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Mansion – The mansion is the symbol of wealth and nobility. Dreaming about a mansion is not the same as dreaming about a large suburban home. A mansion is distinct in that it is located on at least ten acres of well-groomed and landscaped property. And likely includes many more acres beyond those that are landscaped. In addition, a true mansion is usually very old and carries with it a title.

If you dream about a large house, it means that you will be financially secure. If you dream about a mansion it means that you will be successful in all of your endeavors.

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  1. Kathy Schneider on

    I had a dream I went to see a mansion because in the back yard there was a large large pool and the land was very very big and beautiful and the owners of the home were older and I did not know them but they Allowed me to enter their home so I can see their backyard and the inside of the mansion as I was looking out the back kitchen window I was thinking about how awesome it would be to live in a home like that It was an older home and it needed some fixing up but really not to much just like new Furniture I remember that the owners of the mansion had a son and they told me that they did not want to give the mansion to him cause they knew he would not take care of it and he really didn’t even want it So they saw how much I was in aww of the home and asked if I would like for it to be mine and I was in shock and very hesitant to say yes because they didn’t even know me and I didn’t know them but they had already packed up their bags and said they were going to be leaving and that they would leave me the keys… And in that moment I woke up!!!

  2. I’ve had recurring dreams about mansions and estates for a long long time. When I was younger, they frightened me. It’s seems like I’ve had a couple different past lives in mansions, at least one of them as a servant and one as a lady. I occasionally will revisit the dreams. Pretty sure that one mansion is from The Gilded Age.

  3. Iona Sengupta on

    I dreamt about a huge building. A building of about 2 floors and it covers a huge distance. I see that there are innumerable doors in it. And I go ahead and ahead, opening the doors. But as I go ahead, I forget where was the previous door? So can you please interpret my dream?

  4. I dreamt about my Ex new mansion, fully furnished…deco was antiques, he was not there, i was there with our daughter, visitors and helpers. Some bathrooms were unfinished and his bedroom was messy.

  5. I dreamed that I was in a very old mansion…carved staircases and hidden secret doors. I looked down to see the foor moving (as the earth would move when an animal is burrowing out)…as i continued watching…a cat came out…then another…and another…! After quite a few came out…I approached this ‘covered hole’…I looked in to see more cats. Then my ex-partner appeared and was about to stamp on some kittens in this hole. I pushed him out the way to protect the kittens…as the other cats were squaring up to attack him for his actions. I also noticed dark human shadows moving around upstairs. At first the room was empty of people…but people (strangers) started appearing in different places and positions in the room. One young lady walked over to the fireplace…she seemed to squeeze herself behind it…and vanished. I then found myself going up a narrow staircase towards a bedroom…to find my ex-partner in there…the rest was unclear!

  6. O Henderson on

    I dreamed my Entire household were running around a Mansion Very Excited, not knowing what Rooms to chose from,it was GORGEOUS, and also my Mother kepted Receiving New Cars in this Same dream

  7. Laurel Chaykowski on

    I had a dream that we had bought a large mansion (or a very large, old house). Mostly green colors throughout. As I explored, I came across a playroom that had a slanted floor, narrow stairs to other levels, all seemingly in need of repair and all with round corners. Yet any furniture I came across was rich wood and in pristine and clean shape. At one point, I went to the end of a hallway and looked out the window. It was very dirty. I saw a snow-scape outside with bare trees. The man who was my husband in the dream was a movie star. (Mind you, we have been watching a series with this star in it for the past week).

  8. I keep dreaming about a big modern beautiful home. On a very nice and expensive golf course. What does this mean?

  9. I dreamed that I was at a gala at a huge, modern looking mansion with a pool. I remember walking up and down the mansion and then coming across a mirror and saw that I was dressed in a tuxedo, this is where I asked why was I dressed up for and walked into the loft and saw that there was a gathering with beautiful women wearing night gowns and the men wearing tuxes too. I remember that there was this awesome white sports car with the keys in the ignition, looking ready to be taken for a ride. One of the things that seemed out of place that although I was dressed formally my hair was not combed. Either way this was quite a pleasant dream

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