Mad Dog Dream Symbol


Mad Dog– Dreaming about a mad dog or a dog with rabies can be very frightening and might even constitute a nightmare. This symbol is highly allegorical and its true meaning is often difficult for even the most experiences dream interpreter to understand. One of the more common meanings that this symbol carries with it is that you have something attacking you from the inside that will destroy you if you do not get help.

Rather than this being guilt carried by making a bad decision, it is more like a certain aspect of you is like acid to your soul. You might have an anger problem or be very resentful and it is eating inside out.

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  1. This is the 2nd time i saw a mad dog tries to attacks me… I remember first time The same or may be different (but looks were the same) attacks me and i effected with his attack. I ignore the dream. But last time i saw again that a mad dog attack me i counter attacks and he goes after some second he attacks again i was shouting and calling my mother. And then 3rd time he tries to attacks and i caught him in a box. In the 2nd dream he attacks 3 times but i didn’t get effected.

  2. Essence Thomas on

    Well I’ve read several of your articles on “dreams about dogs ” and “dream meanings” . Because I keep having this recurring dream about me saving my family or just people . And once I’m done with that a mad dog would come right fare and chase me or just stand there and not let me go any further . And it’s really bother me . You quoted ” if you do not know something about yourself the dream will continue to come ” . What did you mean by that ? Should I be worried ?

  3. pitbullOwner on

    I had a dream tht my dogs got rabies n were on the loose rapidly attacking people and I called my little pups name n he jumped at the window in pain and for a moment I felt I could read his mind.. and he licked the glass and told me I MISS YOU MOMMY I LOVE YOU IM SORRY.. n I couldn’t help but cry telling him I loved him to and I was sorry.. and than his mind went blurry n he ran away..

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