Mars (Planet) Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Mars Dream Symbol – Dreaming of the planet Mars is a warning your ruthless attitude to life and those around you will eventually bring you nothing but misery. This is a reminder to live in peace and to not deliberately harm others. For if you live at war with the world, deliberately inflicting hurt and pain to all around you, then it will return to you tenfold. It also warns that this attitude to life will win you many enemies and they will stop at nothing to see you destroyed. Is this really how you want to live your life?

Feeling yourself drawn to the planet Mars is a sign you will gain much wisdom that brings you great wealth and prosperity. You will also have no trouble fighting for your rights, or the rights of those less fortunate.

Mars symbolizes masculinity, aggression, and violence. He can symbolize life and death, depending on the situation. Mars was often humiliated and lost to his enemies. Dreaming of Mars can represent up frustrations that leave you feeling angry and on edge. The male energy of Mars can be pushing you to get inside yourself to explore raw emotions and passions. Once you have a deeper understanding, you can use them to move your life closer to the success you so desire.

There are many possible significance to dreaming of Mars. As a planet, it is the subject of large amounts of scientific interest. Dreaming about the planet Mars may indicate a desire for discovery and exploration. It may be connected to radical changes in worldview, as Mars quite literally represents an entirely new world of things to learn.

As a figure of mythology, Mars is the god of war, and the consort of Venus, the goddess of love. Dreaming about the god Mars may indicate coming strife in your life. Alternatively, it may signify a feeling of power. You may be experiencing stress in your life and manifesting it in the form of aggression. Examine whether you have been taking others’ actions or words personally and are inclined to react belligerently.

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  1. So i had a dream that i was at this luxury hotel with had seemed to have 9 floors with a pool in the middle being the center of attention everyone having fun, people i’m really close with were around me & i see this girl that i know irl & i go up talk to her we sit alone on this rock, get comfy look at the sky and we see mars & keep in mind that the week prior to this irl mars was shining next to the moon so it was kinda replicating that but then all of a sudden asteroids start falling from sky and we run for shelter & end up inside a gas station but it didn’t do us any justice, as i look outside asteroids are falling down to earth destroying everything with big explosions. fear hits both our body’s & we start running away looking for secure shelter then all of a sudden as i’m running away i turn back to look at all the destruction & all i see is white behind me coming closer & closer to me as i try to run away, one way i’d describe it is if you’ve ever played cod & someone got a nuke & all you see is the white flash before you die. i was running away with the girl from earlier but she ended up disappearing behind me. I find myself running away with someone in front of me from this white flash of nuke caused by the asteroids falling from the sky. seemed like we were so close to getting away but we got caught in the light & i just remember telling whoever was in front of me “it’s time, we’ve lived our life, it wasn’t meant to be” after finishing that line we both disappear like in the avengers when thanos snaps his finger, hate to use that analogy but that’s the only way i can describe it to the point where you can visualize it.

  2. A few years ago I dreamt that everything was normal, until the news interrupted the video I was watching and said that Mars was coming closer to Earth and that for one day only, Mars would be Earth. After that everything would go back to normal. Later in the dream, I was in the car and we stopped somewhere along the way to a store. I looked up at the sky and instead of there being a full moon, it was Mars. The same size and brightness of a full moon. I remember being very confused and asking my mom about it. She thought I was going crazy. At around 10 pm I was standing in my house in front of a window. Somehow, the news had appeared on the glass, with the time next to it. The time started speeding up, and once it got to 12:00 the ground turned into some kind of like red clay. To me it seemed like a 3D movie as Mars was coming closer and closer. That was when I woke up.
    Then one or two years ago I had another dream that had this same concept of Mars coming closer and closer to Earth, until becoming Earth, but with only a few aspects changed, like who I was with at the time, and of course my age.
    Could someone please tell me why I had the same dream (or idea of it) twice?

  3. Orianna Cairos on

    Last night I had a fight with my sister because I accidentally fell asleep while taking care of her cat like she asked me. She came in and told me to get out really pissed and so I did. I had left my phone and shoes in her room. So she decides its a good idea to aggressively throw my phone down the stairs. My mom gets really mad and runs upstairs and screams at her because she was being a bitch to me. My brother also joined in. After this happened I had a dream that I was going to mars. This random guy and I were chosen to spend one day there for a school project. There was some dude that was planning on ruining our flight and I found out about him and he was put in jail. After that the dream was all about my fear of the flight failing. I would talk to my parents and the guy going with me in the dream about how scared I was and about what could go wrong. The dream ended when we were in the spaceship already on our way to mars when we started having a deep conversation of why we wanted to go to mars. And pretty much all of us just wanted to escape something and take a risk in our life.

  4. I had dream that I vacationed on mars. I was in a hotel with my sister and someone else. We roamed around the hotel and I seen a baptism room with people getting baptized. We went out and it was normal at first “the sky”. It had amazing attractions, of Buddha, a colorful building, and something else Made of wood I can’t really remember. Then I went to the other side with the party people. They all seemed brain washed. I was taking pictures of outside the hotel where you can really see mars. It was red with planes flying everywhere fast. Like a group of birds. My phone then drops. And the only one who can get it for me is this lady with blonde hair. She tells me some tea about some people in the industry that had fall out because of Illuminati things. She would get my phone for 1500. She shares something about mars how and why their so controversial but i don’t know what she said it wasn’t clear in my dream. Then when I went back to my sister and my friend they seemed really slow and out of it. So I went with the blonde lady to a spot with other women like her we sat and talked about something important/ controversial I don’t know what but it was kind of quick.

