Flirting Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Flirting Dream Symbol – Dreaming about flirting with someone indicates that there is a strong attraction in your life. If in your dream you are flirting with someone else, but they are not flirting with you in return, it might mean that they are not attracted to you. If you dream that they are flirting with you then it means that they definitely like you, though be careful because they may just want a superficial relationship and not a serious one.

If you dream that you are both flirting with each other, it means that there is definitely an attraction, even if you are unwilling to admit it to yourself. In fact, it might be beneficial to try to have a relationship with that person.

Additional Flirting Dreams

Flirting in a dream can represent a flamboyant way of life. This warns that if you continue this way there will be dire consequences. This can be a sign of boredom. Get out and try some things new. Being smart enough to see through someone’s flattery reflects your own wisdom.

Someone flirting with you can mean you crave an intimate relationship with someone. You can have this type of dream before making a long-term commitment to someone.

Dreaming your partner flirts with another can mean you are feeling mentally and emotionally detached from your partner. Do you struggle with communication in the relationship? Or, do you think you are not good enough for the relationship? It is time to sit down and sort these issues out.

Flattery Dreams

When you experience flattery in a dream it is a sign there is someone in your waking life trying to manipulate you in some way. There is someone close to you who is insincere in all they do and say. Be wary of those who push a friendship on to you. Take a step back and remain on alert.

Flattery can also be about making false promises and telling lies to make someone or something look better than it is. This could be to get money or support from you. Try to avoid falling for another’s lies.

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  1. I had a very strange dream. In the beginning i’m sitting in a small room with all sorts of textile, pilows and curtains, warm summer rays get in, lighting up every color and pattern. I feel like I’m younger than i am right now. There’s a baby sitting on my lap. He has really big blue eys, he’s watching me with very serious expression while I’m being goofy trying to make him laugh. Finally he laughs so wonderfully I can’t help it but laughing too. Even though we bear some resemblance, I’m certain he’s not mine, but i care for him, a lot. Then I stand up and walk to another room and I notice that 1 wall is gone. I turn and I don’t see the kid. I start running through the curtains and rooms and enclosed gardens. Curtains, branches, scared taking off birds, strange objects, doorways…block my view, shroud me completely or hit me. Scenes change rapidly, like settings in the theater. First I feel desperate to find that child, I even cry. But then I seem to forget. Sometimes I slow down and I see the kid, growing up fast. I know it’s him, because I recognize the eyes. Sometimes he runs after me, sometimes he catches me into hug. I’m confused. I feel that child’s love turns into something else as he keeps growing. I catch a glimpse of myself in a copper mirror and I see: I haven’t changed, it’s only the boy who’s growing crazily fast…. In the last “scene” he’s a young man: he is taller than me, has determined and slightly bold air about him. He grabs me by the shouldrs and kisses me like a lover. First i resist, then I feel heat rising from the center of my SELF (it’s both physical and emotional). I step back, I am confused and ashamed (he’s still younger than me), I can’t look at him. When he reaches out again I send out a frustrated growl and hide into some closet thinking that I’ve known him as kid. As the door slams behind me I hear him say:”don’t worry: I know you too”… What does THAT mean?! In real life I’m an attractive young, rather confident woman (early 30s). Never left a child or anyone distressed behind. Dedicated my life to education. Have been in a variety of relationships with very different partners (rarely anyone younger than me though, biggest difference in that direction was 7 years – not due to some prejudice, mostly because I find it hard whn there’s a big gap in experiences and state of mind) . Currently happily celibate. and…. I’ve never met that … entity?.. from my dream, no one even remotely sounding like that , almost on molecular level.

  2. I have had 3 dreams in a row featuring the same person flirting with me but in different ways and settings. What confuses me is that it’s my brothers best friend who I haven’t had any contact with for ages, I will admit I used to like him as a kid but now that I’m a teenager I haven’t thought of him like that at all. In the first 2 dreams it was set at my old elementary school and for some reason we were flirting with each other in front of my brother who didn’t seem to care. The last one however we were on the street I live at and we were flirting again in front of my brother, but there was a part where he (brothers friend) walked in on my pulling up my pants after using the bathroom?? I felt very exposed but he was chill about it and we ended up flirting again. It’s very confusing.

