Ghost and Spirits Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Ghost and Spirit Dream Symbols – Dreaming about ghosts can indicate there is something haunting your mind and emotions from your past. It may represent an actual person that you had a relationship with, or it could be a project that you have yet to complete.

It is weighing on your mind that you haven’t been able to let go or bring whatever the ghost represents to a conclusion. To find peace in your life, it is essential that you allow yourself to lay old things to rest and free yourself of all regrets and ties to the past.

When ghosts and spirits visit your dreams, this can mean something is no longer within your reach. You may no longer have access to it. It can also say that you feel disconnected from your life and the world around you. This can be a prompt to see things with greater clarity.

Spend time in meditation to get a new understanding. You may need a new perspective. It may be a chance to move on. It is time to abandon the old way of doing things and embrace a new way of thinking, seeing, acting, and living your life. Doing this will give you a renewed energy and positive outlook to take into the future. Are you ready for the challenge?

Ghosts Dream Symbol

When ghosts visit your dreams, it is a reminder of your inner fears. What do you fear? This could be a time you feel guilt, or repressed thoughts or memories come to the surface. Ghosts can visit at times when you are stressed about failing at something you want to achieve. They can also represent death. This may be a message to change your ways. It is time to change your perspective and old ways of doing things. Even change bad habits. This will help you move your life forward.

Dreaming of becoming a ghost is a sign there is someone or a situation you want to escape. It indicates your disconnection from the world around you. Is there something or someone who makes you feel this way? Touching a ghost and it vanishes is a sign that you are working on dealing with your repressed fears and painful memories. But, you are still not ready to face them head-on. Give it time. Keep working on it.

Being frightened by a ghost or talking to one, warns there is pressure on you to do something that goes against your integrity. You may need to seek the wisdom of another, but resist the temptation to put your principles at risk. Dreaming of being haunted by a ghost can mean that issues from your past can influence your life today. It is time to let go of the past. Sure, use past challenges as lessons to help you move forward in your present and future. But, living with negativity only attracts more negativity into your life. This is an opportunity to deal with anything that haunts you from the past once and for all.

Dreaming of ghosts chasing you to bring about your death is a sign you are ready to face your fears and the past no matter how much it hurts. You are tired of being held back. You are ready to move on into your future. Stand tall in your truth and do not be afraid to speak out.

Ghost of Someone who has Died

Dreaming of the ghosts of your parents is a warning there is danger around you. Be wary of newcomers who want to work with you in some way. Take the time to get to know them better to understand the truth first. Seeing the ghost of a relative or friend who is still alive in real life, warns they may look upon you with bitterness. They may be working against you. You may be affected by their deliberate malicious acts against you. Seeing the ghost of a dead relative or friend can mean you feel guilty of some sort towards them. Do you have regrets about a past relationship? What makes you feel guilty? Face it to move on.


When ghouls haunt your dreams, it is a warning that your negativity and bad habits are blocking your way forward. You have the ability to change this with a new perspective.


Spirits visiting your dreams can represent any fears you have about death or dying. Take notice of what the spirits tell you for they have come to help you deal with the challenges you face in your waking life. It can also symbolize being in good spirits. You may be attending a special occasion or had good news.

Spirit Guide

When a spirit guide visits your dreams, you can be guaranteed they have an important message for you. This message can be in pictures, or you may hear it or it, can simply come in as impressions. It is a privilege when a spirit guide visits. They come to let you know you are supported in trying times. Or, to help you make important decisions and help show you the way. It is time to follow your gut instincts. They may show you something relevant to the situation you did not already know. You may have trouble understanding the real meaning. When you do not get it right, the spirit guide will continue to visit with their messages until you do. They may not limit their signs and visits to your dreams. Keep an eye out for their attention-seeking in your waking life too.

Supernatural Dreams

Dreaming of paranormal activity can be symbolic of your loss of control of your life. There may be obstacles in your way, stopping you from achieving your goals. The types of dreams are symbolic of your feelings or life in your waking reality. You may need to reassess your goals in life.

