Honeycomb Dream Symbol


Honeycomb – Honeycomb is a dream symbol of the rewards of hard work. For the analytical mind, honeycomb also represents putting things in place and creating something beautiful and orderly out of chaos. Though honeycomb is often created in a large, formless mass, inside it is perfectly orderly with hexagonal shapes of wax interlocking in an intricate pattern.

To see the honeycomb in honey you are tasting in a dream indicates seeing the underlying structure of someone else’s hard work. Be sure to appreciate this person for the work they do, and do not take for granted the rewards that they share with you.

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  1. Laura Lynne Watson on

    I dreamt that I had to help a small group of people carry a large honeycomb. They were all holding it at their arms full length above their heads & because I am 4’9″ I had to use an elongated squeegee to hold support in the center. The group of men I was helping were not doing anything correctly(continuly almost dropping it) & I was using profanity while still trying to keep the blueberry honeycomb (the honey in it was a medium blue in color) in balance. They ended up letting it slip & it fell apart in mid air. I caught the biggest section on it(only lost little bits of the edge of it) & I carried it away to try to fix it to get it where it needed to be. None of the honey poured out on me while I hugged it to its destination but I remember thinking it wasn’t my responsibility but my duty to finish what they had failed.

  2. In my dream a very large table-like honeycomb was being savagely eaten by birds and there was an owl that ate a rat inside the honeycomb.

  3. Danny Totten on

    I dreamt that 2 men held me down and poured honey out of a jar with a honeycomb in it down my throat. It went down smooth until I tried to tell them to stop. When it started to choke me, I couldn’t catch my breath and woke up.

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