  3. I dreamt that I was at a store, hitting on one of my best friends. She was flirting back, although I know for a fact that she isn’t attracted to me in reality. I don’t think I’m attracted to her romantically either, and I certaintly couldn’t picture myself in a relationship with her. I’ve gathered that this probably symbolises a craving for affection or attention, although perhaps not from her specifically.

  4. I had a dream that a guy (let’s call him “Joey”), who goes to my school, was flirting with me. We were in a classroom and I was meant to be partnered up with the new person at my school but he didn’t turn up so I ended up talking to “Joey”. Me and “Joey” were laughing and talking and we both had our heads resting on our hands with our faces a few inches away from one another then my dance teacher came over and said “maybe if you stop flirting “Joey” you’d actually do your work” then “Joey” said “I wasn’t flirting Miss” and she just looked at him like *sure*. “Joey” gave me a really flirty look and I started to blush then woke up. But I don’t really talk to “Joey” very often and he’s not on my conscious “boys I fancy list” so idk it was really weird and that is the second dream I’ve had about him. He was in the background of the other one.

  5. Well..I had a dream recently that I was with my parents in a large crowdest place..There was the guy who was tall and protecting me from bright sun..Then I talked to him and he talked to me, we flirt..After that I gave him my number…But I am having very romantic attraction or sexually attractions in dreams with stranger(guys)..I am only 13+ will be 14 (2 months later) Does it mean that I will encounter my soulmate not far long?

  6. I dreamt that I was hanging out w some friends at a concert and this guy I have never met came up and started talking to me. Then he mentioned how he didn’t want to stop talking to me and telling everyone around us how beautiful I was. Then he asked for my number and I woke up as I was going to give it to him.
    I have no want for a relationship or for people to hit on me so I don’t get this…

  7. Dylan Burgwin on

    My dream is where I was at school, walking to first hour, and ran into this cute girl in that class, whom I know and have a slight crush on. The odd thing is, I knew it was a dream, because she was giggling and laughing, all while dancing around me, and touching me in a flirty kind of way (you know, head on the shoulder, slight snuggle, arm interlock, hug, etc.), and all the while no paid any mind. What could that mean?

  8. I saw a person who is not good looking but he is trying to touch me… And I m trying to escape but unable to do so and he is just making me irritated….

  9. My dream was this girl who I know and like or liked, in middle school told my best friend that I like this girl and should I go after her can you like put me on and when I said the name my best friend said no she said she does not support the idea and I knew this girl wasn’t the one was way too out of my league and didn’t like me, the dream was I was a a parking lot passed by her bro who was passing in front of a blue car where I wanted to pass wearing khakis coloured shorts and after passing him I didn’t see the girl like I knew I was passing a girl but not who then she made a smart comment as we passed each other to me and I looked and gave one back and then what I remember after that is we talked for a long time like we hit it off perfectly well flirting and all felt like it’s right but after I woke up I have been really confused bc I haven’t thought of her in years all of the sudden I wish I’d know what this means better

  10. I had a dream last night that a guy I never met was flirting with me and I had an odd feeling that he liked me. He approached me with his friends and they tried to hook me up with him, but I kept declining his advances. Weird thing is that one of his girl friends gave him a box of my personal stuff with letters that I wrote about personal matters and I didn’t stop him from reading it. It had stuff about my past from getting molested and when he read it he got pissed and got protective of me and told me that he was gonna get to know every one of my family members so he can find out who it was. I was scared and really didn’t want him knowing all of this, but I also liked how protective he was of me. Don’t know what this means.

  11. Hannah Strout on

    My dream was that I was at cheer camp laying in my bed facing the wall and this guy came in and layed on the bed facing me and started playing with my hair how couple do and then my coach came in and kicked him out and yelled at me but once I told her he was just playing with my hair and I told him he wasn’t supposed to be there she just said ok and told me I could leave if I didn’t want anything else . I’m super confused about this because I’ve never even thought about having romantic intentions with this guy but I’m confused also because I wasn’t even participating I was just letting him.

