Herbs and Spices Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Dreaming of herbs can mean that although you have some annoying worries, something good will come out of them if you use persistence to pursue successful outcomes. Poisonous herbs can warn there are those around you deliberately trying to sabotage you. Are there malicious people in your life?

You need to keep your own counsel until you know who they are. Many herbs are healing and used for cooking. These in a dream can mean you have strong, loyal friendships and you do well financially in your life.

Aloe Vera Dream Symbol

Dreaming of using aloe vera symbolizes you are ready to move. That you are ready to heal so you can get on with your life. It may be that you can finally move past a betrayal. Aloe vera can symbolize trouble in a relationship that is close to your heart. This may expose the weakness in the relationship and you may even part ways after going through feelings of hurt and fear.

Seeing an aloe leaf broken open represents health and wellbeing. When the juice of the plant is fresh this means, you are healthy. If the juice is bad, then you should take better care of yourself. Seeing a big aloe plant is a sign you will live to an old age and acquire much wisdom along your path. Watering an aloe plant brings warnings of trouble ahead. An aloe that needs water can signify future problems with your health.

Seeing an aloe plant can also mean you and adversary will put aside your differences to become friends again. An aloe in flower predicts a long, happy, healthy life. Using the aloe juice can signify major changes to your life. You may be moving home or changing jobs. Relationships and friendships may even end.

Basil Dream Symbol

Dreaming of basil symbolizes kindness and love. Basil in bloom represents children and a bunch of basil signifies a woman. Seeing cut basil without an aroma warns of tragedy and turmoil coming into your life.

Caraway Dream Symbol

Dreaming of caraway symbolizes good luck with financial matters. Something you invest in pays off. It can also mean an old friend returns to your life. Collecting caraway seeds from the garden indicates you may need to take better care of your health.

Catnip Dream Symbol

Seeing catnip in a dream symbolizes positive developments for your love life. But warns you to not worry about the things that do not matter. Be open to new opportunities and things. There is so much positivity coming your way.

Chamomile Dream Symbol

Dreaming of chamomile is a sign you want to recover from traumatic events in your life. Or, there may be things you may want to clean up in your lifestyle. Chamomile represents decency and pureness. It also represents an illness that clears up quickly if you buy chamomile in your dream.

Drinking chamomile tea is a sign you will live a long, healthy life. Walking through a field of chamomile symbolizes a release from physical and emotional pain. Picking up chamomile can mean your health is deteriorating.

Chamomile has many beneficial properties and is useful to treat many illnesses, as well as to help you relax before you go to sleep. This versatile little plant brings memories of childhood, and signifies luck in love, and rest and relaxation.

Chives Dream Symbol

Dreaming of chives can mean you need to lighten up. This is a time to let go of stress and chill out if you want to achieve success. Things may have better outcomes if you are not too closely involved. You may need to reduce your working hours for a better life balance. Or you should not interfere or offer advice about something unless you are asked for it. You may need things to run its natural course.

Chives represent gaining something without too much hard work. You may even feel you have enough and do not need to push the issue. And, you may not wish to draw attention to others’ challenges. You may just be enjoying life as it comes. Just be wary that you do not take a casual attitude towards something that needs your serious attention.

Cilantro Dream Symbol

When see cilantro in a dream it can mean you feel indestructible. For a better understanding of the messages, take into account what else is happening in the dream.

Coriander Dream Symbol

Coriander in a dream can signify someone you love who is no longer with you. It can also indicate you have a happy, stable life with overall good health and wellbeing. Coriander can mean you achieve success and you may receive an award for something you achieve.

Cumin Dream Symbol

Dreaming of cumin can warn you need to pay close attention to your financial affairs for there is trouble brewing if you ignore the negative signs. It is important to reassess your life to get things back on track.

Dill Dream Symbol

Dill in your dreams can symbolize the people and your relationships with the people that matter the most to you. This is a sign you may need to take time out for rest and relaxation with the one that you love. It can also mean you may soon meet your soul mate if you are alone.

Eating dill can mean a close relationship may not be as happy as you think. This could be through a lack of loyalty and poor communication. Dreaming of dill can also signify your lack of trust in your partner’s promises, though the relationship may appear to be going well. It may be a time where you need to make an extra effort to get to the bottom of what matters.

Seasoning food with dill can be bringing your attention to the need for sticking to a budget. It may be a time where you need to be more careful with what you spend. Seasoning soup with dill can mean there is insincerity around you. You probably need to watch your back for someone close to you may not be who they seem. Be careful of who you trust. A woman dreaming of dill symbolizes her devotion to the one she loves.

