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Lost Dream Symbol –┬áDreaming of being lost can mean you are exploring your future. It symbolizes your journey through life and the willingness to change direction when needed. It can also mean you are lost in a relationship or a situation. You will soon have to make choices. These may be difficult decisions you have a lot riding on. Feeling the weight of the future indicates you need to do some soul searching to find the truth.

lost-dreamsDreaming of being lost can mean there is an illness around or you may feel cheated. Seeing yourself lost in a wooded forest can mean an abundant spiritual life. It can also mean your life will be full of misery and you live without enough to support you throughout your life. Wandering lost through a park can mean you are at peace with the world. Getting lost on an island signifies there is peace in your real life. And, getting lost hiking indicates you will have a long, healthy, happy life. Lost in the snow indicates your initiative and creativity brings you luck and good fortune throughout your life.

Being lost in a jungle indicates you constantly worry about the future. Getting lost in a field can mean you receive bad news that does not surprise. It may be that someone close was terminally ill. If you get lost in an orchard means you will have a happy life. Being lost in a garden indicates your life will be full of blissful moments. Getting lost on a road means prosperity is on the way or your worries will simply melt away. A straight road indicates large financial gains and a country road can mean there will be some sort of accident.

Seeing yourself lost means you lose the enemies in your real life. Being lost in poor weather conditions indicates you are about to make poor choices or decisions. It can also mean you find enjoyment in others troubles.

Losing something in a dream indicates there is something missing from you. It maybe you need to take a long, hard look at yourself. There may be serious flaws that need attention.

Additional Meanings of Lost

If you dream of that something has been lost, this indicates an insecurity in the thing that the item you lost in your dream symbolizes. For instance, if you dream that your shoes are lost, this indicates insecurity in your ability to achieve your goals and o go to the places in life that you want to go.

If you dream of losing clothes or some other article that helps people look decent, this indicates insecurity in your sexuality, in your appearance, or even in your ideas of how other people perceive you. On the other hand, if you dream that a valuable possession is lost, then you possibly have a tenuous relationship with a person with whom you associate that object, or else you fear betrayal from another side.

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  1. Rakesh Dhavle on

    My wife dreamed of being lost herself on the road, waiting for the bus and bus is not arriving, getting surrounded by scary drunkers at the bus stop which scared me lot and no one knows about the bus except me and my number is not reachable
    What does it means? Is it good or bad? What it indicates?

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