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Knitting (Weaving/Crochet/Sewing) – Knitting is a symbol of handcraft, and tactile interaction with reality. Dreaming about knitting a garment is a contrast to the common practice of buying a ready-made garment at the store. It is a human instinct to follow a creative process from beginning to end, and there is something deeply satisfying about having a hand-made object.

Dreaming about knitting or any handcraft, then, is indicative of a desire for authenticity and real value in one’s life, and a frustration with the assembly-line, mass-produced quality of modern life. The word “knitting” is also used to indicate binding two things together very closely, so your dream about knitting may reflect this common turn of speech. If you dream that you are knitting with two different yarns, this dream symbol almost certainly indicates a joining of two aspects of your life that were previously separate. The colors of the yarn may also be symbolic.

Knitting dreamsThese activities all require precision and constant repetition in order to complete the task. If you complete something that you start it can indicate that you have the will to follow through with things that you start. If you don’t finish a project it can mean you need to work on trying to dedicate yourself to following through what you start.

If you are creating a new piece of work then it can suggest that you are going to be experiencing something new in your life. If you make a mistake while you are sewing than it can also means that you need to repair certain relationships in your life.

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  1. i was loving a girl and fortunately i could not marry her and she got marry with another man. i saw her knitting a sweater in a dream and was confuse;.

  2. I dreamed that I was knitting sleeping socks with Purple and blue but made knitting mistakes. My husband and daughter was with me in an aeroplane on our way to my husbands aunt. The socks was to small and I tried to stretch it by pulling it or stretch it from one corner of a double bed in the aeroplane to another corner. But realised it was to small. Then I decided I will re do it at his aunt because she have other wool. My daughter woke me up with our cat, pushing her in my face and I just said that we have wool to do it all over again.

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