Keyhole Dream Symbol


Keyhole – Keyholes are not only places to put keys, but also tiny windows into other worlds. Dreaming about a keyhole could be representative of sex that is transforming and will completely open your life to new possibilities. This can mean that you will get pregnant if you have sex soon. Keyholes can also be used to spy on future events or even the inner thoughts of those that are close to us.

Oftentimes, looking into a keyhole in your dreams provides only confusing images that are hard to understand. This could be because you are actually looking into another person’s thoughts. Others think differently than you do and this is why it is so difficult to interpret the things that you see through the keyhole in your dream.

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  1. Hey guys I had a messed up dream last night!
    In short
    I sawed both my legs off , looked into a key hole and saw a friend getting screwed by my dad but she was in pain and agony. Like forced.
    Any help would be great

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