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  1. I want to ask a dream meaning about a ghost. Well, there is a girl also in my dream and she lives in an apartment which was haunted by the ghost. It turns out that the ghost was her lover from the past and I also keep seeing a glimpse of that ghost’s past life. The ghost was like guarding that girl since the girl was also unfortunate and depressed I think. And I kind of figured out that the ghost can not leave the apartment since he never left and always waits for the girl to come back. I kind of want to remember the whole dream since it is all blurry. Is there also a way for me to retrieve that dream or at least see it again?

  2. Dion Eiland on

    I had this dream that I saw a spirit in my grandmother house after coming back form a funnel and then for some reason I went upstairs and I saw a shadow figure and I ran downstairs started yelling get me out this house. Then the dream swich and I started to ask if i’m in the spiritual realm. I said out loud that I can see spirits I don’t know why I said that so I turn the door handles and saw a man with a black suit on he didn’t look like my grandfather he look lifeless and sad there was another man in but evil in the shadows grin so evilly but the house was empty and the only room that did have light in it was my grandmother’s room but the man was blocking the way so I couldn’t. The tall man was telling the other man to go down stairs so the lifeless man did but when the lifeless man did he ran to me lift me up and put me to sleep.

    I wasn’t scare in the dream

  3. I had a dream that I met a ghost in my grandma’s house and she lived with a lady who actually lives down the street from me and there house was haunted we could tell. This girl comes out and they said this was her house her name was niece. But she looked at me and came to me and snapped then touched my shoulder. My mom said where is breezy (me). Niece had turned me into a ghost and we became very good friends once I got over how freaked out I was Niece was very pretty. We had a weird relationship I don’t know what it was. I think she felt bad for me and turned me back. My mom said come here Breezy. I said Niece turn me back I wanted to be with her. So I left my family and we went on to become very close and she was teaching how to be freaky it was so surreal. I woke up in such a weird trance I want to meet her kinda but I am afraid of ghosts I am really confused. What do you think my dream means?

    • Also I forgot to say I am only 14 and I am Lds or Mormon super religious and I don’t get why this is happening

  4. I had a dream in which I was in my bedroom asleep, woke up suddenly and sat up in bed. While looking around I noticed spirits/ghosts at the top right and top left, but behind me, corners of the room. They were in clusters. They were whispering something while getting closer and passing through me. I remember having a hard time catching my breath as it was happening. Towards the end of the phenomenon, my mother walked in and asked if I would sit with her for a bit. We went to the living room where we noticed my dog underneath some cushions on the couch (in waking life my mother does not allow dogs on her furniture). Then out of the blue an old high school friend just appeared. At first I didn’t recognized him but as he came closer I realized who it was and I said “didn’t recognized you, you lost so much weight” he actually looked sick. He replied with “I know, it’s a long story”. Then I woke up. The most impressionable part was the spirits passing through me. I didn’t recognize any of them nor what they were whispering but I also remember not really feeling afraid. Just sitting there accepting what was happening. I felt a little cold and not being able to catch my breath and some how felt that it was going to be ok. I did wake up concerned for my friend. He was too skinny in the dream. In waking life he has always been the healthy type and still is (saw him on Facebook). I have no clue what the dream meant but maybe it has to do with the fact that at the present moment I’m feeling stuck in life and it has nothing to do with the current pandemic situation. Been feeling like this for over a year now.

  5. I dreamed I was at a house I’ve never seen before with my mom and twin sister (there were more people there but I don’t remember who they were) , I went upstairs to the room I was staying at and closed the door behind me then something pulled my hair very hard… in my dream I right away knew it was a ghost or spirit so I tried to yell at it trying to say In God I trust and you can’t harm me but I couldn’t talk so I whispered it then I saw myself laying in bed with an evil smile staring at myself trying to yell … I struggled so hard to open the door and leave & I finally did ! I ran straight to my twin sister to tell her what happened, then she cane with me back in the room cause she didn’t believe me, then we though it was a Reflection of her but realized it wasn’t, again I was looking at my twin next to me (not knowing what’s going on) and on the bed with an even smile.
    I woke up sweaty and frightened.

