Fighting Dream Meaning and Interpretations


Fighting Dream Symbol – Dreams about fighting are indications of how you are dealing with the problems, responsibilities, and struggles in your life at this moment. They also give insights into the areas you need to work on and outside influences that may be making it harder for you to accomplish your goals.

Fighting dreamsFor instance, if you dream that someone else is attacking you and trying to fight you, and you try to run and hide from them, this is an indication that you feel helpless in the face of your struggles, and that your way of coping right now is to try to escape.

On the other hand, if you respond to attackers by fighting back and winning, this is a positive indication that you feel capable of taking on the struggles in your life, that you feel in control of yourself and your circumstances, and that you feel you can affect your circumstances to gain the outcomes you want.

Fighting dreams are often symbolic of the battle between our moral beliefs and our sexual desires or our intellect and our emotions. These internal conflicting forces can end up pulling you in different directions.

Sometimes these dreams also indicate a real-life conflict that you have with someone in your waking life. If the enemy in your dream is someone that you know, it can be symbolic of a real-life issue that you have with that person. You may have animosity towards that person and not even realize it.

To see a fight between a young person against an older person with authority can indicate a struggle that you have with authority. Perhaps you have problems with someone you know or an institution that has power over you.

To see yourself fighting someone who is your age could represent a rivalry that you have with a sibling or friend. You may have resentment towards that person and not even realize it.

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  1. Hallo! last night I had dream of old man running after me want to beat me with stick, in group of people he choose me and he let others escape from him but he beat me for short time and I escape too

  2. I am a 17 year old male who dreamed of someone running up to me and I punched them in the face over and over again until he laid on the floor. I then kept walking and got stalked by two bigger guys. This is weird because i am normally afraid of physical confrontation, thoughts?

  3. So just now I had to wake up because I fought this girl I used to be really close with a few weeks ago and I didn’t lose but I also didn’t win. She sort of was just pulling my hair and she knocked me off my feet. Just now, I had a dream that we fought again but this time she was threatening my life and I tried to run from her but she got to me and tried to kill me. She started banging my head against a table and I felt myself going out of it so that’s why I woke up. Can someone please tell me what this means because it’s actually kind of scary!

    • I really don’t know your situation, or your relationship with this person. Dreams are often Spiritual Messages, sometimes the truths that we deny in our waking lives are revealed in the dreams we have. A fiery sexual relationship, doesn’t necessarily mean love. An adulterous woman, says the nicest things, acts totally sweet, but in reality inwardly she is bitter and cruel.
      Maybe she seems sweet, but deep down inside, your Heart is screaming at you that you need to get out of that situation, but every time you encounter her, you are seduced. You need to Pray about your situation, and be completely honest with yourself. God might be warning you that you are in danger and headed down a path that will cause you harm.

      Proverbs 7:21 With persuasive words she led him astray;
      she seduced him with her smooth talk.
      22 All at once he followed her
      like an ox going to the slaughter,
      like a deer stepping into a noose
      23 till an arrow pierces his liver,
      like a bird darting into a snare,
      little knowing it will cost him his life.

      24 Now then, my sons, listen to me;
      pay attention to what I say.
      25 Do not let your heart turn to her ways
      or stray into her paths.
      26 Many are the victims she has brought down;
      her slain are a mighty throng.
      27 Her house is a highway to the grave,
      leading down to the chambers of death.

    • Jessica nneka on

      Dreamt where i saw my sibling receiving beating from two women and i went for her rescue. After i beat them for a while,i ran for protection. Please may i know the significant of this dream?

  4. Athinais Voutou on

    I’m 12 years old and I dreamt that I was fighting an agency person or something. She was an adult. She wanted to do sum to my mom (idk what) and I started fighting her, she said “I won’t fight with a kid” but I kept going, everything she tried to do to me backfired, so I actually won her. Idk but this dream made me feel somewhat special

    • so i was at my locker, right and then a whole bunch of popular kids and a lot of black kids surround me with like a 5 foot radius or something. Of course Brett (My boyfriend) wasnt at school lol. So I try to get out but this black kid gets in front of me and says “HIT ME TIL I BLEED B****” so I tackle him and break his nose and I ended up winning lol i didnt get hurt at all..

