Kidnapper Dream Symbol


Kidnapper – Dreaming about a kidnapper, whether they kidnap you or a loved one, represents danger and an immediate threat to you. While it does not mean that you or someone you know will actually be kidnapped, it does mean that something in your life or the life of a loved one is going to effectively take them away from you or you away from them.

It is possible for work or specific projects to act like kidnappers that take you away from those you love. These things can even change you in much the same way that a traumatic incident can. This dream is an expression of a latent fear that you will experience this type of kidnapping.

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  1. I had a dream I was kidnapped by a random group of people. But we were in a house and I had freedom around the house and I also had my phone. I didn’t escape or call the police though in the beginning. I then asked to go to the bathroom where one of the kidnappers came with me, and we had a lot of sexual tension. So instead of using the bathroom, I had sex with him. A little while after that I ended up running away and calling the police but I never saw the guy again. I’m so confused by this dream because I woke up and was almost missing whoever that person was. But I don’t know who the kidnappers were..

  2. In my dream, someone kid napped my mom as a child. I found this person and told him I wanted to know why he did this to my mom. He than began to tied me up. I was really upset and kept saying nooo! He than left me and with into town. The police came to his house because my mom knew that would be the first place I would have gone missing. They could have seen me in clear sight, but I hid under something so they could not see me. The kidnapper came back and saw the police he look nervous but than he saw me hiding and he look very surprised. So the police left and did not find me. After they left my kidnapper started being really nice to me. I started to have boyfriend girlfriend relationship with him. After a few months we decided to go out of hiding and get marry. Everyone was disapprove at me, but I didn’t care I loved him. That was the end of the dream.

  3. AnonymousPrince18 on

    I had a dream I was going out with my girlfriend in a park area for like a picnic, after I told her I didn’t want sex to be our only memory. she went to find a seat out there and some how I ended up with my little brother walking towards her. Then a guy comes out a truck and telling me to “Come here, its okay im a police.” So I said “He’ll nahh, i don’t know you.” Then he started throwing sticks and hope back in the truck. Now it was two of them. I faught the one that threw sticks and pend him down for the police where I explained to them what was, the police handled both of them, which I don’t know what happened to them.

  4. Brandy C Tibbetts on

    Thank you, this helped and made sense to me, I had a dream my grandson was being kudnapped and disappeared, it scared me thinking something bad was goung to happen, after reading this I feel better. My grandson who was staying with me for a week went back home and so this really helped. Thank you

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