Manatee Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Manatee Dream Symbols – When manatee swims into your dreams, it is all about your emotions. She reminds it is best to let your feelings out instead of bottling them up. Allow your emotions to rise to the surface so you can release them. Release what you do not need anymore. Doing this removes emotional blockages so a whole new world of possibilities opens to you. What do you need to release? What feelings hold you back? What no longer serves you in a positive way?

manatee dreamsManatee brings you messages of trust. Your trust has been betrayed in the past so you are cautious. Do you have trust issues that hold you back? Do you have trouble trusting your instincts? Manatee reminds taking small, steady steps towards your dreams will get you there. Trust in your intuition. If you are not sure, look deep within to find the answers. Learn to have faith in yourself.

This intuitive, peace loving creature can bring warnings of being too relaxed at this time. You may need to take action. Or she can be letting you know that someone you rely on is not reliable at all What do you need to? What action do you need to take? Who is it that is not reliable?

If you dream of swimming with a manatee, then this indicates your own gentle nature. Seeing a mother and baby can mean you need to show yourself more love and care. You cannot help yourself or others if you cannot help yourself.

When Manatee crosses your Path

Manatee crosses your path to remind it does not matter of you take your time achieving success. It is important to build strong foundations to support your future. You reduce the stress in your life by doing things at your own pace.

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