Kneeling Dream Symbol


Kneeling – Kneeling is a symbol of respect and fealty. Dreaming about kneeling in front of someone is a sign that you not only care deeply about them, but that you are making a commitment to hold them in the highest regard and protect them with your life. Knights kneel before a king, as do his subjects. Monks and priests kneel before their gods.

Men kneel before their future wife. In all of these cases, vows are made. If you dream about kneeling to something or someone, it is a symbol of your vow to them and you need to remember to uphold it for the rest of your life.

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  1. I saw myselfe kneeling before a man how sent his wife away when so her I ask her where she stay. She took me to uncompleted building in a Bush where she stay with her children.i pity her an took her to husband an kneeled before him an beg him for her an he forgive them.

  2. What does it mean when a white horse with blue eyes kneels down at you while the rest of the horses there want to kill you??

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