Griffin Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Griffin Dream Symbol – Dreams of the griffin is a message of positive change. Be wary though to not be so arrogant as to refuse to listen to others’ advice. You have the strength and fortitude to get through any challenges through the transitions.

Griffin dreams

Griffin dreams

A griffin talking to you in your dream is a sign you will receive financial prosperity from official sources. Riding a griffin can mean you will be promoted or suddenly become popular among your social peers.

Dreams of catching a griffin is a sign of your great courage. You may speak up for those who do not have a voice.

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  1. I dream I was pigeon that turned into a Griffin at the end.
    In the dream… I was a pigeon along with others trap/jailed underground by rats. An earthquake happen I broke free.

    I made it out of the underground maze. Thought to myself, I know the way out and I have time to save others. I went back inside broke free a few cages and flew back out as the everything start collapsing.

    I turned around and notice three other making it out. As I start fly away across a lake. My body grow heavier and heavier. Soon I was running on the surface water while desperately flapping to gain momentum.

    I then start gaining altitude and arise as a Griffin.

    Flying through the sky with the wind felt so real!!!!

    I have another dream that I was golem at some point I looked into a broken mirror and saw a dark frantic wolf.

  2. I had a dream of a griffin or some kind of big white bird and there was a war going on with the world and it was really bad and I was with my family this bird it felt like it was a friend or something I knew forever since my birth and it come up to me and the fur felt Super soft like I never touched before and it turn bigger and I got on it and me and him flew away from everything into the sky then I woke up

  3. In my dream, it was golden colored, like wheat but more gold. It was flying and looked down at me. I waved my hand in a way that signaled it to come to me. As it drew closer and I saw how big it was I felt anxiety amd fear build up in my chest. Then it landed in front of me. I tentatively reached out to touch it but was too afraid. It then rested its head on my shoulder, like when you give someone a hug, and I felt the anxiety and fear just melt away. I reached around its neck and hugged it back. It was the softest thing I’ve ever felt. That’s all I can remember…what does it mean?

  4. Caught a baby griffin, it was again caught in someones rustly old snare, thrashing about it was injured badly, holding it in my hand it was blaoted, drenched and choking on it’s own blood…

  5. I dreamed of two griffins flying through the day sky, and one of them decided to land in my backyard. My dog, which barks at everything, wasn’t barking, but staring. I walked over to the Griffin and it swiped a pizza from my hand. I thought it was hungry so I grabbed a box full and lured it to my front yard. It shrunk in size so it could eat properly. My cat didn’t like the Griffin, and tried to attack it. I grabbed my cat and locked her in my room. I went to check up on the Griffin, it finished eating and looked at me. I smiled as it told me, “Thank you for your hospitality, I shall return soon with my token of gratitude” After saying that, it opened it’s wings wide and flew away with great speed, the force of the wind threw me into my house, and I slammed into a wall. I woke up after the hit. I wasn’t scared, but more curious and proud of my “discovery”.

  6. i dreamed that there was a trapped Griffin in a backyard he seemed like a newly hunted as a pet..i got close to rescue him he lets me try when i couldn’t he bit my hand but not to hurt me just not to let me go with my peoplenand leave him, my hand was to the shoulder into his mouth tighing my wrist with his tounge.
    i have to tell my friends to go as soon as he lists me ill meet with them..i layed down on the floor starting petig him huged him (with one hand) looked straight into his yes and woken up

  7. I’m dreaming of raising a Griffin and another white looking like dogs in my back yard and they hug me and then it change into another scene when three of us is on a chase and I heard the Griffin talking tome when I’m in it’s back I even saw the Griffin battle in his vision when actually I was in a car with the other one

  8. Last night, I had a dream there was a Griffin beside me, I was scared but I didn’t let it know, I just kind of stood there and it came up to me and put its beak into my left abdomen, kind of like a snuggle, a few times actually. I was just amazed at it’s feel (talons) and it’s tail it was huge. I’ve never had a dream of one before, just wondering what it means. It doesn’t say much about touching one.