  5. My dream , two nights ago, was about my roommate . I dreamed I beat her , I bit her face and after I did her face healed instantly so I kept biting her. It kept healing! Then I hit her in the stomach and about her leg as and arms and left bruises on her .

    I whooped her all throughout the house , down the front stairs, across the front of our property to our gate then down the other side of the property. I kept cursing her and every time she tried to talk I kicked her and hit her again.

    I kept calling her a liar among other things and when she tried complaining to others that she was a victim and I really was mean I said ,
    “ you’ve been making sh… up about me all this time well now I’ll show you just how mean I can get ! Then you’ll actually have something to complain about!”

    So I started beating her again. Hitting her head against the walls and the washing machine.
    Funny I never pulled her hair and never hit her with an object. She also didn’t have many bruises on her either.

    The dream was so vivid I thought she was mad at me the next day! Although any animosity I had towards her was gone.

  6. I had a dream last night that 3 Russian men were in my house. One was in my kitchen and the other 2 were fighting in y living room with knives. I was in the kitchen with the other one , and we were both peering around the doorway into the living room watching the other 2 fight. One was clearly getting the better of the other one and was slicing at his flesh with the knife. there were lots of cuts and also lots of blood. The one being attacked was getting weaker and weaker, then all of a sudden he gained some strength from somewhere and swung a sword and beheaded the man. it was quite disturbing to watch. However the Russian man that was with me in the kitchen just smiled and said, that’s very much over now, and just told me to carry on with my life.

  7. Derrick tab on

    I just had a dream when am fighting very many boys and men alone and I managed to beat them one by one and won them. What does that mean?

  8. I just had a dream I was in some sort of station, it appeared I had alighted with other passengers. A woman had smuggled an amount of drugs (illegal I presume) in fake boobs, but was caught and had them taken off her. This part in the dream wasn’t shown as I understood this from the conversation the smuggler had with another woman who caught her. The smuggler was pretty slender and quite bold and confident how she spoke. She was however average dressed and looking as you wouldn’t suspect anything abnormal or weird about her by just looking at her. She wasn’t incarcerated as she stood amongst us after her contraband was confiscated. She then entered an argument with another equally young pretty woman though I couldn’t make out her physical features as well as the smuggler woman. The smuggler accused the other woman of snatching her husband, and they began fighting. During this time, I sensed some conflict coming my way and started walking away, trying to get away before anyone noticed. Just then the other woman (husband snatcher) almost caught up with me, so I had turned round, seen her then started running away, but she gave chase and started running after me just as quickly as I tried to run. The smuggler woman then caught up with both of us. She was able to catch me and put her left arm round my neck holding me. So here I was, pulled into a fight between two people fighting against each other.

  9. I just had a dream that I was walking somewhere and a girl that I don’t know pushed me out of the way. I looked at her and went back to where I was, then she pushed me again but backing me into a corner. I then yelled at her “yo what the f*ck! Get off me!” I pushed her away from me and she pulled my hair into her hands, wringing it as if it were a wet rag. I stayed calm looking at her, telling her to get her hands off of me and that I don’t care if she pulls my hair because I don’t feel threatened by the way she’s acting. She was then holding me in a tight grasp by my wrists and I lowered my school bag causing her to take that as an opportunity to try and kick me. My mind was screaming for me to run but, I tried to kick her in the stomach and my leg in reality kicked as well which caused me to wake up.

    • If you can fight back in a dream, that’s good because it means that you are getting your soul back. Believe it or not, what people don’t realize is that when you can’t fight back, you don’t have control of your soul. In fact, you might be in danger. If you can fight or argue back, then that’s a good sign. If you loose your life in this lifetime, no worries. Your soul will be free because you can defend yourself against the evil spirits.

