Magic and Sorcery Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Magic and Sorcery Dream Symbol – Dreaming of magic and sorcerers is lucky. It is a sign that your wishes will come true very soon. Alternatively, this can be a warning that if you lie and cheat then you will suffer negative consequences. These will not be good for you.

magic-dreamsorA dream of magic symbolizes your ability to tap into your inner powers. These can be your emotions, self-empowerment, confidence, or your sexuality. Dreams of magic can show you how to connect these with your reality to help you grow.

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Using magic is symbolic of using your energy to achieve things easily in your reality. A magician in a dream brings the arrival of wisdom in the form of wise counsel or of a new perspective. Dreaming of a magician symbolizes you are trying to manipulate others or others may be trying manipulate you for their own agenda. There is fraud and deception around you. Who is lying to you? Are you the one putting on false pretenses?

When you dream of achieving things using magic it is a sign there are surprises coming. Seeing others using magic means you will be blessed with prosperity.

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  1. I dreamed last night with 4 ladies in front of me and guy who have a puppet on him and he ask me what do want to have I said jewelry and the jewelry appeared in me and the next one he give powers and after that I’m flying but I’m getting scared and I’m holding in the three not to let go and one lady ask me to let go so that I can fly and then I’m awake

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