Mango Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Mango Dream Symbol – The mango, being a fruit, is a symbol of plenty and a tiding of good things to come. Its waxy exterior is symbolic of being repellant to spiritual powers. However, because this skin is thin and easily removed, it means that this will work to protect you, rather than work against your own personal spiritual powers.

Delicious Dream!

A Dream I want to EAT!

The sweet interior, with a large single seed, represents that projects that you complete will have a large, but easily avoided problem inherent to it. The mango is also an exotic fruit. This represents that the project that you succeed in accomplishing will also be a project that was unlike others that you normally do. Dreaming about the mango is a good omen and sends the message that your skills are broader than you might have believed.

Additional Mango Dream Meanings

Mangoes grow in the sun and are a bright, happy fruit. They bring a smile to the faces of all who enjoy eating them.

Dreaming of Mango can represent these feelings and you may be feeling relief that something has reached its conclusion. You may have been going through a tough time and feeling low in energy. Mangoes can cheer you up. Bring new feelings of hope and positivity. You may have let go of old issues that worried you. You may be ready to move on to new opportunities. Or, you may have a new perspective on old issues and see them in a different way. You may now be enjoying changes forced on you, where before, they made you unhappy.

Alternatively, mangoes can represent feelings of desperation. Your need for success may have no boundaries. You may currently be doing things simply for the sake of success. This is probably not going to end well. You may even be listening to others ideas and thoughts, and adopting them as your own as you think you are not good enough as you are. Mangoes can highlight these inadequacies in your life.

Dreaming of a mango tree is a reflection of having a strong support system around you. Your life has had a lot of stability – through your childhood with your parents, and, maybe now, as an adult. You have always had someone to talk to, to support you when times get tough. You may always feel you are in control of your life as there is always someone to talk through difficult situations. Seeing a mango tree being cut down, may be symbolic of losing your support system. Maybe you have changed jobs, a friend has moved away or have moved on, or there may have been a death in the family. You may need to build a new support system.

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  1. Hi, I dreamt, and in the dream. I saw a tree full of mangoes, they were all still green and everyone thought it wasn’t ripe yet, but I harvested one, ate it and it was ripe and sweet, my late dad and his best friend, my mum, a child like my 2 1/2 yrs was there with others I don’t remember. All gathered under the tree, yet no one could harvest except me, then I grabbed a long stick or branch and started shaking the tree,and mangoes were falling down. They asked me to stop that I wasn’t ripe to eat yet, but I told them, it is ripe and so sweet, and I picked it up and shared to them, I was so happy, glad and I harvested everything from the tree, I gave some to the little girl and I kept eating as I plucked.
    Please what does this mean.
    Thank you…

  2. I dream of seeing a fallen big mango tree with many fruits but i only get 3 fruits 2 green and 1 yellow

    • Daphne Burke on

      I dream I had a mango in my hand the mango was Green then the mango drop and roll down the hill and as it roll it get bigger and bigger and bigger then the largest Calabash

  3. Sindhu subhadra on

    Last night i dream about working something then i sow one mago tree and they have lots of mango. Thats very yung mangos. Then one boy give to me one small mango. I eat that . But too much sor …..
    That yung mangos look so beautifull.

    Them athoer things from child time to until now im dreaming allwasy. Now im 45 age .
    Sleeping time allways im dreaming.
    Some times one dream repeeting allso.

    Mostly im dreaming about sea water and sky.

    I dont know why.

    I can rember allso what im dream.

    Im stil thinking why im dreaming allways. Plae give the answer sir plse

  4. Kanairoh Ordimeh Nyame. on

    I have a recurring dream and always picking yellow mangoes. sometimes I see myself plucking yellow mangoes in the tree. All the mangoes are very yellow.
    Please what does it mean?

  5. Muhammad subtain on

    My mom was calling me from a few distance away and what i saw was a mango peel in my hand…i was astonished…

  6. I dream of where my sister and I where plucking and packing the mangosame in our clothes, even when they went and called the woman that own’s the mango,she came but when she saw us,she kept mute unlike her.

  7. I dreamed that i planted mango and after awhile i harvested it and began to sell it to people, but little of these mango have spoilt.

  8. I see that i my mom my didi bhaiya are buying green mango…..i mom taste it …it was very sweet …and then we purchased it

  9. I dreamt of a tall mango tree with lots of green mangoes. I started picking the green ones on the ground and then moved to the ones on the branches.
    A tall man help me to collect the ones on the higher branches. I told him I was going pickle these mangoes.

  10. Dreamt of my husband looking for a mango to eat
    The tree had a lot of mangos,many like leaves all same sizes.They were really big and starting to ripe,many were still green
    What could it mean?

  11. Ishaku Daniel on

    I had a dream of harvest of mangoes filled up in​ bags, later I was given a big mango to eat with someone when we finish eating everything we saw the seed just flat like paper.

  12. Maureen Lionel on

    I dream of a mango tree breaking upside down over a river when I went to collect them the ground was covered in snakes.

  13. I dreamt of eating a mango with my sister, then we shrunk down and rode the pit around the world. Anything about this would help immensely.

  14. I dream 2 green mangoes on my bed.. I put it there n when I wake up I was looking for it… but it was just a dream. What does that means?

  15. Anita Blessing on

    I had a dream I saw a mango tree full of ripe fine mangos I started plucking den from the tree all of a sudden I saw 2beautiful children a boy and a gal they both picked 2mangos each and ran away… Den I dreamt of buying ripe mangos from the market..please what does this dreams mean???

    • I saw a mango dry the.. I asked my son to cut the tinder of tree… He does so… When I and my son trying to take it home.. But suddenly someone came so we have to left off without taking the tinder …..what it means

    • ate you expecting a baby? this kind of dreams symbolises possible pregnancy or if already pregnant and baby boy to be born .

  16. I was hallucinating and I started cutting up a mango with a big knife, to try to ground myself into reality. I kept saying to my mother, whom I was calling Melissae, “you have swallowed my sunflower, swallowed my moon oil” , also having this feeling like I should reunite with the sun, air, earth, and water.

  17. I dream of barking out coconut but when I finish to barking out it was two coconut please help me to know what it happened are meaning of this dream?

  18. I dream one mango tree and I saw lots yellow color of mango in the ground. But I have only one mango at my hand and I eat it. I have in my mind just like questioning how about that many mangoes in the grown. Just like somebody know what I’m thinking and said no the other mangoes is not good it taste sour and taste not good. What is the meaning of my dream?

  19. I dreamt of collecting mangoes from the ground. On the nextday, my situation on an old issue changed to be positive. Some who owned me paid after he has been arrested by police. So I guess dreaming of mango is a sign of good omen. It’s reminds you of an old issues is going to be redress.

  20. I dream of mangoes fall from a mangoe tree as I was going to pick it up in saw a snake on it, and it started chasing me

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