House Dream Meaning and Interpretations


House Dream Symbol – A house in your dreams can mean many things. It can mean you may feel insecure because of the actions of another person. Owning the house brings you good financial news. You are setting yourself up for the future.

A house on fire brings a warning there is danger around you. Take a closer look. You may need to take steps to protect yourself. Seeing your house in ruins symbolizes how a real-life situation may end or someone close may become ill. Seeing someone else’s home ruined indicates long-running arguments with neighbors.

house-dreamsA dream of buying a house indicates you have a healthy outlook. You plan for a stable future. But you may like taking short breaks from everyday responsibilities. Building a house indicates your hard work pays off. You have confidence in your abilities. You are not afraid of trusting yourself to achieve successful outcomes. A house set in the country means you can relax for a while. There will be no financial pressures for some time. Cleaning your house means you are clearing out the old and unused to make way for new joy and opportunities.

Seeing another person in your house can mean you may need to make an effort to communicate with others. Dreaming of moving house means you need to follow your heart. You may be involved in lots of interesting things, but you may need to change direction right now. An empty house in a dream signifies unfulfilled dreams. It can even symbolize living close to the poverty line. Seeing lightning hit a house can mean there is something in your future that needs closer questioning. Not all may be as it seems.

Additional House Dream Meanings

According to Carl Jung’s version of dream analysis, a house often symbolizes one’s psyche or self. The layout and condition of the house are analog to the condition of one’s identity. What is the state of your house in your dream? It is a brand new, shiny, well-kept, modern house? Or is it or old and dilapidated? If your house represents you, how you see the house in your dream describes how you see yourself.

A house needs attention. It must be adequately maintained and kept in order for it to function well.  A house that falls into disrepair is usually one that doesn’t get the attention necessary or is abused by its inhabitants. There is a house in every town that has been abandoned.

Because of the lack of attention, it begins to disintegrate.  Life has left the house, so to speak. It is interesting, because other houses in the same area may have had not much more maintenance on them than the abandoned house.  But, because no one is living there or paying attention to it, it begins to break down very rapidly.  In our dreams, a house that is abandoned symbolizes that we feel lost and unimportant.

All manner of problems in a house indicates issues related to our feelings of well-being. The colors of the house tend to amplify or diminish this.  In theory, a house should be our solace, our safe place, the place where we feel at home. When the house is not welcoming or warm, this directly impacts our emotions.  A leaky roof would indicate depression.

Water running off the roof signifies tears or crying.  A house with holes in the walls would indicate a lack of self-esteem.  A house whose structure is unsound or damaged throughout could indicate exposure to abuse of some sort, either physical or emotional. Neglect is also a type of abuse. Depending on whether or not you dream of your childhood home or your current house, this would represent whether the mistreatment is in the past or present.

When you dream of a house, standing alone with nothing else around it, this indicates feelings of isolation. A house with no electricity or where the water has been turned off indicates feelings of helplessness. A house where the pipes are clogged indicates difficulties in expressing feelings and emotions. A house on fire would indicate internal anger. A cold and drafty house would indicate loneliness or the feeling of not being accepted by others.

A small or cramped house indicates that you are uncomfortable in your current life.  A large spacious house means that you feel free and are satisfied emotionally. A messy or cluttered house represents that you have many unresolved issues that need to be dealt with or symbolically cleaned out. To dream you are cleaning means you are working on issues. To dream that you are making a mess tells that you are creating problems for yourself that will need your attention. A clean house indicates you face your problems head-on and are well balanced emotionally.

The house in which we live depends on many things, proximity to a job, what we can afford, our likes and dislikes. The idea of a dream house speaks to our ideal state of being. To dream of finding your dream house means that you are happy with yourself and with your life. To dream that you are searching for your dream home means you are trying to build the life you want.