  6. I was on a bush walk and I turned to see white smoke appear into this ball (it wasn’t round I cant think of a better word to describe it – grouped floating rough cloud, not too big) and it seemed angry (this was a feeling based on very little physical evidence) it charged off toward a figure in the distance – it was either a child or little person, I didn’t feel it was anyone I knew. It left me very confused and was the only question remaining from an eventful dream.

    • Sarah gillmore on

      Was lookin through the window in my parents bedroom in our old home, tye window was open and someone was on the right hand side of me but behind me, i could feel they were familiar and good but couldnt tell who they were. Looking down at the garden below (filled with sunshine) a boy looked up and asked for my daughter and i said she wasnt coming out. From that it jumped to me being in an old stone built town and the roads turned into rivers, if you walked quickly you could stay on top or choose to swim, clear bit blue water with plants growing in it really healthy looking stream. I crossed the river and crossed back o er then found myself in a different place. An old man (a resemblance to Rasputin, but friendlier looking) came and stood by my left side and was talking to me to keep me calm, in the background there were normally dressed people trying to fight me and i only had a pallet knife but was using it as a sword. Then appears a young girl in front of me, but between us, she had light brown dark blonde hair and beautiful luminous skin, she was wearing a light blue dress and had her hands cupped holding something in front of her. When she appeared both her and the old man glowed with bright white light, and filled my whole being with what felt like Goodness, these horrible people shouted they they could come back and collect me and my daughter at any time. The man and girl spoke but without moving their mouths i heard their words when they concentrated looking at me and the light shon.
      Needless to say when i woke i was very confused and worried about my daughter scared it was a prohphetic dream.

    • I dream all the time that I am floating above myself watching myself sleep. While I was sleeping a skeleton reached up from underneath the bed grabbed me around my waste and started tickling me. It tickled me so hard I could not breathe. He was a male because he was dressed in men’s clothing with a brown brim hat. When I woke up the next day my side hurt. Last night I dreamt about a while figure that looked like white fire. It stood in the entry way of my bedroom door, walked over to me and sat down on my bed. I was laying on my side. The figure hugged me around my arm, shoulder and head. This morning my shoulder is killing me. What do these dreams mean?

  7. I had a dream I was on the stairs at school the basement was haunted everyone’s that went downstairs was alright I went down in the basement I was scared but I had to face it, I put the papers down that I had in my hand, I was walking my way upstairs as I felt something touching my ankle and pulled me immediately I grabbed on the railings and it kept grabbing me and hurting me it jammed it’s fingers in my head and waist and squeezing my ankles as hard as it could I was crying and screaming I holding on no matter how hard it was pulling me I was still holding on till I prayed it never helped, I yelled “let go” how many times, I was crying in pain but I still never let go, till it releases me I had blood of finger prints coming from my head my back was all scratched up my ankles was read, I ran away from it till it began to look for me then suddenly I woke up in tears.

  8. Angela Uche on

    I had a dream in the day I saw a Rev priest brought a dead person home suddenly she wakes up and I was afraid she was holding a baby my mum ran inside she look at me with angry face and left my present I started singing gospel music with my children when I went I went in to look for my mum I saw the ghost washing clothes in side the room I shouted to my mum that she’s here my mum Say’s she’s coming the ghost look at me with sad face or angry face.pls what do I call this

  9. I had I dream that I were fighting with things I don’t see, I don’t see them but I can only feel them they were trying to kill me but I WS fighting and running for help