  10. In a dream I was working along the road with a friend who we had misunderstanding in real life he had an encounter witsomeone wich lead to a battle between them I supported him until he lost the battle all off a sudden he disappeared and I started looking for him please what does this dream mean

  11. I had a dream last night about me attacking my classmates. My classmate said something bad about my sister so I tackled her and punching everyone and pulling their hairs out. I felt out of control? Like I couldn’t understand why I attacked so brutally? And I had this dream again where I was angry for no reason and snatch my classmates assignment and ripped it, I did this again to the same classmate again and then threw it in the recycle bin. Again I felt confused and conflicted? I’m usually the nice shy girl in the class but I felt vicious and emotionless and feel like I had to attack them. It’s a whole different me and it scares me.

  12. In waking life, my father faces trial about not paying aliments. In dream, me and my mum were during the final adjudication and father seemed to be sorry about the whole thing. It ended up well for us. Mum stayed there for a minute to talk to the Judge so me and my little brother, who suddenly appeared went for the car and drove back to get mum. When we were coming closer, we could see, she is very upset, not knowing what to do and crying a little. At the court building was my father with several guns and weapons and there was a pile of bodies. He kept hitting these guys with the guns or chopping their bodyparts with some big scisors. Mum was talking to someone else, wheter she is supposed to call the police and they said yes, so mum stayed out from the car to call, I sat behind the wheel but turned around to look at my brother to tell him not to look there, but he was already trying to pretend, nothing is happening. Later we could ear gum shot.
    I have no idea who the people he was hitting were, but they looked like they were dressed up in black uniform, armed, looking a bit like soldiers, but my father can’t fight, so I doubt he would empower like 7 guys…

  13. I had a dream that I was fighting someone from my school. I dont remember who they are. I ran from them and hid alot. I never really understood these dreams.

  14. Cristian Cruz on

    My dream was a about me walking into this apartment complex and outta nowhere these kids confronted me about me saying something bad about one of them and I was scared and confused And I told him I didn’t want to fight him and bystanders were recording so I had no choice fought him, but I won and it was pretty nice in my opinion
    P.S The kid I fought in my dream, I see him at school but I have no problems with him.

  15. Hi I am anila

    Actually it’s 3.58am in india now just woke up.. I saw a very bad dream and I need some help also

    I saw a big fight between Hindu and Muslims (danga)
    Where me and my family gets stuck
    We dnt want to be a part of it but people were randomly killing all

    This was the worst dream where I found myself helpless

    And these kind of dreams are actually disturbing me a lot

    Few days before I saw on More dream which was again a fight and I was helpless

    Please help me how to avoid this kind of dreams

  16. Dwayne Robyn on

    I dreamt that my sister and I were visiting a friend at her workplace (retail) and once I approached her (the friend) some random guy I don’t even know kept on starring at me and giving me dirty looks, I ignored it until he came towards me and we just started fighting without even having an argument. I kept punching him in the face while he gave me shots all around my body. At this point my friend at the store does nothing but continue to do her job, my sister disappeared from the scene and my cousin/best friend appeared but did not help me fight this person I’m scuffling with but instead gives me moral support as if she’s some sort of cheerleader lol. Me and this guy eventually ends the fight and I walk out the store just to gather myself but then decide to walk back in because I didn’t want to seem like a weak pussy to my friends work colleagues. As I’m walking in most of the workers walks out and stares at me as I walk in and all of a sudden two different people wanted to fight me, strangely the one person was a lesbian chick which I have become really good friends with because I know her in the real world and couldn’t understand why I am fighting with her because I am genuinely proud of all her accomplishments in the waking world but maybe she is envious towards me? And I can’t think of an apparent reason why because I’m a broke student lol anyway, I started fighting with my lesbian friend and another fat dude that was with her and before we started fighting I did my regular hand gestures that indicates to you that I respect you and don’t want trouble and she mocked me. I kept hitting her and her fat guy friend in the face at the same time with them only punching me on my chest and arms while holding my clothing around my chest area and I immediately woke up feeling hella confused about this dream. Can someone please help me unwrap this dream as I really take everything in my life super serious. Thank you.

