Karate Dream Symbol


Karate – Karate is a form of meditative physical exertion that is able to be used as an offensive or defensive fighting technique. Karate symbolizes physical discipline more than any other form of fighting or exercise. If you dream about yourself doing karate it symbolizes the fact that you are or will soon be in a situation that requires extreme concentration and discipline to master.

If you dream about fighting your enemies by using karate, it symbolizes that you will only be able to work through obstacles that you are or will face by using great skill and dexterity. If you dream about yourself being harmed by someone using karate on you, it indicates that you have a lack of discipline in your life.

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  1. I just had the same dream about now, I’ve been fighting a lot of people and it looked like my dream was looping, I was fighting the same people over and over. I woke up and couldn’t ignore seeking info. Thank you

  2. I had the most epic dream some days ago, I got into some kind of disagreement in some kind of Karate reunion and to stay in the community I had to fight 50 karateka one at a time and one after another with barely any seconds of break between fights, from novices to masters, it was a very long dream and it felt so real, the power in the punches and kicks, the speed, the techniques, everything, even the social interactions between me and various fighters to some degree, to the point I realized inside the dream that what I was doing was quite badass and movie-like and felt motivation to continue to the end. It was quite bloody and brutal and I think it felt like an hour of pure fighting and I won every fight until the 48, when I realized the next fighter was named like my mother and I told them I wouldn’t fight my mother, though they said she wasn’t my mother and just when I was about to keep fighting I woke up. I gotta mention that I practice Karate in real life.

  3. Hi im isaac. On October 25 had a dream that someone was doing karate on me i blocked couple of hits . the dream means that i was going to start life with so much difficulties that i will have to focus in a master level. And now today. I think i might have a condition called bells palsy today October 26. Have of my face is numb one of my many symptoms . so have you have some kind of dream that involves karate listen to believe it ok

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