Manta Ray Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Manta Ray Dream Symbol -Dreaming of manta ray symbolizes your ability to navigate the emotional highs and lows without stressing out too much. When manta ray swims into your dreams it is a sign that secrets hidden deep within your soul are rising to the surface.

manta-ray-dreamsYou have a deep connection to your subconscious so know you need to deal with this head on before it becomes an issue. It is a time to take a closer look at yourself. What do you really want out of life? Are you currently on the right path? What do you need to do to achieve success?

The Manta Ray is a totem, just as are all animals. It represents a smooth journey. If you dream about a manta ray, it might be your personal totem. By keeping a likeness of it around, you will gain extra strength and be better equipped to face the challenges that life throws at you.

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  1. I saw the mantra ray…two people (I’m pretty sure it was my two boys) were riding it. It was blue with a white belly. But it was in a tank, not free. The night before I dreamt I was about to go ice skating, but I didn’t. I just remember seeing the ice. Things have been feeling strange with me lately…

  2. I was dreaming a flock of manta rays flying 50 ft in the air, some were clumsily dropping on the ground. While I tried to take my phone out to capture that, I was swarmed by a group of adorable blue penguins that tried to steal my phone. 1 penguin got the phone out of my hands and flew about 15 feet in the air before it slipped out of his beak and I got it back. Ultimately the dream was awesome

  3. In my dream, i was standing by the beach where trees were not covering the sky. All of a sudden the sky cleared as if i was seeing clear space. Then i started seeing a light coming and when it neared above my head, hig up in the sky, i saw 2 manta rays which looked like white light flying above the sky and i kept gazing at it thinking what is happening.
    Can any one explain this?

  4. i am 14 and don’t know what to do with my life.
    it started out with a place where there were traps for animals and i was traping lions but they where in a habitat or zoo but they could easily get to you. after that me and my family and friends and some ppl i didn’t know were going to the beach the ocean was calm but a bit wavey and then the lions joind is i was afraid of the males but in the end i trusted them enough to swim under water and i saw
    pink jellyfish pink manateese (whitch at first i thought was a mermaid) and from under me was a pink manta ray when i went up for air i told everyone but my mom told me that “the jellyfish are harmless now” i weint to swim under again i was on the manta ray and it sorta freaked out and i fel on to the sand i somehow was where the sand meets the sea.
    and thets where i woke up…..

  5. My name is Kayla. Today is the one month mark for my dad passing away.
    As I was sleeping, I had a dream involving my mom, dad and cousins. We were in a hotel when I looked out at the ocean and saw what I thought was a shark. As I kept watching, it turns out that it was the white tips, of a manta’s wings as it swam upside down, showing us its belly before vanishing into the black waters, of night, once more. I remember I was scared of it, at first. Then I was in awe as I realized what it was, in my dream.

  6. In my dream I’m in the top floor living room of a 2 storey home. The door opens out to a tiny balcony from which I can see the sea. It’s vast and clear. I see huge black manta rays swimming in a group. Further on I see whales and seals. It’s all vivid. I’m fearful of the sea in the dream. My mom who in real life is the more fearful one is not afraid to stand on the balcony and throw food for the sea creatures in the dream. PLEASE explain.

  7. Reno Brinkley on

    In my dream, the manta ray kept swimming on top of me and “laying ” on me. It gave me a bit of a panicky feeling because it was heavy and pushing me under water, but I didn’t really get a sensation that it was doing this out of malice.

    • Joel bayliss on

      In my dream, in a secluded river with friends a manta came out of nowhere, directly underneath me until i was litterally sitting on it like a surfboard. I said to my pals “whoa i wonder if i can ride this thing” as i finished my sentence it presented its wings eitherside of me just out of the water. Like reins, i stood up and rode that bad boy for a while. Feeling the wind through my hair and everything!

    • Candy barron on

      In my dream i was standing in the water i looked down and saw a stingray but it was scarred like knife stabs. Then i turned around and sliced a portion of another stingray’s fin off.

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