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Game Dream Symbol – Dreams are the games our subconscious plays in order to give us the tools we need to succeed in our waking life.  Games come in many shapes and sizes. There are video games, sports games, board games, word games, arcade games, games of this and games of that. In life there are political games, emotional games. Some are positive, some negative. The term “games” is synonymous with the word challenge. It also can imply paradoxically manipulation.

game-dreamsGames are usually played or participated in as an outlet for fun, to teach us skills, or as contest whose outcome has a victor. In other words, most games are played to be won. As they say, ‘you gotta be in it to win it” and you should “play hard or go home”.  However, people can be competitive to a fault. Some will stop at nothing to win. You have to ask yourself if something is really worth winning.

The games we play in life are the manner in which we approach at situation or relationship usually involving another human being. How we play these games, or, how we manipulate the situation to our favor says much about the nature of a person we are.  The higher the stakes, the more manipulative or competitive the games can become.

Emotional games are looked down upon especially when played to the detriment of a love relationship. Some people are negatively termed “players”. This implies they play games with people emotions in order to get what they want, with little regard to who will be hurt in the process.  “She played games with his mind”, relates to this.  Or, the realization that comes after someone has been misled or lied to, “Everything was just a big game to you, wasn’t it!”

Animals and humans often play games as a way to learn and practice physical and mental skills that later can be used in a real world context. Animals rough house in order to learn fighting. A child may play spelling games in order to help reading skills. Any manner of games can teach us a wide variety of things. The fact that games are fun, makes learning new skills that much easier.

In dreams all of these aspects should be considered. What is the manner of the games you are playing? Are you winning or losing?  Are you playing fair or cheating? Do you want to win at all costs? Are you playing alone or with another person? Think of this in terms of your real life scenarios.

In the series Star Trek, the lead character James. T. Kirk was faced with playing a simulated computer game that was impossible to win. After losing the game twice, he reprogrammed the game and on the third attempt, he won. Some accused him of cheating. Kirk being Kirk stated that he simply didn’t believe in a no-win scenario. Instead of being punished, he was commended for having “original thinking”. The old saying goes, ‘it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, but how you play the game”. Kirk would say, “I don’t like to lose”.

Additional Interpretations

Playing games in a dream symbolizes rest and relaxation. It can also mean that others are playing games with you. Being a spectator at a game can be a metaphor for watching your life passing you by. Playing a game in a dream signifies you will have a good life. But, if the game you play is too tough this means you will encounter obstacles along the way.

Games of some sort are played daily. These are all different sorts of games. Mind games. Sport. Board and computer games. Some represent your daily challenges and your nature in the way you deal with the tough things you encounter. Others are about your path to success and your achievements. It can also represent the game of life you play. Dreams of games can usually represent what is happening in your daily life.

Playing cards or chess is a message you need to analyze the situation and develop strategies to resolve it satisfactorily. Games played in hotels like darts and pool represent your goals and the difficulties you meet trying to achieve them.

Board games mean there is happiness on the way. It can also mean you are currently bored with something. There may even be someone around you who seems to go out of their way to irritate you. It can be a time for change. Computer games can mean you are either trying to escape something in your reality or you are a good manipulator. It is not often you do not get your own way. If you are a character in a video game this may symbolize your own life. This can mean you have been online playing games for too long or you feel others are turning your whole life into a game for their entertainment.

Dreaming of being on a game show means it is a time where you need to open up to the world. There is much you do not know or understand. Seek the answers. You need to grow and expand if you want success. Seeing yourself gambling is a warning you may be putting everything on the line. You may be close to losing your job, family, and all you have worked for. It is time to play a different game if you want avoid so much loss.

Playing tennis can indicate you may be in a battle of the wills with a worthy opponent. You may both being playing mind games with each other. Ball games indicate how you go through life. It is about how you play the game. If you are playing recklessly, then this probably reflects how you deal with things in your real life. Seeing players play with integrity can represent what is most important to you.

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