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  1. Just woke up from a dream about a house .. it was continuous strange dream with several different episodes of wich last one was about me running trough a town that I do not know or well I did in my dream but didn’t seem familiar to me now with some random ppl who also are not familiar now but was in my dream to my house .wich by the way I suddenly appeared in .gorgeous spaceus light modern house .butifull water and fireplace features ,wide stairs not sure glass or shiny metal but could be ether .kitchen all open planed and light .massive doors and glass Windows from top to bottom covering one corner of the house but I ask one of the ppl I’m tbere with to lock the house down and as he dosnt do it right I go to this small panel and press something .and suddenly like on a magic wand a heavy metal blinds come down covering every single door and window without leaving even a gap for a light .for security .and I say to those two ppl who are with me -it won’t hold them out for long if they will decide to get in but it will do a pretty good job for now ,and we will hear it and be ready .ie seen this dream few times now but this time there was cracks in my blinds .i didn’t like it I wanted to repair that but woke up :/

  2. I Got a dream My cousins House Warming .Means They changed to other House .Its not a new.

    What is the meaning for that,

  3. I had a dream about me and my partner sleeping on the front garden of my old house when we walked inside there were 2 single beds in the big bedroom one had a new born baby in it the house looked like squatters had been there and left. What do you think it means?

  4. Richard Collins on

    Me and my partner recently sold our hotel
    It was my home and business for 25 years .
    I’m 41
    We had many many good times here but some difficult ones but the good we’re far greater times.

    We sold 6 months ago and in the past couple of weeks I keep having dreams very vivid ones about the hotel.
    I’m usually with many people.
    Some I know but many I don’t .

    Why is this happening ?
    It leaves me thinking about it a day long when I’m awKe .

  5. My partner is missing, I don’t know if he is a life or dead. I had a dream last night, he was building or working on a house. When I saw him there working, I called him by his name. He looked at me, a bit tired. I am so happy and start to thank God for protecting him. What is the interpret this dream?

  6. Hello, we recently underwent a big ‘Treechange’ with our young family. I absolutely love our new home and community but keep having recurring dreams where we have moved into the wrong house. We have to move again to one that is much further away and not as nice. It us really upsetting and frustrating. Any ideas on what it means and how to make it stop would be much appreciated.

  7. I had a dream that I went to see my sister. There was a curve before her driveway that had no guardrail and I almost went over the ledge. It dropped of a hundred feet. I then went in her home and kept opening doors where the steps were gone and there were large drop offs of 10-15 feet. What would that mean?

  8. Hi,
    I dreamed that two friends personally burned down the house owned by someone that offended me. The made sure the owners were not present. It was done with no discussion and involvement by me. It was like they knew what do do without asking. The dream was rather strange to me.

  9. What if you dream of your house being unsound and in your dream report it to your landlord only to walk back and it’s perfect nothing wrong with it?

  10. I dreamt last night of a person with a chainsaw trying to break into my house and me scurrying to get all the doors and windows locked. One of the windows didn’t lock. But that’s when I woke up. I’ve just woken from a nightmare where I was taking a shower because I was expecting a date. And the lights in my bathroom turned off but it was mid afternoon so I could see. I continued my shower and when I came out I went to turn the lights on. They came on but then they turned off. And I remember that happening with every light switch I touched in my house. I went to grab my mom because I was really scared at this point and I wanted to be outside but the doors kept trying to lock when I was outside. When I stepped into my moms room when I woke up a large window that isn’t there in real life appeared. It was open and my moms boyfriend was smoking a cigarette out of it. I kept trying to show her but she thought I was being silly. Until she saw with her own eyes. The whole time I thought I was going to die and that something was out to get me. I tried to get ready but I was getting really scared and I ran to my mom again who seemed agitated and annoyed, she punched me but then apologized for it right after. And I remember looking at the light switch and at the ceiling and seeing that there was a tile out of place looking like it was moved so that someone or something could get in. And I felt like what ever was trying to get me was in the ceiling. I’m having some trouble trying to interpret these dreams. If anyone can help it would mean a lot.

