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Healing dreams are dreams in which you learn something extremely important about yourself, or something that you must do. These are often call-to-action dreams that linger and stay with you after other dreams would already have been forgotten. It is common to have dreams all the time, and it is common to remember some of them upon awakening, but generally dreams are forgotten fairly quickly after you wake, unless you write them down. Healing dreams are not like that. Healing dreams are the big dream. If you have a healing dream, you will know. If you have had a healing dream in the past, you probably spent weeks, months, or even years thinking about its significance and letting it inform your life. You probably still remember it. These are the life-changing dreams.

What Do These Dreams Really Mean?

Of course, the term “healing dream” does not mean that after this dream you are cured of the head cold that you had, or that your broken leg is suddenly mended. The healing that occurs with a healing dream is much deeper than that. Sometimes healing dreams offer us insights into problems with relationships, our work situations, or our own stagnation on our life’s journey. Contrary to the feel-good phrase used to describe them, healing dreams are often quite difficult to deal with, since they upset our comfortable ideas about ourselves and force us to see truths that we probably would have much preferred to ignore.

Dreams of healingWhen faced with a healing dream, it is important to understand and interpret the symbols present in the dream, so as to understand the issue that the healing dream is revealing. It must also be remembered that dreams come to individuals, and have individual significance. There are broad meanings and interpretations to dream symbols, but they may also have particular significance just for you which only you can know. Follow your intuition about your healing dream, and do not be afraid to examine the aspects of it that frighten you or make you uncomfortable. Those are exactly the aspects that make the dream so powerful.

For many people, healing dreams are disturbing, and some experience them as recurring dreams. A recurring dream is clearly an indication of something important in your life – something important enough that your unconscious mind keeps sending it up as a message that you need to take care of this thing.

In the modern, frantic world, it is common to have a recurring dream of being chased, whether by monsters, human enemies, or even a faceless danger. In this case, the dream of being chased is a healing dream indicating that you need to take a break and create a safe haven for yourself. Stop bringing your work home with you. Tell your boss that you deserve to be able to relax and sleep when you are home. Find a new job with fewer demands. In short, take yourself out of the rat race, at least for a certain time each day, and allow yourself to decompress and to be safe.

Healing Dreams Can Reveal Things to Dreamers

Healing dreams that reveal problems or issues with relationships are often relatively easy to decipher. The other person is often obligingly him- or herself in the dream. If not, it is not usually difficult to tell who is represented by the symbol that will take the person’s place, be it an animal or any other kind of symbol. The words said and actions taken, while often caricature-ish and exaggerated to the point of ridiculousness, definitely reveal your own feelings about the relationship, and may also give insight into the other person’s feelings or motivations as well. By seeing yourself in the mirror of your healing dream, you may be able to identify problems you are causing in the relationship. The healing dream may also provide a paradigm shift that will help you to understand how the other person is feeling. In addition, your subconscious may provide you with the correct words to say to them through the healing dream.

Some people have dreams that reveal physical ailments. One expert on healing dreams had his life saved by recurring healing dreams that revealed to him that he had cancer, though the cancer was asymptomatic and the doctors had difficulty finding it. While some consider it to be far-fetched that you could dream about physical diseases that you don’t even know you have, it must be remembered that the unconscious mind is far more in tune with the details that pass below the conscious awareness than we often give it credit for. Nerves run past a tumor, infection, or any other bodily problem toward the brain, and there is in fact no reason why the unconscious mind should not know more about your body than your conscious mind does.

We said that healing dreams do not usually cause physical healing, but instead reveal to you the issues that you need to be aware of in order to begin healing from certain problems. There are some healing dreams that do convey healing energy, though, especially if you are connected to another person during them. Dreaming of another person, you can actually send healing energy to them or receive healing energy from them. In addition, it is possible for a healing dream to reveal a problem, the solution for which simply is to receive healing energy from the universe.

Healing dreams are most powerful when they refer to the community of people we live in. They reveal to us, in a way that is not apparent at all in waking life, the fact that we are all connected to each other and dependent on each other. It is not unheard of for people to have healing dreams about people in their lives, only to find out the next day that something significant happened to them. It is actually rather common to have a dream about someone and to know that they died. This is just one kind of healing dream that focuses on the community of people.

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  1. Irene Melendez on

    I had a dream of me being heal my an angel. He told to let him heal me. Some type of ovarian cancer or something in my reproductive system. He told me I was cured and that everything was find. He also told me to find the meaning of my dream.

  2. I dreamt that I could heal children by touching them and thinking about it. I could see a blue energy transfer during this… it’s a part of a big crazy recurring dream though.

  3. I dreamed that the person trying to heal me couldn’t do it. She said that the person who passed on the Autoimmune Disease to me had died already and for that reason she couldn’t heal me. It’s weird because I do have Rheumatoid Arthitis and my mom Lupus. My mom is still alive though. =/

  4. I am diagnosed with Ms.I had a dream that I went somewhere where like a church like an Indian church where the head person pray for me laying hands on my forehead I laid down and someone put a sheet over my lower part of my body waist down and when I got up I was healed.

    • I dreamt once that I had blue flames lite on my fingers it was coming from my fingers and I laid hands on someone and they fell so I still don’t know what could this mean

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