Katydids Dream Symbol


Katydids – Katydids are a symbol of evil. It is thought that the katydid resembles the plague of locusts that the Prophet John wrote about in the book of Revelation in the bible. Because of this fact, katydids are thought to be an evil sign that warns of destruction and devastation. Dreaming about katydids is generally thought to be a portent of bad things to come.

However, they can also be neutral or even positive symbols depending on what your personal view of them is. If you have no preconceptions about this particular insect, it is probably wise to think of them like scorpions or spiders.

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  1. so so so so so so so so so so so very evil. evil people stole design for a horse and made him a prisoner. smash all the katydid to set the horses free!

  2. I dreamt that i was at an empty parking lot in front of an abandoned plaza with my dad and the store fronts had no signs on them with no signs on them. I saw a brown praying mantis that had a wide tree bark looking shell on top of it like a tortoise. It was the size of a shoe and i went closer to it to take a picture of it. I was squatting about to take a picture when it cocked its head then lunged at me. I got scared then backed up a bit and quickly took the photo. Then as i started to stand up i saw a normal green sized katydid. I picked it up because I realized it could be eaten by the mantis. I held my hand out for it and instead of it crawling onto my hand it flew into my face. Everything was black and there were at least 7 or more katydids. Each was either a solid neon color or orange, green, and pink. Then my alarm woke me up in real life so does anyone know what this might mean?

  3. I dreamt katydids swarmed me in a living room until I jolted awake. The next morning I received my at home ultrasound kit for my pregnancy and found no heartbeat. Went to see a Dr. assuming I didn’t know how to use it and it turned out my body has miscarried 7 weeks before but did not expel the fetus all the while my body was acting pregnant and placenta growing. Katydids will always remind me of that. Listen to your dreams even when others say it’s in your head.

  4. Colby Griffin on

    I’ve had a recurring dream about a large reddish spider, but it’s not the same dream it’s different dreams with the spider still in them. When I wake up I feel scared, protective, and like something is coming for me. What does this mean?

  5. I had a dream 9/3/14 about katydids being the cause of a plague or Apocalypse type event. I woke up to go to the restroom as I opened the door to the bathroom I heard the sound of a Katydid jump and land on something, when I turned on the light there was one sitting in the shower looking at me. Also while drifting to sleep when I fist lay down that night I woke up to the feeling of someone hitting me on the head with the palm of their hand twice. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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