Maggots Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Maggots Dream Symbol – Dreaming of maggots is in reference to the negativity in your life. You may be overthinking everything and keep missing great opportunities. This may leave you feeling hopeless. Or, feeling left without a purpose in life. You may even feel better playing the victim. People giving you sympathy keeps your center of attention. But, indulging in negativity is not going to help you achieve your dreams. You need to get over whatever it is that creates this negativity. You need to get on with living a wonderful life. It is your choice.

maggot-dreamsKilling maggots can indicate you want better communication with those you love or care about. Killing maggots is about cleansing your emotions of negative energy. Do not fear criticism. Others will always judge. It is their nature. It is how you handle that sort of thing that matters. The people important to you or your life will see through this sort of thing.

Using maggots while fishing is a sign you will clear your life of all that no longer has a place there. This will be people, material things, projects, and hobbies. What was once a passion no longer holds your attention. Getting rid of the old makes room for new opportunities and people to cross your path.

White maggots in a dream mean that something is worrying you. You just want to get rid of the problem that constantly plays through your mind. Seeing maggots eating away dead meat can be a message of renewal. It can also mean there are repressed issues you need to resolve. If they remain ignored, they may disrupt your life with much negativity.

Stepping on maggots symbolizes the negativity that lies deep within. For some reason, you repress this. You refuse to allow it out to the world. You need to get this out and let it go. This negativity will do you no good. It can turn your life into turmoil. Alternatively, this can be a sign of your perseverance and resilience will help you move through a period of turmoil. This may be a sign you will come through this time even stronger.

Maggots sucking on you indicates there is someone around you that sucks your life energy and success from you. They are friends with you solely because of what they gain from you. They have no problem sucking you dry and taking credit for your successes.

Alternative Maggot Dream Symbols

Maggots are a twofold symbol. First, they represent pestilence, disease, and filth. However, maggots are also great cleaners and bringers of order and purity. They are used to clean out the infection in critically injured patients when antibiotics are useless. They are also a barometer for household cleanliness.

Dreaming about maggots can be a very disgusting experience, but they serve as a warning that something in your own life is equally as disgusting as the scum that they feed on. They are also a sign of hope. As long as you are still able to dream about maggots you have a chance of correcting the problems that are affecting your life.

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  1. Edward Ndjamba kanema on

    I had a dream about maggots. In my dream my left hand had a small thorny like object that was irritating me. I scratched to remove it and maggots burst out and started everywhere, on the flow and I noticed I was wereing white pants which where covered In patches of blood after the maggots burst out. What could this mean?

  2. I dreamt i picked up an excoworker in Detroit from a substance abuse facility. I got caught in a rainstorm so I lowered my pant to dry my legs off with a towel. My ex co worker and his roomie came to the lobby. His roomie had a full set of hair covering half his face. He shook his hair and threw maggots on my legs clothes and into mouth. Roomie had a major skull injury. Maggots were eating the bad flesh. Thoughts? Ideas?

  3. In my dream I had a small open wound in my lower left abdomen and some maggots were inside the wound. I tried to pull some out but then thought better to go to the doctor. Meeting doctor I was thinking he have no idea whats my problem. He gave me medicine and I woke up.
    I have been feeling some chronic pain in same area of my body I saw the open wounds and Maggots.

  4. I had a dream I saw a hole in my foot. I doctored it with tea tree oil and next minute all these maggots started to crawl out of the hole. When I looked around there were maggots everywhere. Other people around me did not seem to mind or notice.

