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Kitten – Kittens are fierce, yet cute creatures. Dreaming about them is a symbol of comfort at best. Sometimes dreaming of a kitten can represent a move into more independence in your life. It might be time in your life to move and start looking at new things and challenges in life. A kitten can often represent a symbol of purity and vulnerability that you might have.

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  1. Tamara Nayak on

    I had a dream of what appeared to be a kitten fiercely attacking a cat in my childhood home. I went to grab the kitten to protect the cat. I took it to the kitchen where I was going to throw it out the back door. It was fighting me. That is when I realized it had hands and not paws at all. Then I looked at it’s face and realized it was a new born baby. I began comforting the infant. Then I noticed that the baby had soaked it’s diaper and was suddenly listless. It felt so light and malnourished in my arms. I begged for someone to call the police while I tried keeping the baby warm against me. Then I woke. I am disturbed that I woke and never got the baby medical care. In my dream it felt like the baby was dying. Could someone please interpret this for me?

  2. I keep having dreams of kittens and they are always a weird un natural color, in my latest dream it was about a childhood friend’s mother who was selling kittens that were so attractive to me and it was because of the bazaar colors that they were. i wanted two of them that had unusual patterns and colors, flat faced persian kittens?? in the dream i kept thinking of ways to just steal one and buy another? what is going on and why do i keep dreaming of this stuff?

  3. I had a dream recently where I was at a winter church camp with my best friend. I needed to go to the bathroom and suddenly I felt the urge to throw up. As I threw up, it wasn’t puke or any bodily liquids, it was kittens. I threw up about 20 kittens or so. After that, I got my friend and we both got so excited. She started picking them up and taking them home. I love catsz I just don’t know what this dream means.

  4. That kitten could represent a move towards independence in your life. You may be looking to find new challenges. The changing of the color of the cats could represent you looking for something new and different.

  5. in every dream lately I have seen a kitten that meow and walks straight up to me and I pick it up and hold it. the kitten is patterned like a normal tabby cat but the black strips are a different colour like blue in one dream then yellow in another and so. each dream is different but the kitten always turns up and is always a different colour. not sure what this could mean.

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