  17. Piscean Diva on

    Night before yesterday night, I dreamt of walking in park…
    I was holding something in my hand, and some girl of my around just tossed it off my hold. I believe she was total stranger to me. I was devasted and but ignored her and went to pick up that ‘something’. But again it was kicked away before I could it up. I was then being bullied by some unknown group of girls of 3. They were pushing me around and I was just trying to keep calm and not to fight. But they were just, not stopping even after lot of requests to stop. Then I suddenly started to fight back, by hitting the leader with a punch. She fell and slapped real hard the other two girls. And they left me alone. That was harsh sort of fight. And then I was awake after the fight.

  18. I had a dream where my mom was instigating a fight with me. In my dream I was going to a concert with my husband and friends for a nice night out. She shows up at the last minute, right before the concert starts with my kids saying she can’t watch them that she has plans with other people and then goes on to instigate the issue by bragging about her material possessions and her experiences with other people that she spends time with, completely disregarding the fact that I have to get into the venue and somehow figure out if I can buy tickets for my four kids for the show or if I lose the money and go home. The whole time I’m trying to figure out what to do, she is poking at me and being passive aggressive until I flip out and start hitting her in my dream (I’ve never so much as called my mom a name in waking state!). In my dream my kids weren’t with me when I started hitting my mom, but I woke up disturbed.

    • Hey there, I couldn’t help but notice the way you have described your mom – it was a dream, however, it seems that you somehow expect a lot of your mum – demand it instead of appreciating her for helping you, and for being your mom.
      Could it be that your dream is an indication of power struggle – as in you’d like to be the powerful one. Here’s your chance to apologize for whatever causing you trouble, and give her a loving hug. Other people don’t have that chance.
      Best wishes to you and your family!

  19. I dreaming fighting with five people and i reply them attacking how do i explain my dream.because i always dreaming every other early in the morning and i can’t sleep again.

  20. My dream involves someone I really like, have even had a relationship with. She knows I love her and most likely will always have a love for her, I have had feelings towards her for 15+ years. Anyway, my dreams are about protecting her. Specific and non relevant people are in the dreams and either stalking her or just being around her and it scares her. I end up fighting them, not beating them to a pulp but enough to stand over them and tell them no, just get the f out of here and leave her alone. In reality, we are friends, good friends. I want a relationship with her again and she doesn’t want that kind. We have been “friends with benefits” for the last year and just recently (few days ago) ended it. Am I having these dreams about protecting her and fighting for her because I want her that bad or is it because I can’t have her?

  21. In my dream I fought with different people. Once they see that I won another person will appear and I will still beat them. They kept appearing until I beat about 4-6 of them. And I saw myself going home on my way I heard a voice from the bush telling the guy on the road with a matche to attack me I started running, had to run a long distance only to find a hut to hide . In there was a woman with children I told her my story she decided to help cover up so they won’t catch me. I need to know that this means thanks.

  22. I dreamt I was in a constant fight with two really vile men on a bus who kept saying mean things to my mum. The more I fought them the more horrible they got, they would go quiet and then start again. It felt like a never ending battle. In waking life I have often looked after my mum taking on a masculine role of protector (I’m her daughter). Last night in real life I had been talking to her about how I think she should fight back against people wanting to take her house. I said if they don’t play fair I will take them back to court (I previously fought her case in court). I think the dream represents me always stepping into this role but is also telling me it is time to stop and let it go. In real life I have a partner now and I am on the cusp of building my business.

  23. Lol last night I had a dream where me and my friend were walking down the street and a bunch of Dudes wearing clown masks came at us with nailed up baseball bats and then right as the leader approached me, I realized I was dreaming an I looked at my friend and was like “watch this” and I did this thing from naruto called rasengan and exploded that fool and made all the other clowns leave ha ha

  24. I’ve been having dreams of the new guy from my school. He chases and tries to kill me. He wins every time. Now I’m having dreams about people capturing me and I fight back with fighting skills I have never used before. I suddenly can fight back easily enough to protect the things around me in my dream. Tell me what this means.

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