Keyboard (Computer or Typewriter) Dream Symbol


Keyboard (Computer or Typewriter) – Dreaming about a keyboard is symbolic of a trapped message that you need to release. The keyboard is only a tool that is used to communicate. It has only the latent power that is trapped inside you.

Dreaming about it means that you subconsciously desire to send a message to someone in your life. That person could be you or someone that is close to you. This dream is a message that you should think about talking to that person one-on-one and releasing your emotions in a positive way.

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  1. I dreampt I was typed up a paper, I finished it and was proofreading it and found a mistake. I circled it with a red felt pen, I had to leave and came back and there were more mistakes all circled in a red felt pen. I felt bad and wanted to retype the paper but on a computer! During the time I was looking at the mistakes a whole word had a bunch of missing letters. I was also looking for white out tape! It was to messy to fix so that’s where the computer idea came from! Strange dream!

  2. Had a dream my deceased son was showing me how to use the keyboard teaching me a new way of communication

  3. I had a dream about a guy I love alot driving me in his car. He offered me a job. He asked if I knew how to use a type writer. Currently I know he’s IN a relationship. According to the dream interpretation who is he attempting to dump or let down easily. Me or her. He also kissed me in the dream and bought me icecream???

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