Smelling dill in a dream indicates there are fun, social times ahead. Cutting the plant and smelling its fragrance can indicate there are many complicated obstacles to maneuver on the path to success. You may have to look deeper to get a better understanding so you can move your life forward.

Watering dill in a dream can signify the growth of your family, you may soon welcome a new addition. This is also a sign there is the promise of a great future for your children. Working in a garden overgrown with dill is a sign that your dreams will all come true. Seeing dried dill in a dream warns of trouble soon coming your way. You may need to be prepared.

Fennel Dream Symbol

Fennel in a dream brings clarity. It can come as a warning to look deeper into something before making a decision. It can also mean you have changed your perspective about someone or something. Are you seeing things in a new way?

Ginger Dream Symbol

Dreaming of ginger is a sign that you have reached a time in your life where you feel secure and comfortable with what you have achieved. It can also warn you need to spice up your life with a little excitement. Maybe you could be more spontaneous.

Horseradish Dream Symbol

Dreaming of horseradish can symbolize socializing with interesting, clever people. It also can mean there is good fortune crossing your path soon. A woman dreaming of horseradish can mean you will do better in your life than you or others expected. Eating horseradish may indicate you have a secret admirer or someone who respects your wisdom.

Lavender Dream Symbol

Lavender in a dream can symbolize spiritual cleansing and the mysteries of the universe. Smelling lavender represents peace and serenity. Smelling lavender can be a reminder you need to take a step back. Cool off. Getting upset is not going to help anything.

Lavender symbolizes happiness and success. It can arrive in your dream when you start a new life to let you know everything will be alright. Your life will improve. You will find happiness and possibly a whole new life. And, your social life will also improve. Lavender is also a sign of letting going of the hurt of the past. Are there things you need to let go of? Smelling lavender in your dream is a sign you will achieve success in all that matters to you.

Receiving lavender as a gift brings good luck and new opportunities to your life. If you have been going through tough times, this indicates things will improve. Soon you will experience a time of peace and tranquility. Lavender helps open the lines of communication and promotes positive thoughts and feelings. This may also be a time you need to take time out for rest and relaxation.

Marjoram Dream Symbol

Dreaming of smelling marjoram can mean that you will recover good health from an illness of some sort. Planting marjoram is a sign you will have a child who has a kind, loving character you can be proud of. You need to read the other things going on in the dream to get a deeper understanding of the messages coming from your subconscious.

Mint Dream Symbol

Dreaming of mint is usually a positive sign. It can mean you have strength of character to stand in your truth. Being in a field of mint indicates you are open to change and the excitement life has to offer. Lying in a mint field can mean you need to be heard. Maybe you are holding back expressing yourself about something. You may need to speak out. It can also represent new opportunities opening up to help you achieve success. Change is coming your way.

Seeing green mint symbolizes jealousy and envy. What eats at you? You need to deal with this before you become bitter. Face the issues and move on. Remember, you can only change what you have any influence over.

Using a lot of mint in a dream can symbolize a lack of something in your life. It can indicate you need time out to relax if you have been working too hard. You may need to push yourself harder to try new things if you have been sitting back procrastinating. You may need to spice up your life. Smelling mint in your dream is a sign of good luck. You will win or come into some money. You may even want to buy a lottery ticket to increase your chances of winning.

Mint in dreams can also indicate health issues. The smell of mint or hot mint tea can indicate stomach problems. Cold mint tea can warn you need to take steps to improve your health. If you leave it too long your health may decline. It may be time for a trip to your doctor if you have not been feeling well lately.

Oregano Dream Symbol

Dreaming of oregano can warn you are wasting time on things that will never give you what you want out of them. Are there things or people in your life you keep putting energy into that is just constant hard work? You may need to reassess things and find more productive ways to spend our time.

Parsley Dream Symbol

Dreaming of parsley symbolizes your hard work will pay off. You will achieve success and be well rewarded financially. It can also mean you may be late for an exam or to that job interview. Do you spend too much time daydreaming? This can cause you to miss important opportunities. Pale colored parsley indicates you have no respect for running on time or deadlines. This can lead to your demise. This warns you may never have success if you continue with this attitude.

Planting parsley can mean you will relinquish something for the betterment of the whole. Is there something or someone you struggle with? You may need to consider whether this is worth the stress it causes you, and your family and friends. Seeing parsley growing means you will soon spend time with family including those that you have not seen for a while. It is an opportunity to reconnect.

Buying parsley can represent you finally find a way to follow your passions in life. Once you do this, you will be on the right road to finding success. Selling parsley can mean a relationship, engagement, or marriage will end. This will open up a whole new world of positive opportunities.

