Mafia Dream Symbol


Mafia – The mafia represents being swindled, hustled or bullied into submission. If you dream about the mafia you are probably being taken advantage of by someone that you know. It is your right and duty to find out if someone is cheating you and to disallow it. The mafia is typically run by putting fear into those whom they subject.

However, it is only when people like you step up and are willing to sacrifice it all in order to stop them that any real change can take place. If you dream that you are in the mafia, it is a reflection of your black heart and a call to change your ways.

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  1. i dreamed i met a guy that was in the greek mafia and he was so much older than me, then my parents married me off to him. what does this mean?

  2. I dreamed that I was with a man who was in the mafia and he was my boyfriend and he was so affectionate with me and then at the end of the dream these guys kill him and lets him freeze in snow till hes solid like ice!

  3. I had a dream that the mafia/government had caught every one in town and the city was vacant and I managed to successfully hide from them. What does that mean???

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