Fire Dream Meaning and Interpretations


fireFire Dream Symbol – Fire is a powerful, instinctive symbol. It is a force both for life and destruction, and is deeply engrained in the human psyche from the first moments of our evolution. To dream that fire is consuming a dwelling, or possessions, indicates an omen or a deep-seated fear of loss, either of the things dreamed about in particular or of things that are symbolized by the items burned in the dream.

However, it must be remembered that fire does include this idea of balance as well. Fire symbolizes clearing out the old to make way for the new. It also symbolizes the preservation of life. If you dream of prized possessions being burned, it may also be an indication that the things they represent are taking up space in your heart and need to be moved to make way for new growth.

Fire may also be related to a purifying influence, it could be associated with anger, or it could be reflective of your own self destruction. Perhaps there is something in your waking life that is completely consuming you and requiring all of your attention.

To see yourself failing to put out the flames of a fire could symbolize something in your life that has failed to provide the benefits that you were looking for.

If you have a disaster dream that features you or someone you know caught in a burning building that is engulfed in flames, it is important to pay attention to the minor details of the dream. Were you able to successfully rescue the people (loved ones) from the building or did you fail? To see people you know caught in a burning building may indicate that they are calling out for help in your waking life, yet you have failed to respond.

To dream that you are unable to offer help or assistance to people surrounded by fire may suggest that you have fear in your present life that is holding you back from achieving your goals.

Lighting a Fire

If you dream about lighting a fire it could mean a number of things. The context of the fire is important to interpreting the dream. If you were trying to light a fire that is used for a purpose, it may indicate a new idea that is being born into your life. Kindling a fire suggests that you are building up your energy to use one something important.

Alternatively, dreaming about lighting a fire that causes damage could symbolize gossiping and the spreading of rumors. Perhaps you have been talking about other people around you and haven’t been focused on your own life.

Tending a Fire

If you dream that you are tending to a fire it is important to pay attention to how much work you put into the fire. Did you find that the fire was burning without your help or did you need to baby the fire to keep it alive. If you struggled to keep the fire going this could be symbolic of a passion inside of you that is starting to die after time.

Perhaps you need to spend time on yourself and refuel your passions. Look at the context of the dream in relation to your waking life and see if there is anything that you can take from the dream.

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  1. I had a dream that I started a fire but not on purpose. When I tried to put it out it only grew bigger. Me and someone else ran away in fear of getting caught. When I looked behind me I saw a huge city being consumed by the fire I had started. I was fearful that I’d be caught and would receive the death penalty because it was taking lives. I was trying to convince my friend not to identify me …Then I woke up

  2. I had a dream that no matter what I tried, the fire I was trying to make would not burn. Tried matches and it would not catch fire, what could this mean?

  3. I had a dream of black fire , raise from my arm and take down half of world , what is that means and it repeat all new days

  4. In my dream I see glimpses of what happened, happening, or is going to happen and in every dream this guy who can control and and can light himself on fire with out injury is always in the dreams in my most recent one I saw that I could do the same thing as he could. What does it mean?

  5. Gemimuper Mondala on

    in my dreams someone is chasing me…but when i look back there is no one…and start a small fire via wood and small amount of gas…put some small gas and kindle by a flint and boom i made a fire to prevent whos following me or block him with the fire…whats the mesning of it…after that i run away to shore and wake up…while im running i met neigboorhood kids…greeting me…this is all happen in jungle to beach…

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