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Hands Dream Symbol – Hands are a way we can express ourselves. Dreaming of hands indicates you have creative control over whatever you want to achieve. You have found a passion for something and may be itching to get started. Something heavy in your hand indicates something weighs heavily on you. You may need to look deeper into the situation to make the right choices. Dreaming of clenched fists may indicate you are repressing anger. You need to deal with it before it eats you up.

hand-dreamsDreaming of cutting your wrists indicates there is good fortune on the way. Long hands symbolize creativity, honor, and fame. Dirty hands can warn of danger to someone close to you. While clean hands may mean you resolve a difficult long running problem. Dreaming of a baby’s hands means you will have much abundance. And, washing your hands, indicates you wash your hands of dramas that have been pursuing you for some time. It can also mean you feel guilty about something or someone. Dreaming of beautiful hands or creative hands means that your hard work will be rewarded with a break or holiday.

Fingernails adorned with nail varnish indicate you may be hiding from something. What do you need to face up to? Clasped hands represent long lasting relationships and friendships. Where folded hands signify your need to hide away for a while to heal from the hurt of the world. It can also mean you need a break from a busy life. Seeing old, weathered hands means you may need to make wise choices to move forward.

Additional Hand Dream Meanings

Hands in our dreams represent both the creative and destructive force.  Depending on what your hands are doing, it can also highlight an unspoken or unconscious desire.

Mythology and literature often represent the right hand as the hand of creation, and conversely the left as the destroyer. According to the Bible and many other religious texts, God created man with his right hand. With the left, he would smite his enemies. These two opposing forces create balance within the universe.

Your hands can work in tandem or apart.  Each hand can handle a different task.  Much like a piano player whose left hand plays rhythm and the baseline while his right hand at the same time plays the melody. The result is one song as heard by the listener.  If your hands stand out as a dream symbol, it is important to notice what each hand is doing. Is it your right hand, left hand or both hands?

The phrase “one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing” refers to miscommunication usually within an organization that leads to confusion or an ineffective company. By not working together the company in effect, unknowingly works against its best interest, usually to its own detriment.  To dream your hands are working in opposition to each other indicates you actually are undermining or sabotaging with your lack of commitment, preparedness or fear, that what you wish to create.

The condition and strength of your hands in a dream is important. This speaks to the quality of what you are able to create. Strong hands build strong creations. Frail, weak hands result in your creations being faulty and unstable.

If you dream you are using your hands to smash or break something this would indicate that you have the desire to rid your life of something, perhaps a situation or relationship.  Sometimes this can be the hidden wish or unspoken desire.  As an example, if you dream of your hands smashing against your desk at your place of employment, this would indicate a deep seeded dissatisfaction with your job or your employer. You may desire to leave your job.

Maybe you didn’t’ truly understand how unfulfilled you felt. The action of your hands in the dream was motivated by an unconscious desire. The same would hold true for a relationship where you found your hands striking out against or destroying an object that belonged to another person.  This would mean that deep down inside you wanted to end the relationship with the person’s whose object you were destroying.

Conversely, hands can be symbols of nurturing and protection. Holding onto an object of someone you care about, means that you want your relationship to grow and are willing to pay attention necessary to insure your success. Holding on to an object obsessively means that you want to control another person or situation. This may also indicate, “being clingy” in a relationship.

When your hands ache or you feel pain in your hands, what you are attempting to build will be accompanied by difficulties or sacrifice. What is the intensity of the pain? Is it light or excruciating? Are your hands bleeding?  The opposite, interestingly, refers to that which is destroyed by your own hands. This can refer self-sabotage or  an undermining of your own efforts. Even though you thought you wanted to build something, you destroy it. This can again indicate an unconscious desire to be freed from a responsibility you no longer want.

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  1. I have had this same dream several times. It only varies very little. So in my dream I am very powerful. I am filled with this amazing light and I know (in my dream) that it is God filling me with light and giving me the power to heal. I do that very thing. I lay hands on family members or random people in my dreams and it heals them. While doing this “laying hands” I levitate in my dream. When I wake up, I am sobbing and I have chills all over me. Also, I have woken up by bouncing on my bed (like I have fallen). I have had similar dreams like this all my life. I always have had paranormal type dreams. When I was not living (in a good way) I use to dream I was demonically possessed. I have seen myself crawling up walls, hanging from the ceiling, demons speaking to me. I am terrified of my dreams. I always speak Jesus in my bad dreams but for some reason it’s like I have a hard time saying HIs name out loud. Help me understand this.

  2. Dreamt that I cut both my hands. On the left hand I had cut on the inside of my wrist near the base of my hand it was more of a slice with a flap of skin. On the right hand it was the outside of my wrist on the little ball and on a finger near the knuckle the one next to my pointing finger lots n lots of blood. The dream was incorporated into 2 recurring dreams, one dream is about a house I live in that has a room that is inhabited by malevolent spirits but that dream is changing the spirits are becoming friendly and the other dream is about an apartment complex that is having a cookout by it’s residents. This dream varies but the core of the dream stays the same.

  3. I dreamed my right hand had been cut of and was bleeding. I was weeping and looking at my bloody palm; the left was also bloody but still attached.

    I am writing a book, and in the final stages of a job interview. I’d like to believe the interpretation above–but I think this means getting the job means I won’t finish the book.

  4. My dream was other person holding my hand while walking, was right hand
    Second dream and another person was holding my left hand while stabding
    Both dreams were during same night

  5. Baddreamer on

    Mainly what I remember is I can feel and see my hand cramping. People are around me and Im in pain from them. The cramp stops then it starts up again. Also there is an ocean or some type of lake or something, I remember saying man I wanted to go swimming. Im not in the water, but I want to be and my hand keeps cramping.

  6. I dreamt of a man’s right hand as if he’s trying to touch me, but I was kinda nervous upon seeing the hand. I didn’t see the face of the guy but I know t’was him. We had a short-lived romance and I am now avoiding him.

  7. I dreamt I have 2 right hands and one left hand which left me happy that I will be able to work at double speed

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