Knight Dream Meanings and Interpretations


Knight Dream Symbol – Knights represent honor, courage and chivalry in all their glory. Knights, in your dreams are symbols of protection. If you dream about being a knight it means that you are bound by the knight’s code and are required to uphold the law and protect the weak.

Dreaming about Jedi Knights is symbolic of the same thing as traditional knights with the exception being that you are also meant to be a spiritual scion that shows the way of peace and enlightenment to the masses that surround you.  Regardless of what shape the knight in your dream takes, it should bring you great comfort to know that you have a protector or are a protector to those around you.

Additional Knight Dream Interpretations

When a knight visits your dreams, you may feel a need for protection. This can be a warning to avoid poisonous people. A woman dreaming of a knight can represent your romantic feelings, but be careful you are not searching for a perfect mate.

If you are, you may be looking for eternity. A man dreaming of a knight can mean you are looking for someone to look up to. Are you looking for a hero to look up to in your life? If you are the knight, this symbolizes your loyalty to others and ability to stay calm in tough situations. Do you often get called on in an emergency?

A knight represents your higher self and what you dream about for yourself. A black knight can mean there is someone close to you who is not what they seem. They may be trying to manipulate you for their own agenda. A white knight symbolizes your desire for adventure. A woman dreaming of a white knight symbolizes the man of your dreams.

Dreaming of a knight signifies you have loyal friends who there for you whenever you need support. Dreaming of being a knight can mean that you fear the people you underestimate. It can also mean you trying to keep up appearances while hiding the truth from the world. Being a knight in your dream represents providing well for your family.

Wearing armor in a dream can signify a need to live on a budget for a while. Or, you may soon get a job where you need to wear a uniform. Seeing armor displayed indicates you will be honored in some way. You will receive rewards for achieving your dreams with success.

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  1. Hi its Debby again I have to correct this after seeing pix of the weapon online it was actually a huge long stemmed shiny silver maul not a hammer and after running to the front of the castle i noticed a small maul which i needed to use to fight back with I remember thinking how am i going to fight this thing with this, could it mean the knight was some sort of force trying to stop me? Or do you think literal , its all im going to say on this but thanks, thats not my real email so if u want you can send a responce to this thanks

  2. hi, in my dream i went to warn a family member , ended up going to this castle where he lived and once there noticed a huge knight in shining silver armor carrying this long stemmed hammer like silver weapon , he ended up turning on me so i ran inside the castle and tried to warn uncle of the choices he was making we started talking and before i could get to the point i hear this crashing sound and it was the knight i got so scared i ended up running out of the castle and ran around the front , once there i noticed a small hammer on the ground, i rememebr thinking am i supposed to fight this thing with such a small hammer, i was terrified but then i woke up

  3. Oh i had a dream alright…but in this dream a knight in silver Armour tried to kill me and my family and we tried to protect ourselves from this crazy knight even after we accepted his troops on our land and tried helping them but nooo this one knight who i think was the leader tried to kills me and my family!

  4. I just woke up from a dream where a man that I didn’t like was wearing full knight armour. It was dark armour and this knight carried a shield and a jousting sword while riding a horse. In the dream, I didn’t notice him at first; and a male friend of mine got my attention that this “knight “ was about to jab me with the jousting lance. I quickly hid behind my friend and peeked over his shoulder. The knight slowly continued on by casually. I had this feeling he was secretly trying to get me and when he saw that I noticed him, he acted nonchalant. I felt unease.

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