    • The guy playing with your hair represent the purest of joy and happiness. Nothing sexual. The coach coming in represents the “possible” strict family life style you either have and don’t want or don’t have and want. The guy itself is meaningless but would mostly make a good friend to have around. Becareful about sexual advances, “your dream” believes this guy would be only good a”really fun Friendship”.

  12. I dreamed that I was walking & flirting with my ex husband I recently divorced, but he is not flirting back and he’s just walking beside me.

  13. I had a dream where I was with this guy who in real life, is a friend of mine, and we just talk occasionally. But in my dream, I was hugging him from the back and he smiled while I whispered in his ear about how I should buy something for his birthday.
    Then we entered in to my family’s mansion and he held my hand and I, then, made him wrap his hand around my shoulders.
    This dream was strange, honestly, because I have a girlfriend yet she wasn’t there in my dream. And also because, even though I know that guy, we never really talked much, just like hi bye and cracked a little jokes here and there.

  14. I drmt about a boy i had in my class back in 8th std it has been 7years . I nvr noticed him or talked to him i didn evn like him. I saw him today in my dream flirting with me. He was there outside my house trying to get in and i was forcing him out. Strange dream i guess!!!

  15. I had a dream of my best friend that lives in a different state then I. He was flirting with me and touching my thigh and stuff. I wasn’t flirting back, but the weird thing is that I felt tingling feeling in my stomach. What does this mean, I don’t have feelings for this person though.

    • Your subconscious is trying to tell you you need an escape from your current life style. You may be frustrated or mad at your current relationship or lack of. If you feel it’s appropriate, take some time off your current relationship or if not dating, meet with someone and start.

  16. I dreamt that there was a competition in school then this guy announced that he likes me during their speech and I was like “??!!!?!?!?!?????” then he started pursuing me then eventually we started going out idk I felt “home” and security with that guy. I don’t even know who he was. It was so weird I had these feelings towards him.

  17. I dreamt sometime unknown was flirting with me and I wanted to be polite but I wasn’t into it and I was aware I had I boyfriend.

  18. I don’t really know in myself or what I’m supposed to do. I always dreamt I was flirting by beautiful ladies and I’m flirting them but sometimes I dream that I’m a guy doing such man’s desire. Dreaming about this doesn’t help me to be sociable, I felt shy and weirdo when I was looking at girls or they staring at me that makes me uncomfortable for me. Em I being a yuri like being a lesbian real life?

  19. I’ve had a dream that I went to heaven and I was talking to God and I looked over my shoulder and the person who I’ve loved was standing in tears saying “I’m sorry for hurting you and never meant to” and we ended up running away for some reason and we couldn’t stop flirting , we were also chased by people but always escaped what does this mean ?

  20. I dream that we’re flirting each other but she is like more into it. She is really sexy and we used to really flert but never kissed. And sometimes in dreams it gets really hot and horny but no kiss or sex. And then when we’re just about to kiss in dream I suddenly find myself kissing someone else…

  21. A couple weeks ago I had met this girl at a party , we didn’t really talk but her friend was talking to me saying I looked familiar and then they whispered something and were laughing, so we’re just chilling and I feel that there looking at me while we’re smoking hooka and I’m playing beer pong, but soon after we leave the party and say bye. A couple days past to the point where I seen her on Facebook and added her, but just recently added her on Instagram and just thought about her but I had this dream same day that she was talking to me, conversating how we were doing then go walk in the park but next day another dream that we are in a car and she’s coming on to me flirting and kissing me so what’s that mean ??

  22. I had a dream that both of us were flirting with each other, but the thing is that i never saw her.

  23. An older man was flirting with me during lunch in front of his family but then he said that he wouldn’t have time to be with me most of the time so he apologized and disappeared.
    In waking life I have a boyfriend.

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