Kissing Dream Symbol


Kissing – Dreaming about kissing can be a very intimate thing. If you dream about kissing a complete stranger it means that you will soon meet a person that has the potential to become a great friend or even lover. Take advantage of any free time in your schedule to spend it with new people that you meet.

If you do, you will certainly be rewarded for your effort. If you dream about kissing a loved one, it is most likely the rekindling of your emotions for them. Your subconscious is newly aware of all the wonderful things that they have done for you and you desire to reignite the flame of love and friendship for them.

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  1. I had a dream that I was sitting in a foreign house with a female friend. We were both wet from water mysteriously pouring down from the ceiling. We ended up sitting, facing each other. We kissed a few times and then stopped suddenly. She said, “probably for the best.” Then I woke up.
    What a mind job.

    Also, I’ve been happily married for just over 8 years.

  2. Maybe there is some underlying tension that you have with your best friend that is being represented in a dream. Sometimes when we dream that we are cheating on someone it also represent the guilt we feel for other issues in our life. It is up to you to decide what this dream really means.

  3. I have had dreams where im kissing my best friend multiple times but i have a gf what does this mean?

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