Kimono Dream Symbol


Kimono – The Kimono is a traditional garb of the Japanese people. It represents tradition, honor and duty. If you see yourself wearing a kimono, even if you are not Japanese, it means that you carry with you these things. If you are Japanese then it could mean much more to you. Either way, the kimono is a very good symbol to have in your dreams.

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  1. I’m wearing a red kimono, but many beautiful little details on it. I’m not japenese either but I always loved the japenese culture. In this dream I am running, and I know where I’m going. A bunch of red soldiers pass by me. There’s on particular soldier I had my eye on, and he too. Although he was wearing a red mask. I couldn’t see him. I ran straight foward until I came to a woman. Dressed in a large beautiful kimono. I dropped to one knee, and told her,”oh I praise thee to please pray for me.” I couldn’t understand why I said that. I for one would never say anything like that. She smiled at me, and was rather old. “I will pray for you.” The woman ran to where the soldiers were headed. Behind me I heard a door slide. My grandmother. She spoke English in my dream. I forgot what she told me. Tho I remember telling her I was going to assassinate someone. I had something heavy on my back. I’m guessing might of been a sword or something. After that. I ran. Into these big portal openings. I jumped into a green portal, and I was back to where I started. The scenerio with the soldiers. I think I was in a palace. I think I might of killed someone in there too. There was one gigantic portal I knew I had to go to, but I was afraid. Soldiers came out of this one. Oh and I forgot. People had these large red fan thingys. I had my eye on that too for some reason. Wonder what all this can mean…

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