  11. I dreamed of an apartment my partner and I lived in almost 13 years ago. Modern and resort like with a complex pool, gym, sauna and spa. I dreamt that me and him brought my mother to live there, it waa nice, we were downstairs watching tv and were going to sleep in the living room all of us. I remember going upstairs and the layout was different there waa a long hall and more rooms. I went into the bathroom and it felt warm like someone had just taken a shower. There were stuff in the bedroom that I didn’t recognise. I realised that this place didn’t belong to us and we were somehow in here without permission. Whoever waa here was out but they would be back soon. I remember thinking what happens when they come back? I can’t remember if we had jobs but I do remember thinking we had nowhere else to go.

  12. Anne Whittet on

    I dream that I have made an impulsive decision to sell my house and move away some distance. Major regret kicks in immediately, accompanied by strong feelings of disbelief at my stupidity, combined with the knowledge that I can’t ever return to my house. I return to gaze at it and feel desperately unhappy that I can no longer live in it.

  13. My mother moved out and left the country 3 years ago and then my father moved out half a year after she did to another city and so my siblings and I stayed in our home. When my mom left I had dreams of her every night for a year, seeing her inside and we would act like everything is normal but I would never see her because she would be downstairs or in another room while we talked. I stopped dreaming about her after a one year and on this 3rd year I dream of her again every now and then and the first dream I had in a while I saw her here in Houston. Then my dreams changed again and I would see her at her home in Mexico. Last night I had a dream that I got this old empty home and I brought in just enough furniture for my two siblings and my mother because I knew they would show up later. My father and my older brother were not in that dream. The home had stained walls little dirt on ground but I didn’t feel sad, I actually felt really happy that we were going to be together even if we left the home we have in real life. I was also happy for my 16 year old brother that he was gonna live with her again because I knew how attached he was with her before she left. I wish it could happen but I know that my mother has new new home in her country with my grandpa and my dad has his new life going on at his new home as well.

  14. I’ve been having nightmares of selling my parents home. I lost my Mom last year, my father 7 years ago and I’ve been the sole person to handle everything. The last few years have been difficult with my Mom’s illness, passing and becoming an adult orphan. The last physical anchor to my parents is the home. It will be sold in about a week and I have nightmares nightly about it. Some nights I wake up not able to breath. Others just having panic/anxiety. Many times I am throwing someone out of the house. And the back stairs are failing and I’m trying to hold on not to fall from the second floor. Many of the dreams the stairs are gone already and I can’t get out. Many times pieces of the home are already missing in the dream. Such as the back wall of the sun room. At times my Mom and Dad are there at different times before the bad/dark stuff happens. Last night I was making my Dad’s favorite meal, breakfast but then it went dark and I was throwing people out and was running up the back stairs when the stairs began to they part from the house. My parents weren’t there and I was alone in the empty house. I woke up gasping. It feels like a recurring but not two are exactly alike. But there are same scenarios of stairs breaking, missing walls, throwing people out of the home, changes of happiness to darkness.

  15. I dreamed I was in a very nice house and it felt like mine. It was very modern, it had big rooms and nice lay out/ I was standing in the living room looking out of a screen door at a very nice yard and drive way. I saw someone I knew once and her family barreling into my yard in an old GMC Jimmy, I think. They didn’t even care about this plush, green lawn, just drove all on it. I turned to tell my husband but he wasn’t there. I went to one bedroom, it was really nice, but not mine, nor was the second one but it too was nice. I recognized things in both belonging to my husband, and like the rest of the house, it was as if the lights were off, just late afternoon light. I found him in the bathroom and said, I think Chuck and Marsha are here. He asked why would they show up. I said I had no idea. I was trying to find my room so I could run a brush through my hair and change my shirt. I felt hot, sweaty like I’d been working in the yard all day. I wanted to try to look at least a little nice when I told them to get the hell off my lawn (lol) I finally found my room and turned on the light. It was a wild mess. Walking into the room there was a sort of deep doorway like a mini hallway. It felt weird. All of the furniture was just sitting in the middle of the smallest room in the house as if we had just moved there. All my things heaped into piles. I opened a dresser and found a deep purple shirt with a logo on it for some surfing equipment company. It was even his style clothes, and much much too small for me to wear. I was aware of his still just sitting in the bathroom, my heart was hammering and I was thinking, I’ll never find anything I want in here. I even thought, why are the other rooms full of his stuff, all neat and nice and comfortable looking? I woke up and my heard actually was beating too fast, and I knew what the dream meant. I looked around at other explanations and they all said pretty much what I felt. My life, and my actual home are all about him. My body mind and spirit have taken a long, hard, beating and I’ve had little to no support. I live in a nightmare and am having a hard time figuring out to get out.