Collecting parsley can indicate you will have enough financially to buy the material things you need in your life. It can also mean money will cross your path in a surprising way. Washing parsley can mean that you can look forward to a happy family life. Chopping parsley indicates you will show a close friend how much they mean to you with a gift from the heart.

Eating parsley in a dream can mean you see things differently from the mainstream of society. You may be detached from the false reality society can become. Parsley in a glass of water can symbolize that you are a busybody. Do you poke your nose into everyone’s business? Do others criticize you for your know-it-all attitude when you only have the answers to the irrelevant things in life? Maybe you could show a little humility.

Rosemary Dream Symbol

Dreaming of rosemary can symbolize unhappiness in homes that appear to have it all. This can come from an indifference to household members and their negative attitude to each other. It can also be a good sign in happy homes where everyone shows each other how much they care. Where everyone supports each other in pursuing their life passions.

Rosemary gives the gift of clarity. It helps you to see things with a new perspective. Smelling rosemary can clear your head. Seeing a rosemary plant can mean you may be feeling blue. You may be missing someone you love. You may have recently separated or you may be separated by distance from the one that you love.

Planting rosemary may bring problems to your family if you do not take an interest in each other. It may be a time to spend quality time together to show how much you care and support each other. Picking rosemary is a sign your business or financial affairs will soon improve. A flowering rosemary plant may mean there is a marriage proposal soon on the way.

Saffron Dream Symbol

Dreaming of saffron can warn that you may fail at something you thought would bring success. This could be because there are people working to sabotage you behind your back. Do you have bitter enemies trying to wreck your happiness? Are there those that are trying to beat you to your success? Drinking saffron tea can mean there will be arguments within your family. These may be serious and rifts could form.

Grinding saffron is a sign you are proud of something you have created. You may even be surprised at just how well things turned out. It can also mean you will soon become gravely ill. Dreams of grinding saffron represent sickness, bringing the truth into the light, and telling others’ secrets. It can also represent knowledge, wisdom, and happiness. A woman dreaming of grinding saffron can symbolize her sexual preference for women.

Saffron that does not leave a stain on your clothes in a dream is a sign you are speaking well of someone. You may even be making a recommendation to someone about their professional services. If the saffron does leave a stain, illness of some sort will cross your path. Grinding saffron’s purple flower into a powder is a sign there will be a grave illness within either your family or close circle of friends. Although you may pray for recovery, it may be too late.

Sage Dream Symbol

Dreaming of sage is all about wisdom. This is a sign that soon someone will cross your path with exactly the knowledge you need at the time. This will be someone you should listen to.

Burning sage is a sacred Native American custom to purify yourself and your home. This practice is called smudging. If you are smudging in your dream, this is a warning you need to protect yourself. There could be all sorts of reasons why, but this dream can be an urgent warning from your soul that you need to watch your back. Cooking with sage is a sign you will soon see with clarity what you need to know and what action to take. You need to exercise wisdom and good judgment in all the choices and decisions you make.

Dreaming of sage can also mean you need to tighten your belt and live within a tight budget for some time. A woman dreaming of using too much sage in her cooking can mean you have been too extravagant and now you are broke. Let this be a lesson in managing your financial affairs more responsibly. Drinking sage tea symbolizes you will face tough challenges with calmness.

Tarragon Dream Symbol

Dreaming of tarragon represents toxic people around you. There is someone close to you who is not what they seem. Tarragon symbolizes deliberate betrayal. This dream warns to be careful of who you trust. Tarragon can also mean through your association with spiritual people you own spirituality is growing. This can be a life changing journey.

Thistle Dream Symbol

Dreams of thistles represent maliciousness and rebellion, while giving protection. This can symbolize parts or your character or it can refer to someone close to you. This is something you or others do deliberately in the pursuit of success. Being stung by a thistle is a sign there are those close to you who envy who you are. Pricking yourself on a thistle can also bring unending trouble to your life. It can also mean you have hurt someone in your waking life. This may be the time to acknowledge this and try and make amends. Multiple stings from thistle needles can mean you are not in harmony with your environment.

Finding thistles can be a sign you need healing. This can be physically or emotionally. You may need to look to your waking life to see what needs healing. Seeing a field of thistles warn you have a long, hard road ahead of you to reach success. Watering thistles is a sign there may be much ingratitude when you achieve success. This may be your ingratitude for the part others played in your success or others may be jealous of you achieving your goals.

Thyme Dream Symbol

Dreaming of thyme can represent the joy of having a loving family and good position in life this can bring you. This may be a time in your life when you feel truly blessed. It can also mean you have a secret stash of money or your sex life will be rejuvenated. Seeing cut thyme is a sign that stress and turmoil may soon cross your path.

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