  9. I dreamed that I had uncovered an ancient temple in someone’s back yard. There was a Panther with the beak of an eagle and it severed the hand of a king who had touched a taboo sword. This beast left me alone as long as I didn’t touch the sword.

  10. Marci van der Meer on

    I had a dream I turned into a griffin, but it wasn’t an eagle/lion, it was a hawk/black panther

    • I dreamed that my best friend went missing and that she wanted me to free her bird.I went to her room and found a cage with a yellow bird inside,then I threw it from the window and it became a griffin.I saw it flying to the moon when a lot of people started rushing into the room.I felt sad but relieved at the same time

  11. Japheth amores on

    I dream of a riding a young and very strong griffin and after that I saw a serpent of old,more like a dragon. I saw death is riding it flew over me try to kill me., but me and the griffin wer able to fight the.serpent., we have a very intense fight we flew to the heavens fighting and then finally the serpent fell, and I dive to hit the finishing.blow., after that seen in my dream change and Im seeing my self changing to a griffin.,

    Please help me interpret it. Thank you

  12. I dreamt of a black Griffin with a very large beak taking a glance at me before diving off a small cliff face towards the ocean below.

    I dreamt this after asking for help with ascension. Despite the ominous color I took it as a good sign.

    • Japheth amores on

      I dream of a riding a young and very strong griffin and after that I saw a serpent of old,more like a dragon. I saw death is riding it flew over me try to kill me., but me and the griffin wer able to fight the.serpent., we have a very intense fight we flew to the heavens fighting and then finally the serpent fell, and I dive to hit the finishing.blow., after that seen in my dream change and Im seeing my self changing to a griffin.,

      Please help me interpret it. Thank you

  13. I had a dream someone was trying to kill me, as i was running away i came towards to large griffens being beaten by teens i help the griffens and for some reason hopped on ones back while the other flew beside us. They ended up taking me to a grave yard, as i looked down i not only saw my friends grave but mine aswell. Then behind my grave stone a saw the killer sprinting towards me and then i woke up screaming

  14. I had a vivid dream last night of a Griffin killing people and many people dying I’m wondering what that means but also it was showing the end of the world ?

  15. i dreamed of 3 large 8 foot tall Griffins and gray in color, i was feeding them lager chunks of meat and standing with them and petting them, like pets and watching them make sounds at me. Then the phone rang and i could see them watching me thought the window.

  16. I dreamed I seen a griffin nd it told me to grab it nd it took me a way flying woke I was in a please with my significant other nd their were jelusy nd that’s when the griffin came .

  17. dream i saw many griffins on the bodies of water coming to the land in great number. they were not in boats though they had wings did not fly. the dream showed me it was mentioned before that the had came to take over dwell the land but the lost and went away. but now they are back in great number coming across the seas to the land

    there were more to the dream but i just wanted to tell the part about the eagle face griffins

  18. I had a draeam that I saw a old abandoned church with one side of the church wall was torn down. The rafters appear to be on fire. When a huge bird which at one point looked like a very muscular egale landed on the rafters I turn to my friend and said that bird is going to burn. So I yeld at the bird on the rafter as it took flight I notice the body of a lion and wings of an angle. It dropped at my feet a folded paper with equations on it. Sort of a map of stars.

  19. I had a dream that I was in a field as 2 griffin’s were soaring in the sky as one of them screached I yelled “Griffin” & pointed towards them everyone saw them and they started chasing me


    I dreamed that I was lost and happened stumble upon a nest of griffins there was three of them they seemed to be so helpless at first like baby birds do so I feed them ,then the next thing i felt in my dream was a feeling of be overwhelmed but I just kept trying then one of the griffins stepped out of the nest and they were all adults one of them spoke to me and said you are weary come ride on my back I will carry you and I did then I woke up

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