it turns and looks at me my whole body is filled with fear.. ive altered my dreams ive made myself goliath and squashed it i have brought a sword christened by a preist; washed with holywater and i chopped its head off and kicked it after the mask smiled at me from the ground. Every time though that happens im right back at the start seeing the sheep in the distance. Any clues what is going on?.. ive never had any traumatic experiences or anything either.. and also if i try befriend the sheep.. its a baaaad feeling.. lol

  9. I had a dream that the man I’m dating put on a hockey mask followed by a football helmet. What does this mean?

  10. I had a dream about a tall man with dark hair wearing a mask that came up to people, even ones i didn’t know, but only when I wasn’t there myself. It just showed me him walking up to them. But it was kind of animated when he showed up and things moved weirdly. What could this mean?

  11. I dreamt of dark souls, playing it at first but then being in the game. And someone else and I (possibly a friend, it was hazy) saw an unused door, so we tried to get over to it by using glitches to clip over to it. One of us made it, but then fell. Then my dream cut to a man being interviewed about a controversial movie, and he was saying how he’s always harassed about making the movie. But described how there was just as many good aspects about it, as there was controversial. And then it went back and forth between the man being interviewed, and the police chasing this other strange blonde haired man in a leather mask with deep black eyes. Could’ve been the same person, but I couldn’t tell for whatever reason. The man was running from them for what seemed like forever, and this ominous/intense music played whenever my dream would jump to this strange man being chased. After awhile of it going back and forth between the other man being chased and the man who was being interviewed, it cut to a whole different chase. It was the leather masked man again, but this time he was on horseback running away from the cops. There was a crowd of horses so he would jump from horse to horse, and everytime he rode a new one he would stretch his mouth over the horses skull for a few seconds. And this is where my dream ended, anyone wanna take a whack at interpreting it?

  12. I had a vision of a half buried masquerade doll dressed in an all white Victorian dress. I see visions as waking dreams. Any thoughts on this?

  13. Neve holder on

    I had a dream my school moved to this creepy old mansion type thing and we were all messing about in the woods I turned round everyone was gone. Then I looked behind me and a man with a mask was walking towards me calmly I tried to run but I couldn’t move he tied me up got a needle and put me to sleep.

    Hi btw I’m a twelve year old

  14. I woke up to get something to drink. Then went back to bed. Out of no where I seen a someone in a white plaster mask looking at me. Then he got closer and we started walking in Circles. He had a leather jacket. Like one of those back in the 90s and he was tall. Then i woke up because i felt my heart getting faster and i felt unsafe for some reason. Never had this kind of dream. I think it means something bad will happen and someone is trying to tell me

  15. I saw myself in a dream where I went back to my former town where I was living. when I reach the town they were doing a traditional festival & I noticed that the atmosphere was in total darkness but I managed to see very tall masquerades & people were following them. As soon as I noticed the place as a strange environment that am not suppose to be, I started running, when they notice that am not one of them, the masquerade & the people tried to stop me but they could stop me & I escape from them, & woke up.
    So what’s the meaning of this dream

  16. Ali Parker on

    I had a dream of this guy wearing a black an white mask, an in the end he revealed himself to me an hugged me. An the guy in the dream looks like someone I know who, the day after the dream, confessed he likes me.

  17. i was in a dream first i saw black snake the snake saw me and ran into the bush as i ture to come back to my house vally hill block me and i strughe to come up the hill push me up and i sarted runing to my house when i get to my house i saw my dead father sitting on a chair and i ran to front of my house one of my little cousine brother wear a mask he block me and i push him and told him get out he try to hold me and i wake up

  18. Forgot to mention that the reason I m writing this as well is that this is not the first time I m dreaming similar mask, and I don’t watch movies that has anything to do with mask and etc

  19. It was a long dream, more like a lucid dream. I was in a chess war instead if chess there were armies of people, I was controlling one side and someone else the other. I was loosing at the beginning and all my armies were pushed in to the ocean, thousands of people, but I thought a better strategy and started winning by pushing the other side in to the same ocean that I was pushed to. In the middle of the battle I vent to some sort of town market, and so a face mask. I took it off the shelf, looked at it and it was like someone’s else face but it was made from very soft material like silicon. I put it on and it fitted every inch even my eyelids fully covered. Had no hair just some knot on the back that I tied up then looked in the mirror, blinked with not my eyelids and vent on doing bad things which I don’t want to write about and remember it was lucid dreaming.. So anyways does that mean deep inside that I m bad person? I m having all kind of crazy dreams especially when I start feeling things and hearing noises in my ears when I wake up in the middle of the night then I switch to lucid dreaming. I know how it all works just some crazy dreams that I m having are just makes no sense..

  20. I keep having dreams about someone looking for me or chasing me and he or she is always wearing mask. It’s a different mask in every dream. In two of the dreams a person is trying to kill me. In another dream they kidnapped me. I’ve never had nightmares until recently. I don’t know the person who is wearing the mask. All the meanings I can find on dreams with mask states to be aware of the person who is wearing the mask.

  21. i had a dream that a stranger with a mask came into a room i was in that was full of people. i saw his refelection in the wall of the room and he stuck out from everyone there- he was tall, really tall, quiet, calmly walking, wearing a mask. i saw he was coming towards me and for a split second I thought it was my boyfriend but then i came to the conclusion that it wasnt. then i felt his fingers tighten around my neck while i was still turned around. i asked people to help me but they would just stare, so I grabbed a nearby blade and stabbed him in the jugular. i was set free and i ran out and it turns out he had been some undercover cop or something

  22. I had a dream that my friend came to see me in my hometown (he’s not from there) so he wouldnt have had any reason to be there. He saw me talking to my friends so I left them and went and talked to him….he gave me a present for my birthday (which was a really nice thing cause were not very close and my birthday is a month away) and then said he had to go that he was busy…..but I knew that he was lying cause what would he have been doing here…I wanted him to join me and my friends but he said he couldn’t and he ran off….I felt like he did this cause he was embarrassed because he felt like he was interrupting me and my friends. In the dream his face was covered in a green face mask/ green cream or something and when I asked him why he said it was for his skin or something stupid….I remember thinking in the dream that I felt like he was lying about it. I know this is really weird and probably doesn’t make a lot of sense but if someone could interpret it for me id really appreciate it…..cause it felt so real that its all I can think about all day and its kinda creeping me out.

  23. I had a dream that i open the door and someone from a long distance was calling my name and that person was wearing a white mask and black hoodie

  24. I had a dream that a group of people were going around the united states on a black train. Theyd stop at certain places and set up a bunch of chairs and a stage. Theyd pick out a nice seeming family and force them to sort of skin eachother alive in front of the audience made up of people in that community who knew the family. My family was chosen and the audience was given masks to wear and they were forced to watch. The masks were white and had big creepy smiles on them. The evil group of people had guns and they were referred to as the art of embarrassment. They played music like pitbull and kesha and after i woke up i couldnt listen to music for three days i was so disturbed. I thought i had some real issues after this dream because i assumed only.messed up people could think of this kind of thing. It happened about 2 yrs ago and i havent been able to forget about it. I dont know what it means besides that i was really anxious at the time which i already knew.

    • karen sconyers on

      Sorry about your experience. I had really bad dreams before that bothered me for a long time…but they eventually go away. Praying helped me.

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