Knock Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Knock Dream Symbol – Dreaming about knocking on a door is a symbol of new things entering into your life. It is important to understand that nothing can enter into your life without your express invitation.

This is not to say that things cannot cross your path of affecting you without your invitation, but merely that they can have no lasting effect nor can they remain in your life unless you allow them to.

The knocking that you hear in a dream represents something that desires to become a part of your life. You can allow it to enter into your life or refrain from inviting it in.

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  1. There were three distink knocks on my door while i was fast asleep. I jumped right up in bed. I have three dogs they were sawing logs. So then i knew it was a dream. I did check the door, nothing. Been wondering alot about this. I was not frightened, just surprised.

  2. I woke up to a loud knock on my window,ask my bf friend if he heard someone knocking he said no

  3. Well one of my dream books says that a door is a missed opportunity, and a knock is bad news. So me and one of toddlers were sick in bed in the dream, so she understood i was not going to open the door. When i heard the door knock 3 times bubs was outside yelling a big no. Funny it is morning now and i get a message from the local handyman wanting to clean my chimney. Only a month or so after i asked for that to be done. We are sick, im going to have to text him back and say sorry we have a cold or flu bug. But some part of me wonders if thatll be missing the opportunity? If it werent for the dresm i wouldnt have thought of thr cold bug being a reason to say no not today, yknow, quarantine.

  4. The last 4 nights I’ve been awoken by a very aggressive knock on the door. Banging almost. It jolts me awake. Initially I got my boyfriend up and told him someone was at the door and no one was there. He stayed up later than me last night when I was awoken again, rushed to the living room and he herd nothing. Can anyone help me make something of this?

  5. I was dreaming and in the dreamIng my brother had brought a casket for me and and i was idk but abt in the dream i was so exicited to die and in the dream i had 30 day left on earth and i was wishing the days the to fly. But in the dream i fall asleep and and was starting to dream in the dream and the dream was about hearing 3 knocks.after dat happened my lil brother had woke me up then i went back to sleep and the dream had continued and the part i lefted it hearing the knocks and in the dream i woke up and told my dad i was hearing knocks (i was still dreaming)and my dad had told me it was probably just in my mind and i started crying then i actually woke in real life.(i make no sense i know its complicated to me to i cant explain myself)

    • When you die in a dream and you sleep and wake up in it that usually means you’re letting a part of you go to grow into a better you. Almost like dying and waking up to a new you. The excitement can be confusing because the visuals you are experiencing should make you concerned but your spirit, body and mind know that you’re growing for the better.
      Usually that’s what it is.

  6. I just lost the love of my life. He was a lost soul. It was a hit and run… We lost him on May 12th. It was like he knew he was going to die… Anyway it’s been about 3 or 4 days since he left us. Last night I was so exhausted. I went to bed hugging his sweater. Next thing I know I hear a a deep haunting voice and then I hear 2 loud knocks on the window. I started screaming. It was like this thing was coming for me… Like whatever it was was warning me. I’ve been seeing things also since he passed. I see signs that’s he’s still around. But I know those things I’m seeing is not him. What does this mean?

  7. I was sleeping then I had a dream that the door of my bedroom was being knocked, I was near it but didn’t tried to open it as the sound was really loud and knocking was unstoppable. I even doubt that I even shouted that I am coming to open the door as I usually keep my door closed in real life

  8. I remember about six months ago having a dream that someone was knocking loudly on my front door. In my dream, I thought it was my eldest son (who lives elsewhere) and then I realised in the dream it was not. The dream really stayed with me and after tuning in, I realised it was my subconscious trying to wake me with a message! That is, to leave my job as there was a new and better opportunity waiting for me. This was the message I needed from my guides and I am now in a better place work-wise. Recently, I have been experiencing knocks in my dreams on my bedroom door; I think a new relationship wants to come in lol …

  9. I had a dream of a guy knocking at my front door. I see who he looks like but I was afraid to open the door. He kept knocking for abit then he left. What does that mean?

  10. Judith Dennis on

    I was woke up by chicken clucking and then door knocked very hard I was asleep. Does anyone know what this means?

  11. There was several times I have been asleep and I hear some knocking on the front door. I jumps up to answer the door and there is never anyone there. What if any message an I trying to receive? I can go back to sleep after I hear the knock on the door and no one is there. I spend the rest of my time trying to figure out why that happened.

    • Crazy because I’m doing this now smh… I heard it in my dream I jumped up heart racing etc. It sound so real that I actually got up and went to the door and open it… Smh I need answers as well.

  12. Sarah Stewart on

    I dreamt of throwing leftover food in a days a sized pot to heat up then at the last minute I threw in frozen cooked leftover pork. I got into a heated argument with a former real life boyfriend (In real life our relationship ended in nasty fight). Anyway there was a Rottweiller trying to get at me and the people in charged of heating my leftover food put the dog away. I noticed two women pull up in the parking lot. Just then the dog got loose and started to attack me. I jumped up on the wooden wall next to the large pot but it wasn’t high enough so the Rottweiller bit my left hand but I was not hurt by it. Then the dog left and the two women knocked on the door very lightly. One woman called out my name in a soft voice to open the door. I wondered how they knew my name then I said I can’t open the door bc this dog is after me. Just then the dog came back and started to attack me again. I then woke up.

  13. 5a I wake up to something knocking on my window loudly 2 times. (New house, second flood, no way up here, no trees near) a few months ago at a friend’s house many miles away I was woken about the same time to two very loud window bangs. I looked and noone there or near there. I woke up my friends and they also seen noone. I hear 3 knocks means death is near. I hear it’s in ur brain and blaw blaw blaw. I am used to a haunted house. (House back home) but this is different n not haunted. Help!

    • Sarah Stewart on

      Hi Lynn. Maybe something is getting ready to happen. Whatever it maybe it seems to be trying to grab your attention.

  14. I was in a dream and I saw myself knocking in a gate that leads to government house, and the gate man came and removed all the paddocks, and I was standing in front of the big gate waiting for the man to open it…and woke up….

    • Sarah Stewart on

      Hi Paul. Maybe you’re waiting for that next opportunity to present itself; maybe a leadership position of some sort. Government has something to do with politics. Maybe you are searching or waiting for that job of authority/power.

  15. Carrie Delmotte on

    I was awakened from my dream that someone was knocking on my door and felt an urgency to go answer the door, no one was there.

    • This just happened to me and I have no idea why I’m so terrified but it gave me a mini panic attack and I want to who was at the door considering it was my old house and it was empty so I wouldn’t have known who would be knocking on an abandoned house.

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