Gorilla Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Gorilla Dream Symbol – Gorillas are symbols of power and nature. If you dream about gorillas then you will have power and status laid before you in the near future. It could come in the form of a job promotion. It might come in the form of finally being asked out on a date by that guy you have been eyeing.

Gorillas might also be your totem animal and secret spirit guide. If you dream about them it is important to know that gorillas are some of the most intelligent and peaceful animals on the earth. They are one of humankind’s closest relatives and have even been taught to communicate via sign language.

Gorilla dreamGorillas are active, over the top creatures almost always on the go. They like to demonstrate their power by beating their chests. When gorilla visits your dreams it can mean you are taking on this behavior. Maybe you have trouble controlling your excitement, or overcompensating for nervousness or shyness. Are you acting in an over the top manner? Who or what around you provokes you to act this way? It may be time to tone your behavior down.

Gorilla can also symbolize the wild side of your nature and suppressed sexual energy when he is running and jumping around. Beating his chest to attract attention. You may need to take action. Have you been procrastinating lately? Do you expect to work hard for success or do you wait for it to come to you? Who or what drives your sexual passion?

When Gorilla crosses your Path

Gorilla can cross your path to let you know you are a leader. You can lead with compassion and kindness, and bring balance to everything around you. You show there are better ways than violence and hurtful words.

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  1. I had a dream once about a gorilla.I felt an enormous Mount of fear when I saw it.IT was blocking the gates to my house preventing me from leaving. And the fear was so intense in the dream that I couldn’t even think of confronting it.

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