  5. Rebecca González-Pliss on

    So I was in a mini spaceship with my own room. I arrived to Mars extremely quickly. When me and my family got out, there was a whole city in Mars. It looked like heaven to me. A lot of other fellow Earth civilians, have went to Mars as well, so there where friends and people that I recognized. There where some that I have not identified or recognised either. The city we arrived in was amazing, there was a cafe, and a room where great stuff on TV was playing. I went through a mini playground, reunited with my old friend again, and we spun and ran around in the fields of Mars. We started seeing these safety lines, that where yellow saying warning do not pass. I saw a kid on a pogo stick jumping through there. Eerie music started playing, but then me and my friend decided to just walk to town. I told my mom I want to go to the movie room, then she replied oh alright. Then she yanked me quickly, then we went in this strange mall which was really religious, and all shops had bibles and crosses in all of them. At the corner of the mall, my mom has taken me to a shop, and that shop was the only non religious shop. There was more demonic stuff in there. There where demon snow globes and masks. There was a 80$ goblin snow globe I fell in love with and my mom bought it and said oh ok that is your early Christmas present. When we went outside i got my friend, then on the main Mars town radio, they announced Saddam Hussain, and his troops are coming, and told us to seek shelter and run away. Me, my mom, and other civilians where running at super sonic speed, and watching Saddam Hussain and his troops destroying a town with lazers, then they ride on really weird horses that have bendy fast weird legs. Me, and my mom finally seek shelter in a nice old ladie's house, which looks like it is made in Minecraft. We stay there until it is announced he is gone. We get out and unite, with my brother Eddie, and my dad. We are all happy to see each other again. We go to a fair, with a watery rollercoaster. I go up then fall, and my dad said my assignment is to try again without falling. I do so again, and I make it but make the other people fall. My dad gives me a thumbs up. When we go down, a new president is elected. The president who is elected looks kind of like a fairy ,but bigger in a business suit. She lives in a luxerious bathroom with pink toilets. We both float and fly above a pool in front of the bathrooms, doing backflips.
    (Either a part of this dream or a second part of the dream):
    I am in a school room. It turns out I am in college, hiding from the screen crouched next to a bathroom door. It is finally lunch time, so we all get out and have to enter another tall building to eat lunch inside. There is a ton of people then we finally make it in. When we go inside it looks like an airport lobby. When I am going down the escalator to be checked by the aecurity, some old bald man sticks the middle finger up at me, so I do it back with two middle fingers, at the end of the escalator, is the moderator who gets offended and angered. He says "I will not tolerate that behavior young lady", and he continued bitching in my face then I gave him lots of attitude, and he got even more mad. He told me how bad of a kid I was , then me and my class had to continue walking up the stairs. He was in charge of the snacks, and said I will not get any snacks because of my behavior. I throw a chair and angrily walk out of the office. I get on the balcony then he yells at me to get out, and when I kill a wasp nest, he congratulates me. He says I deserve a snack, and instead of arresting me he said he has wrongly accused me, and said he has mistaked me for a girl who has punched an old lady. He gave me a superhero badge, then I slowly got super powers of dragon flies. I had to defeat the evil wasp queen. She gave birth to two wasp children in front of my eyes. It was kind of disturbing. Two blue eggs rose out of her chest, then popped open with two blind children, who in my dream I convinced where other wasps. I raised them to be good. I eventually raised them until the dream ended.
    My Dream Ends Now!
    Do you think you could tell me what this meant?

  6. I’ve had numerous dreams about being on mars. They’re evolving. It started with a project to terraform the planet. Then they get more and more advanced, bringing new technology and a full civilization. The most recent one was me taking a tour of a communal living space, followed by a visit to a recreational space that had things like a large wave pool, a rock climbing wall, things like that. The technology was really advanced kinda like what’s in iron man.

  7. I had a dream that i was on mars and everyone else was on it, like it was another earth. it was really black and not its reddish color it is normally. I was having fun jumping around in low grav and there was a “festival” at the bottom of it. In my dream the bottom was a light blue and very cold and everyone called it a subzero festival. Thats where my dream ended. It was very fun and enjoyable but odd, because often I kept getting blown away by a huge wind gust but everyone else didnt. I also saw beside mars a giant blue star shooting out a ton of solar flares. Thats all i can remember i enjoyed my dream but it was very confusing.

    • This morning before I woke I dreamt that myself and a few family members where standing outside of someone’s house. And suddenly Mars Jupiter and the Moon became very apparent in the sky. Almost as if they where growing. Then they started to align. This caused great exitement which led us to taking photos. We then went into the house to tell one of my aunts who was laying in bed. All of a sudden I noted she had a baby girl next to her. The child then began to speak which was shocking and amazing as I left the house and went through the front door I woke up.

      • I dreamed that I was dressed in all black before an army. I was giving them an address before we formally began our battle, but in the backdrop I saw nothing but the vastness of the red planet and a bloody horizon. I woke up before I could learn what happened next, but I can imagine where things were going.

  8. Paul Gascoigne on

    I had a dream about mars. However it was lush and green. I was with a beautiful friend of mine and she was doing incredible illustrations and drawings and I had such a sense of wonder and love as I watched her work. The whole feeling around it was so happy and heartfelt and passionate.

    • I dreamed that I was dressed in all black before an army. I was giving them an address before we formally began our battle, but in the backdrop I saw nothing but the vastness of the red planet and a bloody horizon. I woke up before I could learn what happened next, but I can imagine where things were going.

  9. I dreamt about being on mars and their was a zombie apocalypse and all i remember is asking my self how do the zombiez stay out side when i can only breath in side wiht the other people. And i remeber being so scared of the zombies even thou they cant reach me. What does that mean

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