Hurricane Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Hurricane – Hurricanes and any sort of natural disaster are a dream symbol of an enormous and faceless threat that you fear completely overwhelming and destroying your life as you know it. This dream may indicate that an actual hurricane threatens you, but it more likely indicates a simple insecurity in your life and home.

hurricane dreamsDreams that feature hurricanes often indicate feelings of being out of control and unable to cope with certain emotions. Perhaps you have been keeping your emotions bottled up and have failed to find an outlet that you can express yourself. Are you prone to emotional outbursts or are you in control of your emotions at all times?

If you are living in a hurricane area like Florida, then this dream could be a reflection of a real life fear that you have regarding this natural disaster. This is especially true if you see a hurricane warning on TV and you go to bed thinking about it.

While home is supposed to be a haven from the dangers of the world, if your home does not feel safe to you, it is easy to feel that nothing is secure. Dreaming that a hurricane threatens your home is an indication of how you feel about your innermost self – your goals and dreams, your relationships, and your day-to-day life.

Additional Meanings

When a hurricane blows into your dreams you can expect sudden changes to hit you unexpectedly with full force. You may be going through an emotionally destructive time. Dreaming of a hurricane approaching can mean there is more sadness coming your way.

You may already be overwhelmed with emotions and this will just make things worse. It may even leave you feeling devastated. It can also mean someone is manipulating you to suit their agenda. Being blown away by a hurricane can mean that you may have bottled up your emotions and they are ready to explode. You need to take time out to reevaluate your life.

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  1. BritArceneaux on

    So weird I can’t remember if I was alone in my car, but myself and an old coworker of mine noticed there was flooding on the street. I was near a grocery store by my grandma’s which is further away from where I stay. My wife neither my stepchildren were nowhere to be found. That coworker also didn’t also have her daughter. While I waited in the car, the coworker made a stop in the grocery store. I thought she had left for good & surely I was alone in this thing. I immediately started thinking of oh I need food, water, and survival stuff to at least make it a couple of days until the water clears. My car was parked on side of the road. I remember feeling a little nervous. I got out the car, and here comes my coworker walking out with goods going towards my car. I nod my head at her, and unlock the door as I walk across the street to the grocery store parking lot, then inside. There is sort of a big line, and the people ahead of me looks at me and smile. It didn’t give me uncomfortable vibes. I was just thinking of perishable food I could get. I’m eager to know what that means. Why is it that specific coworker there with me?

  2. i just had a dream about a hurricane i got in my car and drove to the water and i saw how the waves started changing, so i took a video to send it back to my family but when i went back outside to look for my car it was gone and it was storming i saw the streets starting to flood. I saw this couple with a girl my age and asked if they could bring me home and they did on our way there i told the guy to take a left because if he went straight the streets would be flooded, the moment the made that left there was no rain and there was sun and i went inside and my husband was there and they were watching scarface. I am currently 9 mo. pregnant

  3. Esraa Mohammed on

    i dreamed of strong wind, so strong that nearby buildings started to bend and collapse as i saw them through my window, the next scene i saw myself in wrecks, looking for my people and finding shelter. when i woke up, i needed sometime to remember that i had a dream. wasnt the type that scares or wake you up from sleep.

  4. Currently I live in Florida and as I write this; we are expecting Hurricane Irma ( Cat 5 at the moment ) and its expected to hit the Florida Keys in less then 36 hours. Well, every few years I have dreams related to hurricanes and I had a few of those within the last 6 months. One of those was a few weeks where South Florida was under dangerous threat. Now, the dream didn’t specify a date; only that South Florida would get hit by a major hurricane in the near to mid future. The dream mentioned a timeline between 2017 and 2040.
    I had similar hurricane dreams back around 2003 when I had a hurricane dream in which Florida was hit by various hurricanes in a period of a few days. Well, in 2004 and 2005, Florida was hit by hurricanes in a span of a few days to a few weeks. Interesting but nervewracking.

  5. I recently had a dream involving hurricanes. Me, my 2 daughters, my mom, my sister and her daughter were sitting down to eat at a ocean front restaurant. We had just arrived to the beach location and immidiately went to eat. It was oddly slow with hardly anyone there. We were seated and preparing to order when we asked the waiter if they were normally busy during that time, “He replied yes, but not today with the hurricanes coming.” We became instantly alarmed and fear intensified throughout the conversation as he explained that there were five hurricanes headed our direction, and didn’t we notice the cars headed out of the area? We looked up and noticed then that many many (an unnumbered amount) of ships were headed towards the land to dock. Everything from ferry’s to cruise ships and cargo ships, personal boats. Any and all types of boat really. As far as you could see headed toward land. I felt panicked as I urged my family to realize we needed to leave immidiately and head Inland as far and as fast as we could go. When I woke I still felt fearful and like I was still urging them that leaving was the right thing and safe thing for us to do in order to remain safe.

  6. Hi Stephen,

    I had a dream last night and a hurricane is involved. We we’re in a resort in my dream. I was just worried because I’m not the only one in the scene. My whole family was there. I saw the hurricane coming towards me and I was afraid for my family. But when the hurricane is already on top of me, I saw that I am in the center and the hurricane stops to blow a strong wind. But then i was still worried for my family that’s why I stepped out in the center and I went to my family seeking for a safe place for us. WHAT’S THE MEANING OF MY DREAM.

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