Kleenex Dream Symbol


Kleenex РKleenex can represent illness, such as a cold or extreme sadness and depression. Alternatively, tissues can symbolize overwhelming emotional events.  Depending on the context of your dream, tissues can be a very positive indicator. Dreaming about a wedding or the birth of a child can be very emotional, yet positive experiences that include tissues.

Homecomings are also very emotionally charged experiences that can include tissues. Tissues are not important alone, but only in context with some other thing that is included in your dream. Tissues are symbols of the power of the experience. They act to augment the importance of the dream.

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  1. Sylvie Huard Montgrain on


    I have a dream with Kleenex or tissue paper. The thing is that they were used (soiled). Can you tell me what it means?

    1. I am going in the Courthouse. As I am going through the security system (magnetometer), the alarm goes off. A policewoman comes to me. She is very short. I recognize her from my waking life. She takes me to a table and asks me to empty my purse. I smile at her and told her that I had the feeling the alarm was going to sound because of everything I had in my purse. I take out from my purse many set of keys and I put them on the table. Then, I take out a box of staples and I also put them on the table. Then, I take out a load of used Kleenex/tissues and I put them on the table. The policewoman tells me that I can pack up and go. As I was putting everything back in my purse, my friend (co-worker) comes to me laughing and asks why I had all that in my purse. I just started laughing. Then, we both start walking towards her office.

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