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Mailbox – The mailbox is a symbol of messages. If you dream about a mailbox it means that there is something that you need to find out. Your mail is extremely personal and can reveal extremely important things about your life that you were not yet aware of. It can also serve as a reminder of pleasant or unpleasant things that you need to take care of or think about.

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  1. In my dream, it is pitch dark out, I look at my feet and our family mailbox with the house # and last name is in the ground, upside down. What????

  2. Stacey L Jones on

    I have the same dream, over and over for years. Checking the mail of my old childhood home. Or just looking at the mailbox. In the dream I open the mailbox and see lots of mail. Never open any of it. In the same dreams i dream of a hidden room next to the basement stairs, full of stuff covered up with plastic. I can see a couch, old things.

  3. Gabriel Scott on

    I dreamt I was checking the mail at my current home. My mailbox was fancy and electronic. My neighbors all had regular mailboxes. I pulled a bunch of letters and junk mail out. I wonder what it could mean

  4. From time to time I have a dream where I find myself checking the mailbox in my childhood home where I grew up. This is a mailbox that is posted at the front door. Each time I show up the mailbox is full of letters and usually there is one or two and there from a person in my past. I never read them in my dreams it’s just me checking the mailbox and wondering how those letters could have gotten there if I no longer live there. The last time I had this dream there was someone at the door that I knew. I asked that person why this letter is coming to this mailbox. That person gave me a long explanation of the meeting that they had with the letter writer. That was the first time I had ever had an explanation as to why the letter came or where it come from.

    • I have this exact same recurring dream! I am checking the mailbox at my childhood home. It is a very large mailbox that is full of old mail.

      Wonder what it means?

      • Last night, I also dreamt that I was checking the mailbox of my childhood home. There were many letters, and a kind of parcel containing an object that I wasn’t able to identify. I asked my mother, and it seemed the object was in relation to writing or drawing.

  5. I dreamt of a mailbox and I opened it and it I pulled out a stack of 5 dollar notes there were a couple of hundred dollar notes at the bottom

  6. I dreamt that someone set something on fire and put it through my letter box. Not sure what it means! Can someone help please?

  7. I dreamed of driving a car, my two sisters and one friend were in it. Their friend was in the passenger seat and my two sisters were in the back seat. Before I started the car I asked my friend if she would drive my car since I didn’t have a license or a license plate. She had a license but she refused to drive it. So I start the car and i put it in reverse to back up and it almost hit the car behind me so then I put the car in drive and press on the gas and it almost hit the car in front of me. I back up again to get out of the cars that I sat in between and all of a sudden it starts going a little fast. I step on the breaks a little because I was about to pass a couple of stop signs, as I step on the breaks before getting to the stop signs the car wouldn’t stop quick enough. As it continues to speed i put two feet on the brakes so after that it starts speeding out of control like I’m in a car speeding contest still with my two feet on the brakes it would not slow down I was soooo scared of losing control and crashing but I refused to show that I was scared and then the dream fades out… What does my dream mean?

  8. Thank you for this. I have a recurrent dream of an old-fashioned combination mailbox in the lower level of a school. In this dream, I have forgotten about the existence of this mailbox for a very long time on and then remember it and go there. This last time I could not remember the combination so went around the back and had bags full of mail. And then also took a table with a phone attacked (I have NO idea about that!). Fascinating stuff.

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