  10. I had a dream right about my son. He went to school with his dad and I went back to sleep like we usually do every morning, we have a baby too and don’t want to pack her up. Anyways in my dream my son had also already left and gone to school. My husband and I were in our room and the sink had over flowed so we were cleaning it. Then my son walks out of his room and I start to say this is not him he is at school. This is a spirit or something taking form of my son and I am the only one freaking out about it. My husband pays no mind to it and we go upstairs to make breakfast like usual. His grandparents are upstairs and start to lecture me because they think we didn’t take him to school. I tell them I did and whatever this is, it isn’t Ayden. They don’t believe me and I offer to call the school to prove it but don’t have too. The spirit is still with us and I can touch it and everything but it isn’t him. So I’m standing there and my husband goes “get on it babe” about making breakfast and I ask what he wants but can’t seem to focus on cooking because of the child. My husband looks at me and goes, “it’s just a deep repentance”. I look at the child and as ” are you sorry?” And it nods at me and says “young”, I ask it ” you were young?” And it starts crying to which my husband and I immediately hug him. Then I woke up crying because it felt so real. My husband was beside me and my son is currently at school. I just don’t know how to respond. Was it just symbolic or could something really be trying to apologize to me or tell me something in my dreams?

  11. I had a dream where I was in the basement grabbing some toys to spruce them up. I had moved them to another part in the basement when I looked up to see a blacked out kid spirit running at me. As I tried to block the kid with my arms in front of me, he ran through me only to turn and run away from me more to my left (he came at me on my right) and then he stopped. He turned and looked back at me, looking normal. Just a tanned skin body looking back at me. I don’t remember any details of his face or much else other than the feeling of my chest tightening and being scared when he rushed towards me and then the calm feeling when he had stopped and looked back at me. That’s all i remember from my dream.

  12. Joanna Arline Kay on

    My dream this morning was of being pulled by my ankles off the bed my first reaction was this was a bad ghost then I decided to allow it to pull me completely off and it was gentle not letting me bang down on the floor then I asked who it was and the light from the ceiling came towards me on an extended arm and shook my hand I asked if it was my Dad and a voice said yes a door which was open closed and then I was somewhere else and there was a young lady crying and I had upset her in some way and I was trying to console her but she kept on sobbing not wanting or unable to be consoled. Any ideas what this spirit is trying to tell me, although it answered yes it was my Dad I felt the spirit was someone else a friendly spirit?

  13. saint marie on

    So, last nights dream; I was standing next to my kitchen and I said out loud “open that cupboard” and the cuppered opened, ” fold those towels” and the towels started to fold themself I thought to myself, who is doing all of this, the power felt supernatural and unreal (angel or demon I thought to myself) it didn’t feel evil at first. I was being fooled, only an evil entity would make me feel powerful like this… I started to get scared thinking that a demon was giving me this power. Everything I wanted this spirit to do it did. When I looked in the mirror I saw the darkness possessing me in and around my eyes.. blackened skin and black eyes. I cried out to a friend look at my face! look, I don’t see anything he said “come and let me burn sage around you” he did and it didn’t work, then he said come here and opened a box that had magic with charms vibrating and said hold these, I did and it still didn’t leave me. He said smoke this and I did and then I saw an African man with a headdress on with horns and his eyes were red and then I said to myself or an angel said “do not fear him, you are much stronger andI started the human back into him, meaning his eyes became human. I said this is never going to work I need Jesus and I started to say My Lord, My kind my savour, save me now, with the blood of Christ I am saved, I am protected! I look in the mirror and the darkness went away. I have always had dreams where I am battling evil but this one was too close for comfort… I can’t wait for Archangel Michael to avenge me!

  14. I had a dream of our entire family living in one house. I would always sit of the stairs in which would always fall down and I would need d to pick it up. One day my sister asked to borrow a book. She had finished one and got the other wet. She got mad at me for trying to fix the cover saying I had no idea what I was doing even though i have over 200 books. I kicked my sister out not wanting another book ruined. Then I layed on my bed and I felt a few different emotions like hurt for the book, and a bit of sadness. Then something which came from inside me started to do the famous dragging you out of the room. I grabbed onto my bookshelf and that was dragged out with me. We were dragged into the room next to me which is that sisters room. My sister not comming to the calls of help when I was outside had watched me being put onto the bed with a look of horror and shock. The book shelf was placed on the wall behind me. I couldn’t speak a word as I was terrified at that point and all I could do was point to the shelf behind me as I stared at my sister.

