Kayak Dream Symbol


Kayak – The kayak represents a solitary journey on a river or other body of water. Solitary journeys represent self-enlightenment and awareness. It is important for personal growth to work toward understanding those things that make you tick. The kayak is the means of transportation through the specific trials that water create.

The kayak represents the journey through rapids and the windings that rivers have. When a river is shallow or does not run fast, all the burden of propelling the kayak is placed upon the rider. Life has been compared to a river countless times throughout history. This dream is telling you to look at your own life from this allegorical perspective in an attempt to better understand yourself and to find joy and happiness.

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  1. I had a dream of me kayaking through mud and sand alone… It was hard work my arms did hurt at the end but somehow I was enjoying it! I am wondering what that means.. Like dry land and sometimes its a bit slippery… Like more slippery than I thought it would be so I was able to move with the Kayak but I had to jolt myself forward with the paddles. There was a time where I tried two paddles at the same time but it didn’t work as well… On the end of the kayaking I saw my brother and I think it was his wife.. but i eventually turned around and went back to where I came from (almost like taking a jog and then turn around and go back to where you started)…

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