  5. Stephanie Jimenez on

    I had a dream about my huge tree I have in my yard that’s healthy but in the dream it was rotted and I pushed it and it fell as I was cutting the branches because the tree had fallen and it now went laying on other properties I tried to chop the tree down to its trunk and it was filled with maggots then some how they ended up in a crate and was turning into flies as it was sitting there but all the branches was tangled up in the electric cords in the yard and started a little fire that I put out and the fire department came and told me while they finish cutting the branches off the electric cord to get a coupe of buckets of water just in case it started a fire again but I realized I only had 1 bucket to give them so I plugged a hose into the sink just in case that’s all I remembered after waking up

  6. in the dream I find myself sweeping out red sand and when I checked the sand I saw a lot of maggot in it

  7. I had a dream that maggots were in between just my last two toes.
    It starts out with an itch,then I reach down to separate my toes and there is this sticky Webby stuff, once that breaks there are several maggots then I grab something and scrape them out, they go everywhere as I’m scraping them off into the trash they crawled up my thumb and I flicked them off. First night it was my left foot, second night it was my right
    Think I had this dream before but grossness woke me up,but this time I delt with it…

  8. 10/25/2018 I woke up 5am out of a dream that white maggots was coming out of my foot bottom!! a lot of then at a time. i was scared as shit! like two bags, I ran with the two full bags to find a dumpster to throw away.

  9. I had dream about maggots last night but the maggots were not on me or a thing but on someone else. This person was alive while the maggots were eating away at a home in his chest. When I seen it in my dream I was like omg wtf. It really creeped me out in my dream. I couldnt understand why my ex had a hole of maggots in his chest. We were in bed together. In my dream after I seen it I was freaked out so waited for him to fall asleep and snuck away. Hitched a ride with someone I didn’t know bit for some reason my eldest son was in the car and then I woke up. It was winter in my dream. Would really love some insight on this. In real life ive been married for 7 years to my wonderful husband.

  10. Tengen Adeline on

    I dreamed that I was cleaning up the toilet after cleaning, all of a sudden I saw maggots coming out from the toilet I tried cleaning the maggots and sending it back inside the toilet and after everything I went home, later I saw maggots behind my palms and I tried washing them away .what does it means please.

  11. I had a dream of an open wound on the top of my right foot and it was full of maggots. It was painless. I saw it suddenly firming a cover and then i couldn’t see the maggots. I pealled the cover to show someone what’s inside and then i woken up.

  12. I dreamed maggots going in my knee and I took them all out one of them made a big hole though that freaked me out more.Yesterday i went to my daughter house and it smelled let me raw meat and there was in the trash tree it out and prayed in her home. My oldest is not doing good she’s depressed and now abusing meth and it’s really bothering me I believe that’s why I had that dream.

  13. I dream of many maggot on my head while some have suck blood on my head and looks very fat but I try my best in that dream with the help of God and pull of them down and kill all. All of these indicate that the hairstylist that is making my hair for me almost 6yrs , she is the one sucking my glory, success and breakthrough which I’m not aware of until my instinct start telling me to stop going to any hairstylist to make my hair and be making my hair by my self at home no matter how ugly it may be. These hairstylist I’m referring came to my dream with one of her apprentice and start questioning me that why must I stop comming to their shop to make my hair, immediately I told her in that dream that I’m not interested in making my hair anymore she and her apprentice start fighting me and they continue pulling my hair off but my God give me the strength to collect everything back from her and she start cursing me and I curse her back too. I don’t know that these woman and her apprentice have a strong witchcraft that she do suck the glory of all her customers that make hair from her not until my God expose her to me. And if you ever dream that someone is pulling your hair off in a dream and you don’t have the power to collect it back ,just know that the person is taking away your glory, success, breakthrough and energy from your life, meanwhile you will just be having some problem in your real life and you will never know where the pain is coming from not until it happen to me. I live in a community of black people where they share witchcrafts to themselves as sweet and biscuits inorder to be sucking and blocking the success of innocent people around.

  14. I had a dream that I seen a maggot going gn inside my right arm and quickly it started turning red I started trying to take it out and more were coming out

    • Ashley Brown on

      I dreamt I had 7 maggots buried in my lower abdomen and I had a doctor squeeze them out like blackheads. Weird dream indeed !!!

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