    Best part of this is that I woke up the same direction I was laying in my dream with the bookshelf behind me.

  15. I had this super strange dream last night. I was with this guy I really like… in my old childhood bedroom. All of a sudden there is this posessed doll screaming at me “my mother is biting” and then the image of a very old lady in bed. Next to her, is a dead and dried up version of herself. I escape the room, to enter my parents bedroom. Where a lot of spirits are standing. Dressed in animal pajamas they banish the evil spirit. And we agree to look out for eachother and protect eachother in the future. Then I wake up. Only to have a second dream about a comet about to hit earth. But thats a whole other story

  16. User2254367781 on

    I don’t know what to consider this dream as, but I was neither scared or afraid, only nervous in this experience, also there where some adult themes in my dream but the very adult parts won’t be discussed.

    The most memorable parts I remember that there where a spiritual entity, I assume female, that had a similar appearance to one’s you’d see in media depicting of what I assume Oni or Yokai (which shouldn’t make sense, since I grew up in American culture, perhaps it’s due to my interest of Japanese culture), but instead more of a western twist, I remember seeing on the TV while next to this very tangible, incredibly pale, and partially rotting, just almost like a something you’d see in Tim Burton’s creations but more realistic.

    Meanwhile whilst setting by the TV, when the TV was on a particular channel that showed the goat head within the pentagram with sounds coming from the speakers, the words where something I couldn’t make out but the demon or Oni girl could understand it, I remember, after noticing a structure to the sounds that it came off as a language, her telling me it was a demon language, I have an interest in learning languages so I discussed that to her as I noticed some stuff I seem to have recognized in one part of some of the over languages out there like that, like one of the Arabian language here and there but not enough to be one of those set of languages, the demon language where too gutteral.
    She spoke under her breath after I said my interest in learning another language.

    I find it strange how I had pretty much no fear, only nervousness, and that the demon was very friendly.

  17. I’m a tutor by profession, i.e. everyday I go to this tuition and teach young kids, everyday it gets too late to return to home.
    So I saw exactly the same, I was teaching the kids and suddenly the madam thrown a party, everyone got dressed and started clicking pictures and all. I was behind all small kids for a great picture when a felt something uneasy.
    The student who was clicking selfies shown me the selfie of us, in which someone was tightly hugging me from behind.
    Then as usual kids started studying again, all my colleagues were gone, I had to wait till the remaining Kids’ parents arrive, it was 10 at night when it started raining, I stood up from bench started walking towards the exit of tuition, saw rain, felt weird, was coming back to kids. Kids were disappeared! It happened like everyday.
    Every day I shut the tuition down and get on my way to home, last day reaching home I told mom about this, I was literally crying and sobbing. She told me “come on let me see where he is” I was not agreeing as I was scared.

    And there I woke up

  18. Hii… I had a dream starting of everything went well though I was sad… I could see I was sad and later I was in a bus chatting with someone and I notice its my friend who passed away a year ago. Then I see his picture and it starts vanishing off and him saying in a call that ” don’t remember me, why do you want to remember….? ” And he points out some place and say this is where I was for the last time and he vanishes again. I took a ticket for that place and I just went and I know I was simply just led to that place. These people were different there were two types one kind instructor group who looked good and human like they were taking people ( these were kind of abnormal human beings) somewhere and I felt like nobody is responding to me. Then I start going out where a group of blind people came they were a bit scary , in that one lady started moving towards me tickling and not let me go out. And I just woke up with frightened.

  19. I dream about spirits that do not cause any harm to me but they trying to threaten me so that I can leave the place where I was leaving. Initially it was scary but later it felt like ghost was threatening me to leave this place by causing harms to others or leaving sign behind like circle mark on little girl’s cheek. And the people I’m leaving they were also conspire against.
    But the worst part is I was unable to leave that place I tried but kind of trapped in that place.

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