Magpie Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Magpie Dream Symbol – Magpie is traditionally known as a thief or as the bringer of negativity. It is more likely she visits to remind you of the value of communication and your creativity. She comes to remind you need to tune into everything around you. Tune into what you cannot see to find the answers. She also brings messages you need to speak up. Speak more clearly. Speak out for others. Express your truth. This is something you may need to do.

Magpie can also foretell of problems with family and friends. Are you or someone close obsessed with the material world? Does this cause conflict? Who do you disagree with? Be careful of what you say and do as someone close misinterprets your intentions. Material things will never bring you happiness. These are superficial replacements for what brings true joy.

Magpie dreamsOnly when you follow your heart will you find your true path in life. It is a time to re-evaluate your current direction before moving forward. You may need to make adjustments. Magpie flies in to show how to see your potential. Connect with it. Although magpie is traditionally negative, she brings messages that surviving great adversity can bring great success. Be ready for a whole new world of opportunities to open up.

Seeing a flock of magpies can mean scandal will come to your community or you are plagued with disappointment personally. What potential scandals are going on around you? What disappoints you?

Dreaming of a magpie swooping you can indicate your irritation with gossips backstabbing you and those you care about. They may be spreading untrue rumors about you that is losing you some friends. But, catching a magpie can indicate you will never realize what you dream of today. It is a warning to re-evaluate your priorities to help you change direction.

Magpie is obsessed with bright, shiny things which can mean you fear prosperity. It can also mean that you are materialistic and it is more important to you than following your heart. Her striking black and white colors symbolize flamboyance and a sense of style. She tells you not to hide yourself from the world. It is time to show the world just who you truly are. Do not feel shame. There is nothing to fear. You are uniquely beautiful in every way.

This clever bird builds her nest in the thickest fork in a tree. This is symbolic of gateways. Gateways or paths to the spirit work. It is a reminder to consider your attitude to religion and your spirituality, and how this affects you personally. What is your perspective on religion? What do you feel about spirituality? It is a time to get more in touch with your feeling and intuition away from the materialism in your world.

When Magpie crosses your Path

Magpie crosses your path to show how to use your voice. How to speak with truth and integrity just at the right time. She reminds that communication is the key to unlocking much joy.

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  1. I dreamt many magpies landed in a Grove of trees, and one came directly to me, nudged my face and before flying away, said, “tatoo”.

  2. My dream of magpie
    I sat outside my house on the patio, a magpie flew into my face flapping wings and it was a bit overwhelming but made me laugh out loud as I thought it was amazing. Magpie than sat on my shoulder and I wondered had it been raised by humans and left maybe and saw me as a substitute for his humans
    it tried to pull out my earring I gave it to him, it was flapping around my shoulders and on my head holding the silver earring, but stayed with me the whole time.
    I thought it was fun, and decided magpie should be free to be with me or leave of it s own free will

    • I had a dream I was laying in bed. And a baby magpie flew straight towards me
      But then flew straight into my arms and snuggle up and went to sleep..

  3. My dream was that a magpie friended me and it just sat on my shoulders and head and stayed with me and wouldn’t fly away, it was a beautiful feeling of trust, there was no negativity to the dream.
    I am just awakening my masculine side again and have a lot of issues to deal with where I just do not speak up so thinking it has a lot to do with this.

  4. Megan Monkeymouse on

    I dremt that I was standing in a kitchen of a big house that isn’t mine in real. Life, but was in my dream. I was talking to my husband and a magpie swooped in our open window and perched right on my hand. It allowed me to cage and care for it. A few days later in dream time, I opened the cage to feed her and she flew out in my face and perched in my hand again, only this time she had been hurt. A bad cut on her head and a broken wing. She dropped down to the floor and hopped out of my kitchen entry/door. Dream days later my husband brought her home and she was in a paper bag, but she was emaciated and ill. I was panicking in my dream about getting her to a vet who would save her… And then I woke up.

    • Joanna Kay on

      I dreamt I saw a male and female magpie caring over their four babies in the best and wondered what this might mean?

  5. I e just woken from a dream about a magpie and a platypus in a large deep puddle in my back garden, I sat with them in the edge and they allowed me to pet them. The platypus seemed rather upset and the magpie could, at times, be a little abrasive and peck at it. Rather bizarre dream as not had any connection with magpies or platypus since..well..forever. What could this mean? Many blessings xx

  6. In my dream a magpie was eating my daughters birthday cake. As a walked up closer he had a crow in his claws sitting in the half cut cake.

    What is the meaning?

  7. My sister just lost her baby in late pregnancy. She overcame many obsticles during the pregnancy and things were finally looking positive and we had gone out and bought everything, including setting up the baby’s bedroom. I dreamt that I was trying to sleep in a room with something evil and then found I had been shot in the chest with 3 feathers. 2 black ones and a white one. I found the magpie they belonged to and demanded to know why it was causing evil in the room. He was tatty and battered looking. I don’t remember what he said but I got the message that he was resentful and burdened by something. I feel that the 3 feathers (2 black and 1 white) should have some significance. She has one child already, as do I, and I’m hoping the feathers are not symbolic of pregnancies or of death. My nan also died this year, perhaps the 2 black feathers are my nan and niece? And the white one my daughter who was born this year?

  8. Hi All
    just sharing a dream i had about a magpie that was close to me and friendly and me giving it food .
    i dont know what the dream means, i am a spiritual person but i can’t interpret the dream what it means .
    If anyone can help me please.

  9. I had a dream I was outside my mums out & 7 magpies came over my head one by one. They were in a group above me & I struggled to count them & then they disappeared. How odd.

  10. Nakeita Frater on

    Thank you for this interpretation

    I just dreamt there was a magpie in my kitchen and as I slowly guided it towards the hall to lead it to the door. The magpie hopped up the staircase past my son who was on the bottom step. She rested in the lap of my daughter who was on the top step and my daughter gave her a gentle cuddle. The magpie then hopped back down the step and my son and I laughed when the magpie started to gesture toward the door and made a human like squawk signalling it wanted to go out. I opened the door and she stepped out Into the night.

    When I awoke from the dream I went to the toilet, as I was on the toilet I can only describe this as a rush of creativity that came into my mind, filling my body with a pleasurable feeling.

    I have been having disagreements with my daughter, she has been fixated on having a phone. She often complains, she never has the latest things. This is something new as she has never complained about material things this much in the past.

    My hope is that the magpie has brought creativity and a depth of understanding within my home; that there is more to life than material possessions.

  11. I dreamt I was sweeping in my mums hse my two sisters and brother in the longe, there was two magpies on iooking for its patter who flown into the longer asked my sister and brothers to get the key to open the kitchen door to to let magpie out an then he flew in the kitchen then it disappeared.

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