Kaleidoscope Dream Symbol


Kaleidoscope – The kaleidoscope is a symbol constant change and beauty. Kaleidoscopes have inspired many children and artists to look at life from a different angle than it is normally viewed. Dreaming about a kaleidoscope is a call for you to do the same.

These toys provide children with hours of pleasure, but they also remind us that life, despite the fact that it is always changing and unpredictable, is beautiful and a constant source of inspiration. Dreaming about the kaleidoscope means that you should take a step back and meditate on the wonderful things that are taking place all around you. This is a spiritual dream that will provide sustenance to your soul in you allow it to.

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  1. I dreamed of my father who passed away last September , in this dream it was like he hadn’t passed at first and my mother, husband and I were all visiting ,then I looked at my father and seen him in what I can only call thru a kalidascope- he was in different shirts , never looking directly at me and it wasn’t turning just still and him in various shirts sitting there in several places like in a kalidascope? What if anything does this mean.

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