  16. Lucero Flores on

    What if I had a dream a house fell out of the sky, a dark angel that looked more like the girl from the ring movies with big dark wings walked out of it when the house landed but caused no real harm. the angel walked past me and my boyfriend and as she walked past us I could feel a moment of real peace and twinkly lights. When she walked past us she just kept going. But the whole time she was coming up to us I was so scared and shaking. By far the craziest dream ive ever had.

  17. I’m not an adult, I don’t have a house my self but I do have a bedroom. Just last night I realized how awful this year has been for me, many changes and losses, I fought with 2 friends who I loved but felt they didn’t care, my best friend thought he fell in love with me but I did truly love him and I believe he wanted me, was obsessed with the idea of having me but not with that of purely loving me, so we didn’t work out and he’s still a friend but surely not my best friend. I miss my childhood more than ever, I miss being happy. I feel like a liability, just the way Lorde’s “Liability” song describes, I don’t feel loved, ever by anyone. It’s hard to tell this to my 2 best friends, I don’t think they get how I feel so I just always pretend to be ok, they do feel loved in many ways by many people. In my last night’s dream, my room was falling down to pieces, just like I am. The paint was ruined by my friend (accidental outcome of a lovely surprise which I guess is the outcome I have on how it all changed since she began being friends with me) and then the roof was falling apart. It was a disaster, everything was on ruins. I had to get out while my dad was back from a tennis match, so he drove me while he noticed my shirt’s neck was too low (a sign of insecurity, my dad has been pressuring me into choosing my carrier, university, amd basically sorting my life, figuring out where will I live) I felt angry, vulnerable. “How you see the house in your dream describes how you see yourself”, it was wrecked, falling to pieces all at once just like I am. “A leaky roof would indicate depression.” Is that the emptiness I’ve been feeling so hard it numbed? “A house whose structure is unsound or damaged throughout could indicate exposure to abuse of some sort, either physical or emotional.” I hace social anxiety which derives on my lonely life which won’t let me sleep which shows up a lot physically. “Depending on whether or not you dream of your childhood home or your current house, this would represent whether the mistreatment is in the past or present.” This is me now, I’m breaking down like I never did before, today more than ever I feel lost, and lonely, and misunderstood, and angry, and vulnerable, but mostly plain sad, a weird kind of sadness because I’m so so sad I’ve learned to be numb.

    • My 17 year old son has almost mirrored your situation. I’m sorry it’s so tough feeling right now. Things get so much better in life. I’m hoping for your strength and happiness.

      • Thats what we call life. Life is cruel but we have to find our own heaven.

        Just for sharing, if we dream of kitchen in the house, thats mean we will be facing financial problem.

    • In all your hardships you have shown the truth, no matter how hard it is, to deal with your issues. That in itself shows a warrior spirit. God has given you discernment. By ending unhealthy relationships takes true courage and protects you from being hurt. If you don’t have anyone to share your inner most feelings, close your eyes and crawl into the arms of Jesus, the one who created you along with God the Father and knows everything about you and wants the very best for you. He loves you. Tell him everything and then listen for His soft voice. Please don’t become numb. You need to move forward. Get out and let His Spirit led you on the path He has for you. Nothing is too hard for Him. He sees you, He hears you and He loves you. Jeremiah 29 says He has a hope and a future for you. The God who creates, always has a purpose for that creation.

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